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    Tei Avon, Geenside Menu and Delivery in Johannesburg

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    Location and hours

    12 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside, Randburg, 2034, South Africa, Shop 17, GP 2034
    8:45 - 20:45
    Monday - Thursday
    10:00 - 20:45
    9:45 - 21:15
    9:00 - 21:15

    Tei Avon, Geenside

    4.6 (157 ratings) • Middle Eastern • $$
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    12 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside, Randburg, 2034, South Africa, Shop 17, GP 2034
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    $$ • Middle Eastern • Burgers • Sandwich • Desserts • European
    • Build Your Own Schwarma or Laffa

      • Falafel Schwarma
        Vegetarian -made from chickpeas and spices
      • Lamb Schwarma
        Karoo Deboned Leg of Lamb
      • Schnitzel Schwarma
        Crumbed and Fried Filleted Chicken Breast
      • Halloumi Schwarma
        Halloumi Cheese fried
    • Speciality Schwarmas

      • Portuguese Schwarma
        Chicken breast, char-grilled mixed peppers, pineapple, roasted red onions, and peri peri sauce.
      • Indian Schwarma
        Chicken ,Israeli salad & Tzatziki
      • Argentinian Schwarma
        200g Beef, fresh rocket, roasted sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and chimichurri.
      • American Schwarma
        Beef in barbeque sauce, mixed lettuce, tomatoes, and gherkin.
      • Greek Schwarma
        Haloumi with fresh rocket, olives, mixed tomato salsa and tzatziki
      • Lebanese Schwarma
        Lamb ,Sauerkraut,Israeli salad,Humus & Tahini
      • Moroccan Schwarma
        Lamb tabouleh, red bell peppers, caramelised onions, and spicy paprika yoghurt.
      • Austrian Schwarma
        Chicken Schnitzel, sauerkraut, brie and whole grain mustard
      • Mexican Schwarma
        Spicy Mince, nachos, cheddar cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa, and herb sour cream.
      • Turkish Schwarma
        Beef, hummus, olive and tomato salsa, Hot Pepper and tzatziki
      • Italian Schwarma
        Beef with Mozzarella cheese ,Zucchini,Tomato salsa& Pesto
    • Schwarma Platters

    • Grills

      • Rump Espetada (300g)
        With salt, bay leaves and potato wedges
      • Chicken Kebabs
        Three skewers in a lemon herb sauce. Served with tabouleh and tzatziki
      • Calamari Grilled
        Dried grilled and roasted with vegetables and couscous or chips
      • Fillet (250g)
        With chips, onion rings and mixed peppercorn or mushroom sauce
    • Burgers

      • Chicken Schnitzel Burger
        Chicken schnitzel burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and mayo
      • Fillet Steak Roll
        125g Fillet with lettuce, tomato, grilled red onion pickles and BBQ sauce
    • Salads

      • Tuna Salad (No Lettuce)
        Chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onions with tuna, mayonnaise, balsamic reduction and boiled egg
      • Schwarma Salad
        Mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, Israeli pickles, schwarma shavings and tahini or tzatziki
      • Couscous Salad
        Roasted vegetables, couscous, feta, toasted nuts and balsamic dressing with mixed lettuce
      • Greek Salad
        Mixed lettuce, tomato, marinated olives, cucumbers, Danish style feta, red onion and sweet peppers
      • Smoked Salmon Salad
        Smoked salmon, croutons, caper berries, spring onions, and lemon cream cheese dressing tossed with mixed lettuce, chives and tomatoes
    • Sides

    • MEZE

    • DIY (make your own schwarmas @ home)

      • FAMILY DIY Meal feeds 4-6pax
        400g Beef schwarma Meat -Cooked,
        400g Chicken Schwarma Meat -Cooked,
        10 Falafel Balls(v),
        250g each: Israeli salad & Saurkraut & Brinjals,
        6 Pita breads,
        tub Red chilli and greenchilli,
        250g Humus & 250g Tahina
      • Humus
        Humus is a chickpea dip 250g
      • Tahina
        Sessame Seed dip 250g
      • Pita
        Home Made fresh Pita breads
      • Humus & Tahina Mix
        A mix of Humus & Tahina 250g
      • Babaganouj
        Dip made from aubergines 250g
      • Tzatziki
        Greek dip made with yogurt 250g
      • Small Family Meal
        Feeds 2-4pax
      • Large Family Meal
        Feeds 6+
    • Bagels

      • Pollo Bagel
        Crumbled chicken breast strips, thinley sliced red onion, avo (seasonal) and humus on a bed of greens
      • Roast Beef Bagel
        Rare roast beef sauerkraut, horseradish, mayonnaise, schmaitz, fresh rocket and israeli pickles
      • Halloumi Bagel
        Halloumi cheese with Avo,Rocket,Tomato & Pesto
    • Sandwiches

      • Hot Pastrami Sandwich
        Pastrami, homemade mustard, schmaltz, Israeli pickles, pickled onions and fresh greens
      • Pollo Sandwich
        Grilled chicken breasts, thinly sliced red onion, avo (seasonal) and mayonnaise on a bed of greens
      • Salmon Sandwich
        Smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, fresh chives and fresh greens
      • Roast Beef Sandwich
        Rare roast beef, sauerkraut, horseradish mayonnaise, schmaltz, fresh rocket and Israeli pickles
    • Breakfast

      • Shakshuka
        Two eggs baked in a rich tomato gravy with humus on the side and toast
      • Eggs on Toast
      • Plain Omelette
      • Tei Avon Breakfast
        Two eggs, two toast, beef schwarma meat, chips and pastrami with grilled tomatoes
      • Breakfast in Pita
        Pita filled with scrambled eggs, grated cheese and schwarma beef or chicken
    • Toasties

    • Kiddies Combos

    • Milkshakes

    • Desserts

    • Beverages