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    Tex Mex Delivery in Bakersfield

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      Tex Mex delivery in Bakersfield

      Enjoy Tex Mex delivery with Uber Eats in Bakersfield. Browse Bakersfield restaurants serving Tex Mex nearby, place your order, and enjoy! Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its ETA while you wait.

      Cafe Rio (200 Coffee Road)

      Opens at 10:30 AM

      Cafe Rio (200 Coffee Road)

        •  $

      Los Tucanes Taqueria


      Los Tucanes Taqueria


      La Flor BBQ

      Opens at 11:00 AM

      La Flor BBQ


      Super Mega Dilla (3252 Riverside Drive)

      Opens at 11:00 AM

      Super Mega Dilla (3252 Riverside Drive)


      Frequently asked questions

      Which Tex Mex delivery spots in Bakersfield are available on Uber Eats?

      There are around 40 places offering Tex Mex delivery in Bakersfield. Compare your options, which may include La Costa Mariscos depending on your location, then place your online order.

      For the best Tex Mex delivery in Bakersfield, where should I order from?

      In Bakersfield, LA FLOR BBQ is a popular afternoon go-to while Fuego’s Bar and Grill is a popular evening go-to.

      What is the cheapest Tex Mex delivery in Bakersfield?

      You can enjoy delicious food and drink without breaking the bank. One of the more affordable Tex Mex delivery options is Super Taco, based on menu pricing.

      For Tex Mex delivery, what’s open now near me in Bakersfield?

      Tex Mex delivery is available in the wee hours of the morning and night in Bakersfield. Enter your delivery address to see what’s available in your area.

      What kind of tip should I leave for Tex Mex delivery?

      You can leave a tip for your delivery person to show your appreciation for their service. How much you tip is up to you to decide.

      Are there healthy Tex Mex delivery places in Bakersfield?

      Check out Carl’s Jr to see if their menu options might satisfy your cravings for healthy Tex Mex delivery.

      When is Tex Mex delivery free?

      If you’re trying to save money on delivery, consider joining Eats Pass, which offers subscribers $0 delivery fee. Subject to terms, fees and availability. Learn about Eats Pass here.

      What Tex Mex delivery should I order?

      What’s best totally depends on personal preference. For your next Tex Mex delivery order, give these a try: Flautas, Guacamole, and Fajitas.

      In Bakersfield, is it possible for me to pick up my Tex Mex takeout myself?

      Some places in Bakersfield offer pickup as an option, like Los Tucanes Taqueria.

      Where do I find deals on Tex Mex delivery in Bakersfield?

      There are a number of places where you could find great deals, like on the homepage or via your Uber Eats account, or perhaps at the restaurants known for offering an excellent value, like Super Taco, according to users.

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