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    012lifestyle Brooklyn Menu and Delivery in City of Tshwane

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    Location and hours

    Veale St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria, Gauteng 0181
    Every day
    10:00 - 21:30

    012lifestyle Brooklyn

    American • $$
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    Veale St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria, Gauteng 0181
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    $$ • American • Steak • Cafe
    • Starters
        • Chicken Livers
          Portuguese style chicken livers prepared in mild peri-peri and served with bread.
        • Calamari
          Tender calamari tubes served grilled or fried with lemon and butter sauce.
        • Beef Trinchado
          Portuguese-style beef strips prepared in a mild or peri peri sauce and served with bread.
        • Chicken Trinchado
          Portuguese-style chicken strips prepared in a mild or peri peri sauce and served with bread.
        • Crumbed Mushroom Potato Wedges
          Crumbed mushrooms and baked potato wedges. Served with a creamy cheese and garlic sauce.
        • Halloumi Cheese
          Fried or grilled haloumi cheese served with a sweet chilli sauce.
        • Mussels
          New Zealand mussels prepared in a creamy sauce.
      • Side Orders
          • Rice
          • Chips
          • Salad
          • Vegetables
          • Mash
          • Pap
          • Samp
          • Sweet Potato Wedges
        • Salads
            • Prawn Salad
              Butterflied prawns, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and onions dressed with a special Co fi dressing.
            • Greek Salad
              Served with olives, feta cheese, and Greek dressing.
            • Chef Salad
              Served with ham, bacon bits, boiled egg, croutons, and Cheddar cheese with a creamy Caesar dressing.
            • Feta Avocado and Chicken Salad
              Served with sesame seeds and a Greek dressing.
            • Smoked Salmon Salad
              Salmon, avocado, smooth cottage cheese, and capers.
            • Cofi House Salad
              Baby spinach, wild rocket leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions, white rock cheese, a poached egg, drizzled with a special grain mustard, and black pepper dressing.
          • Burgers
              • BBQ Burger
              • Cheese Burger
              • Mushroom Burger
              • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burger
              • Bacon and Cheese Burger
              • Cheese and Chicken Burger
            • Light Meals and Gourmet Sandwiches
                • Beef Fillet Prego
                  Grilled beef prepared in a PSelection of Cakes From our Displayortuguese sauce served with chips or a side salad.
                • Chicken Prego
                  Grilled chicken breast fillet prepared in a Portuguese sauce served with chips or a side salad.
                • Chicken Wings
                  Buffalo wings basted in peri peri or BBQ served with chips and a thousand island dip.
                • Fish and Chips
                  Grilled or traditionally fried hake. Served with chips and tartar sauce.
                • Russian and Chips
                  Traditional Russian flowers served with a generous portion of chips.
                • Sweet Chicken and Peppadew Sandwich
                  Grilled chicken fillets, avocado, haloumi, peppadew, and sweet chilli. Served with chips or a side salad.
                • Salmon and Cottage Cheese Sandwich
                  Smoked salmon with a layer of cottage cheese. Served with chips or a side salad.
                • Beef Mince and Cheese Sandwich
                  Beef mince slowly cooked the traditional way served with Cheddar cheese. Served with chips or a side salad.
                • Grilled Veg and Halloumi Sandwich
                  Vegetables and halloumi cheese grilled to perfection served on an Italian ciabatta. basted with peanut paste.
                • Fried Chicken Strips Basket
                  Tender chicken fillet strips served with chips and BBQ or sweet chilli sauce
              • Pizza
                  • Margarita Pizza
                    Cheese and tomato.
                  • Regina Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, ham, and mushroom.
                  • Ribs and Chicken Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, ribs, and chicken.
                  • Vegetable Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, mushroom, green peppers, and onions.
                  • Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, mushroom, and tender sweet chicken strips.
                  • Bacon, Peppers, and Mushroom Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, bacon, peppers, and mushroom.
                  • Avocado Chicken Rocket Leaves Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, chicken bits, fresh avocado, peppadew, and fresh wild rocket leaves.
                  • Prawn Pizza
                    Cheese, tomato, prawn meat, feta cheese, peppers, and garlic sprinkle.
                • Pasta
                    • Chicken Peppadew
                      Tender chicken fillets strips pan fried, and prepared in a creamy peppadew sauce
                    • Bolognese
                      Traditional beef mince sauce with an Italian tomato sauce.
                    • Seafood
                      Prawns, calamari, and mussels cooked to perfection in a Portuguese nacional sauce.
                    • Spinach and Feta
                      Freshly picked spinach and feta cheese prepared in creamy white sauce.
                    • Paella (Beef, Chicken, and Seafood)
                      A combination of beef strips, chicken breasts, mussels, and calamari prepared in a creamy sauce.
                    • Mediterranean
                      Chicken fillets strips, sun-dried tomato, peppers, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives.
                  • Meat
                    • Lamb Shank
                    • Beef Oxtail
                    • T-Bone
                      500 grams. Grilled to perfection in either a BBQ basting or a Mediterranean style basting, garlic, lemon, oregano, and olive oil.
                    • Rump
                      300 grams. Basted with BBQ sauce and grilled to perfection.
                    • Bacon and Mushroom Rump
                      Layered with crispy bacon and served with a creamy wine and mushroom sauce.
                    • Mediterranean Rump
                      Two tender rump pieces pan fried in a creamy lemon oregana and pecorino sauce.
                    • Lamb Chops
                      Char grilled in BBQ, Mediterranean or a Special Co fi chops basting, and served with sweet potato wedges.
                    • Beef Stew
                      Slowly cooked beef on the bone served with pap or rice ,vegetables and coleslaw.
                    • Boerewors and Pap
                      Grilled boerewors served on a bed of pap with tomato sishebo.
                    • Ribs
                      Char grilled and basted with a house BBQ sauce and chips.
                    • Shrimp and Fillet Mignon
                      Tender beef fillet, prawns, and fresh avocado served in our secret tomato sauce.
                    • Pork Chops
                      250g Char grilled in a special Co fi chops basting and served with sweet potato wedges.
                    • Rib Eye
                      Perfectly grilled, sliced, and served on a bed of a health salad.
                    • Fillet
                      Tender beef fillets stuffed with mushrooms, ham and parmesan cheese topped with mozzarella
                  • Fish
                      • Calamari
                        Tender calamari tubes served grilled or fried with lemon and butter sauce.
                      • Kingklip
                        250 grams. Lightly drizzled with a lemon and butter sauce.
                      • Grilled Prawns
                        Ten prawns butterflied prawns drizzled with a lemon butter sauce.
                    • Chicken
                        • Chicken
                          Butterflied spring chicken, flame grilled, and basted with either peri-peri or lemon and herb.
                        • Grilled Chicken Fillet Breasts
                          Tender chicken fillet breasts done in tikka or lemon and herb.
                        • Mediterranean Chicken Breasts
                          Chicken breasts fillets pan fried in a creamy lemon oregano and pecorino cheese sauce.
                        • Oven Baked Chicken
                          Chicken breasts layered with avo, mozzarella, and feta cheese baked in the oven.
                      • Platters
                          • Mixed Grill Platter
                            Pork chops, meatballs, drumsticks, lamb cocktails, and beef liver. Served with sweet potato wedges.
                          • Platter
                            Ribs, chicken kebabs, chicken wings, beef fillet kebabs, cocktail sausages, and chips. Served with a BBQ sauce and a sweet chilli sauce.
                          • Surf and Turf Platter
                            Hake, prawns, lamb chops, and chicken wings. Served with chips, rice, and a lemon butter sauce.
                          • Chicken Platter
                            Chicken livers, chicken wings, fried chicken strips, and drumsticks. Served with a prego roll.
                          • Ribs and Wings
                            Fried chicken strips, ribs, and Buffalo wings grilled to perfection. Served with chips, BBQ sauce and a sweet chilli sauce.
                          • Mixed Fruit Platter
                        • Mains
                            • Sauces
                          • Desserts
                              • Fruit Salad
                                Freshly prepared and served with layers of yogurt.
                              • Chocolate Brownies
                                Double chocolate served with ice cream.
                              • Malva Pudding
                                Baked pudding with a hint of apricot.
                              • Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce
                                Ice cream scoops topped with hot chocolate sauce.
                            • African Cuisine
                                • Trotters
                                  Served with chakalaka and spinach
                                • Cow Legs
                                  Served with chakalaka and Spinach
                                • Mala & Mogodu
                                  Served with chakalaka and spinach
                              • Make Your Own Combo
                                  • Make Your Own Combo
                                    Priced by add-ons
                                If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.