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      Food Delivery in Coteau-du-Lac Near Me

      Food Delivery in Coteau-du-Lac

      Have your favorite Coteau-du-Lac restaurant food delivered to your door with Uber Eats. Whether you want to order breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, Uber Eats makes it easy to discover new and nearby places to eat in Coteau-du-Lac. Browse tons of food delivery options, place your order, and track it by the minute.

      La Frite à Brigitte

      Comfort Food • American • Burgers
      306 Chemin Du Fleuve, Coteau-Du-Lac, QC J0P

      Billy K's (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Burgers • Poutine • Hot Dog • Group Friendly • Exclusive to Eats
      Popular here: Poutine**, Steamie / Vapeur**, Regular Fries, and Crispy Chicken Buffalo Wrap3200 Boulevard De La Gare, 160, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8W5

      Dollarama (Place Théophile-Brassard)

      Home & Personal Care • pet supplies • Gift Store • Retail • Convenience • Everyday Essentials • Grocery
      93 Rue Théophile-Brassard, Coteau-Du-Lac, Québec J0P 1B0

      A&W (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Fast Food • Burgers • American • Breakfast and Brunch
      Popular here: Onion Rings, Russet Thick-cut Fries, Hot Apple Turnover, and Beyond Meat Burger2915 Boulevard De La Gare, 100, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 9R2

      Wendy's (976 St Charles Ave)

      Fast Food • Burgers • American • Breakfast and Brunch
      980 St. Charles Avenue , Suite 131, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8P5


      Arab • Desserts • Salads • Healthy
      2673 Côte Saint-Charles, Saint-Lazare, QC J7T

      Subway (2915B Boul De La Gare Local 110)

      American • Healthy • Sandwich • Salads • Fast Food
      Popular here: Crispy Chicken Sidekick and Footlong Crispy Chicken Sub2915 Boulevard De La Gare Local 110 Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc J7V

      La vie est Belle

      Healthy • Sandwich • Breakfast and Brunch
      Popular here: Goji Raspberry, Half-dozen Bagels, Bagel With Cream Cheese & Coffee; and Lveb Burger3052 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, NAMER J7V 8W5

      Mr. Puffs (Vaudreuil)

      Desserts • Greek • Coffee and Tea • Exclusive to Eats • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Lait Frappé Nescafé / Nescafé Milkshake, 1 Syringe, Strawberry Milkshake, and Chocolate Milkshake3128 Boul. De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Petinos (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Breakfast and Brunch
      Popular here: Crepes With Strawberry, Banana, And Nutella and Sausage / Ham / Bologna / Smoked Meat590 Avenue Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Tutti Frutti (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Coffee and Tea • Group Friendly • Breakfast and Brunch • Breakfast and Brunch • Sandwich • Juice and Smoothies
      Popular here: Bacon, Bénédictine Au Poulet Croustillant, Special Céline, Sausage, and Gourmand585 Av. St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Coco D'or

      American • Breakfast and Brunch • Sandwich
      120 Rue Joseph-Carrier Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc J7v 5v5 Canada,


      Breakfast and Brunch • American • Sandwiches
      #130-3200 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, NAMER J7V 8W5

      KFC [Dupe to be deleted]

      American • Fast Food • Fast Food • Sandwich • Chicken • Vegan
      Popular here: Kfc S’more Brownie, Hot Wings, 4 Pack Of Kfc S’more Brownie, and Small Popcorn Chicken91 Bd Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Première Moisson (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Sandwich • Breakfast & Brunch • Bakery • Convenience • Snacks • Everyday Essentials
      189 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 1Y3

      L’Etoile De Pincourt

      Pizza • Italian • American
      108 Boulevard Cardinal Leger, Pincourt, QC J7w3y4

      La Belle Patate (Dorion)

      Canadian • Fast Food • Burgers • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Italian Poutine, Steamed Hot Dog, Grilled Hot Dog, Rondelle D'oignon / Oignon Rings, and Poutine401 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Canadian Tire Essence+ (1790 Boul Monseigneur-Langlois)

      Snacks • Drinks • Everyday Essentials • Convenience
      1790 Boul. Monseigneur-Langlois, Valleyfield, QC J6S 5R1

      Ben & Florentine (101 boul. Cardinal-Léger)

      Juice and Smoothies • American • Sandwhiches • Sandwich
      101 Boul. Cardinal-Léger Local 47b, Pincourt, Québec J7W 3Y3

      La frite à Brigitte

      American • Burgers • Sandwiches • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Toasted Hot Dog, Classic Poutine, French Fries, Smoked Meat Poutine, and Oignon Rings347 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc J7V

      Dépanneur Proxi (524, av. St-Charles)

      Snacks • Everyday Essentials • Convenience • Drinks
      Popular here: Croustilles, Combos, Bonbons, Chocolat, Eau, Boissons Gazeuse, Glace, and Isotonique524 Av. St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8H1

      Les Moulins La Fayette

      American • Breakfast and Brunch • Desserts • Pastry
      381 Grand Boulevard, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V

      Cora Déjeuners et Diners (84 boulevard Harwood)

      Breakfast and Brunch • American • Sandwiches • Canadian • Crepe
      Popular here: Louis The Undecided, 10 Star, 2 Oeufs, Jo Construction, Cora's Special, and Rosemary's Sunday84 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil - Dorion, QC J7V

      L'Oeufrier (Île Perrot)

      Breakfast and Brunch • American • Sandwiches
      25 Boulevard Don-Quichotte, L'Île-Perrot, Qc, J7v 6n5 Canada,

      Restaurant Dev

      Indian • Vegetarian • Asian
      324 Grand Boulevard, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V

      Amir Valleyfield

      Middle Eastern • Som Tum
      1900 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois, 100, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, NAMER J6S 5R1

      Pizza Hut (2929 Blvd de la Gare)

      Pasta • PIzza
      2929 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, NAMER J7V 8P2

      Duke and Devine's

      American • Burgers • Mac and Cheese • Alcohol
      Popular here: Irish Nachos, Curry And Chicken Poutine, and Macaroni-fromage Tout Garni429 Avenue Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, NAMER J7V 2N2

      Burger King (2050 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois)

      American • burger • Fast Food
      Offered here: King Baconmc Rondelles D'oignon, Hamburger Double Au Fromage, and Rondelles D'oignon2050 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC J6S 5R1

      Restaurant Aryana (Grand Boulevard)

      Healthy • Halal • Comfort Food • Group Friendly
      475 Grand Boulevard Unite 26, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V 4X4

      Miss Pizzeria

      Pizza • Italian • Poutine
      333 Avenue Ranger, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 2X3

      La Cage (Vaudreuil)

      Comfort Food • Canadian • Bar Food • Alcohol
      Popular here: Homemade Chicken Fillets, Blitz Burger, Fried Cauliflower Bites, and Salmon Poké Bowl47, Boulevard Cité Des Jeunes, Vaudreuil, Québec J7V

      Tok-Tok (Vaudreuil)

      Korean • Hot Dog • Desserts
      2925 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 9R2

      Antonio Pizzeria Restaurant

      Pizza • American • Italian
      Popular here: Regular Poutine, Ghetti-pizza, Caesar Salade, and Vegetarian Pizza169 Rue Salaberry Ouest, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC J6T

      Grillades Torino (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      BBQ • American • Burgers
      2929 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 9R2

      Spicebros (Vaudreuil)

      Indian • Vegetarian • Asian
      35 Boulevard De La Cité-Des-Jeunes, 140, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Bâton Rouge (Vaudreuil)

      Family Meals • Alcohol • Chicken • Gourmet • Group Friendly • Burgers • Gourmet • Steak • Chicken • Steak • Burgers
      Popular here: Burger Bâton Rouge, Spinach Dip, Mini Burgers, and Caesar Salad Appetizer3130 Bd De La Garevaudreuil-Dorion, Qc J7v 8w5,

      Benny&Co (Pincourt)

      Chicken • BBQ • Healthy
      88 Boulevard Cardinal Léger, Pincourt, QC J7V

      Pacini (Vaudreuil)

      Pizza • Italian • Pasta • Comfort Food • Healthy
      Popular here: Penne Calabrese Piccante, Ravioli Salsa Rosa, and Enf-pizza Pepperoni / Kid-pepperoni Pizza2925 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      El Hornello

      Italian • Pasta • Comfort Food • Pizza • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Caesar Salad, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Fettucini Gigi, Tortellini, Cannoli, and Margherita Pizza401 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc J7V

      La Pataterie

      Canadian • Fast Food • Burgers • Comfort Food
      1563 Chemin Sainte Angélique Saint-Lazare, Qc J7t 1y6 Canada,

      Dagwoods (Pincourt)

      Sandwiches • American • Healthy • Healthy
      101 Bd Cardinal Légerpincourt, Qc J7w 3y3,

      Pızza roza

      Pizza • American • Italian
      Popular here: Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza All Dressed, Onion Rings, Pepperoni And Bacon Pizza, and Quebec Pizza6 Avenue Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 2K4

      Chez Glory

      Canadian • Fast Food • Burgers • Group Friendly
      100 5e Avenue, Pincourt, QC J7V

      La Belle et La Boeuf (Vaudreuil)

      Burgers • Sandwich • Diner
      37 Boulevard De La Cité-Des-Jeunes, 100, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 0N3

      Thai Express (Vaudreuil)

      Vegan • Healthy • Thai • Asian
      Popular here: Fresh Spring Rolls, Thai Chicken Wings, General Thai™ Mango, and Thai Soup3206 Boulevard De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8W5

      Pizza Sparta

      Pizza • American • Italian • Family Meals
      101 Boulevard Cardinal Léger, Pincourt, Qc J7V

      Restobar Le Sportif

      Wings • Pizza • American
      1850 Rue Des Loisirs , 2 Floor, St-Lazare, QC J7T3B4

      Amir (Les Coteaux)

      Mediterranean • Salads
      344 Montée Du Comté, Les Coteaux, QC J7X 1A8

      RNDS'MASHED BURGERS - Vaudreuil

      Burgers • American • Sandwiches • Exclusive to Eats • Poutine
      22700 Chemin Dumberry, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 0M8

      Pizzeria Bros - Vaudreuil

      Pizza • American • Italian
      3210 Boulevard De La Gare, 160, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec J7V 8W5

      George Le Roi du Sous-marins Vaudreuil

      Pizza • Italian • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Le Populaire, Poutine Traditionelle, Homemade Fries, and Sous-marin Le Super Spécial George585 Av Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Pizzeria Gusta Dorion

      Pizza • Burgers • Sandwich • Family Meals • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Pain Cheesy / Cheesy Bread, 10" Steak Submarine, 1 Medium Fries, and Small Onion Rings385 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Les Rôtisseries Benny (Valleyfield)

      Comfort Food • Chicken • Salads • Poutine • Fast Food
      Offered here: Chicken Wrap, Onion Rings, Pecan Pie, Chicken Popcorn Poutine, and Whole Chicken2024 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC J6S 5R1

      Restaurant Lafleur (Valleyfield)

      Burgers • Comfort Food • American • Exclusive to Eats
      Popular here: Pogo, Grilled Hot Dog, Hot Dog Vapeur / Steamed Hot Dog, Regular Poutine, and Cheeseburger5414 Boulevard Hébert, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC J6S 6A4

      Le Poke Station (L'Île-Perrot)

      Poke • Sandwich • Asian
      15 Boulevard Don-Quichotte, Unit 102, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V 7X4

      Wei wah buffet

      Asian: Other • Chinese • Seafood • Noodles • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Eggs Roll, General Tao Chicken, Won Ton Soup, and Chicken Fried Rice351 Boulevard Harwood , Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Sushi Shop (Île-Perrot)

      Sushi • Japanese • Sushi • Asian • Japanese • Group Friendly
      100 Boulevard Don-Quichotte, 6A, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V

      Sushi Hinata

      Japanese • Sushi • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Salmon, Peanut Butter Dumplings, General Tao Chicken, Shrimp Tempura, and Wonton Soup46 Boulevard De La Cite-Des-Jeunes, 170, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Restaurant Dorion

      Pizza • Fast Food
      Popular here: Medium 12" Dorion Special Pizza, 10" The Quebecois Sub, and Large 14" All-dressed Pizza297 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec J7V 1Y6

      Labothery (Valleyfield)

      Bubble Tea • Juice and Smoothies • Asian
      24 Rue Nicholson, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, QC J6T 6M5

      Restaurant Souvenirs Thai Inc

      Thai • Asian • Cambodian • Group Friendly
      Popular here: Bangkok Soup, Dumplings, Wonton Soup, Phat Thaï, Peanut, Thai Fried Rice, and Imperial Rolls980 Avenue Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, NAMER J7V

      Pizzéria No. 900 (Vaudreuil)

      Pizza • Italian • Salads • Vegetarian Friendly • Desserts • Healthy • Exclusive to Eats
      Popular here: Cesar Salad, Cannoli, Arancini, Grilled Vegetable, Margherita Re Umberto, and Four Cheese41 Boulevard De La Cité-Des-Jeunes, 110, Vaudreuil-Dorion, J7V

      Poutineville (Vaudreuil)

      Burgers • American • Sandwiches
      Popular here: Large Poutine, Regular Poutine, Mac And Cheese Bites, and Fillet Mignon Poutine120 Rue Joseph-Carrier #102, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V

      Pizza Pizza (Ile Perrot)

      Pizza • American • Italian
      106 Boulevard Don-Quichotte, L'Île-Perrot, Qc J7V

      St-Hubert (601 Avenue St-Charles)

      BBQ • Comfort Food • Fried Chicken • Alcohol • Group Friendly
      601 Avenue St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      GAJ (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

      Indian • Asian
      Popular here: Channa Samosa, Lamb Korma, Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, and Butter Chicken980 Avenue Saint Charles, 116, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7v8p5

      Pizza De L'ile 2 Pour 1

      Pizza • American • Italian
      125 Grand Boulevard, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V 4W9

      Casa Grecque (55 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois)

      Dinner • Salads • Steak • Seafood • Pasta • Seafood
      55 Boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Quebec J6S

      Pizzeria Hudson

      Pizza • American • Italian
      76 Rue Cameron, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0

      Rock'n Deli (Vaudreuil)

      Poutine • Deli • Sandwich • Canadian • Exclusive to Eats
      Popular here: Smoked Meat Sandwich, 1 Pogo + Poutine + Breuvage, Rondelle D'oignons, and Poutine Regulière 22700 Chemin Dumberry, Vaudreuil-Dorion, J7v 0m8,

      Poulet Poulet by Pizza Pizza (Vaudreuil)

      Wings • American • Chicken • Comfort Food • Desserts
      Offered here: Grande Boîte De Quartiers De Pomme De Terre and Grande Boîte De Frites De Patates Douces3061 Avenue De La Gare, Vaudreuil- Dorion, QC J7V 9B9

      Sushi Naruto

      Asian • Sushi • Japanese • Group Friendly
      2673 Cote Saint-Charles, Saint-Lazare, QC J7T

      Lanterne de chine

      Chinese • Asian • Seafood
      187 Grand Boulevard, L'Île-Perrot, QC J7V 4W9

      Trattoria Lanni

      Italian • Pasta • Comfort Food
      Popular here: Lasagne Della Nonna, Porchetta, Spaghetti Trattoria, Melanzane Parmigiano, and Margherita590 Avenue Saint-Charles, 109, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Palais Khmer

      Thai • Asian • Noodles
      293 Chemin Larocque Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Québec J6t 4c1,

      Royal Tandoori Grill

      Indian • Vegetarian • Asian • Group Friendly
      3200 Boulevard De La Gare, 110, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V

      Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Carrefour Dorion

      Fast Food • American
      Popular here: Chicken Strips And Fries, Churros With Caramel Dip, Poutine, and Mighty Pop Popcorn391 Boul. Harwood, Dorion, QC J7V 7W1

      Dairy Queen (St-Charles)

      Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • Comfort Food • Desserts
      Popular here: Oreo Blizzard, Choco-brownie Extrême Blizzard, and Brownie Aux Trois Chocolats3-578 Avenue Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8H2

      Shawarmaz (Vaudreuil)

      Mediterranean • Halal • Middle Eastern • Exclusive to Eats
      Popular here: Mac N' Cheese Shawarmaz, Chicken Poutine, Sushi Shawarmaz, Falafel, and Shawarma Meat3200 De La Gare, 120, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7v8w5

      Coteau-du-Lac food delivery and takeout

      Enjoy your favorite food, beverages and more from the stores and restaurants that deliver near you in Coteau-du-Lac. Choose from a variety of delivery options, from Fast Food to Breakfast And Brunch, review menus and store offerings, then place your online order. If you’d prefer to get your takeout yourself, simply browse the spots offering pickup in Coteau-du-Lac.

      Coteau-du-Lac restaurants near you that deliver

      Uber Eats helps you find food delivery and pickup options from a wide selection of places to eat in Coteau-du-Lac. Enter an address to browse Coteau-du-Lac restaurants and cafes offering food delivery. See Coteau-du-Lac restaurants on Uber Eats that you’ve never tried? View their menus and star ratings to help decide if you’d like to try their food.

      Best restaurants in Coteau-du-Lac

      On a quest to taste the best food in Coteau-du-Lac? Search for famous restaurants in Coteau-du-Lac or for your personal favorite places to eat in Coteau-du-Lac to see if they offer food delivery with Uber Eats. Sometimes the best food is just what you’re craving so if you know what you’d like to eat, browse Coteau-du-Lac restaurants that deliver by cuisine or dish.

      Frequently asked questions

      Is Uber Eats available in Coteau-du-Lac?

      Yes. A variety of restaurants and shops offer delivery in Coteau-du-Lac on Uber Eats.

      Where can I find the best food delivery Coteau-du-Lac offers?

      The 5-star rating system exists to help you find the best delivery spots in Coteau-du-Lac. To find the top places near you, enter your address then look for those that have earned 5 stars or close to it.

      Where can I find cheap food delivery near me in Coteau-du-Lac?

      The most budget-friendly delivery options are tagged with a single “$”. To find the cheapest food delivery options available near you in Coteau-du-Lac, enter your address, then look for the places labeled accordingly.

      What’s open now for food delivery in Coteau-du-Lac?

      Unless otherwise noted, the restaurants and stores shown on this page are open for delivery. If you’re curious about a particular place’s business hours, click on it to see when they open and close.

      Does Uber Eats offer contact-free delivery in Coteau-du-Lac?

      Yes. Orders can be delivered contact-free in Coteau-du-Lac.

      How can I get free food delivery in Coteau-du-Lac?

      Join Uber One to enjoy $0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats orders.