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    Scala Pharmacy, Durban Central
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    Scala Pharmacy, Durban Central

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    Location and hours

    81 Julius Nyerere St, Greyville, Berea, 4001, South Africa, KZN 4001
    Monday - Friday
    09:00 - 16:30
    $$ • Everyday Essentials • Pharmacy • Retail

    81 Julius Nyerere St, Greyville, Berea, 4001, South Africa, KZN 4001 • More info

    • Flu Packs

      • Budget Flu Pack

        This pack contains: Sinuend tabs, Vita Thion Sach, LCC Original Cough Syrup & Woods Lozenges Ast flav
        Sold out
        R 78,00
      • Value Flu Pack

        This Pack Contains: Flustat Syrup, Vita Thion Sachets, Allergex tabs & Strepsils x2
        Sold out
        R 126,00
      • Premium Flu Pack

        This pack contains: Actifed tabs, Vita Thion Sachets (Vit C 500mg), Bronkese 100ml, Panado tabs & Cepacol Lozenges ast flav.
        Sold out
        R 241,00
    • Immune Boosters:

      • Future Life 500g

        Smart food, high in protein, low GI, high in Omega 3, contains 13 vitamins and 19 amino acids.
        R 38,90
      • Activovite Tabs 30's

        Multivitamin and mineral immune booster supplement for adults and children 12years and older.
        R 99,90
      • Matla Immune Booster Tabs 30's

        Supports immune system from colds/flu, stomach, skin disorders, cold sores, rash, mouth sores and ulcers. Contains Vitamin C, A & E and Selenium.
        R 124,90
      • Procydin Caps 60's

        Powerful antioxidant, reduces bp, improves blood flow, improves bone strength (arthritis), supports brain as it ages, improves kidney function and reduces oxidants.
        R 187,90
      • Radical 30 Tab's

        Multivitamin with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 etc. Radical tablet combats fatigue, stress, weakness and exhaustion, improves physical performance, and improve body's resistance to infections. Benefits of active ingredients in Radical Tablet: Heart health: It helps to promote healthy cardiovascular health by maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels
        R 112,38
    • Colds and Flu:

      • Cepacol Lozenges 24's

        For symptomatic relief of sore throat 3 years and older.
        R 67,90
      • Panado Syrup 50ml

        Contains paracetamol for relief of mild to moderate pain and fever. From 3months and above.
        R 36,90
      • Panado Tabs 12's

        Contains 500mg paracetamol for relief of mild to moderate headache, pain and fever from 6 years.
        R 28,90
      • Panado Tabs 24's

        Contains 500mg paracetamol for relief of mild to moderate headache, pain and fever from 6 years.
        R 37,90
      • Adco Napamol 20's

        Contains paracetamol for mild and moderate pain and fever.
        Sold out
        R 24,90
      • Septo-Cure Throat Spray 30ml

        Disinfectant/anaesthetic spray for relief of pain and discomfort of sore throat due to common cold, tonsillitis, viral pharyngitis and bacterial pharyngitis. From 6years and above.
        Sold out
        R 56,90
    • General Hygiene

      • Tetmosol Soap

        Medicated soap used for scabies, rash, acne and dark spots.
        R 31,90
      • Compound Thymol Glycerine Mouthwash 100ml

        Disinfectant anti-bacterial, antiseptic mouth wash and gargle for treating sore throat or minor mouth inflammation.
        R 27,90
      • HygiX Sanitiser 100ml

        Each 100Mml contains 70% alcohol in 2.5ml chlorhexidine gluconate solution.
        R 35,00
    • Gastro-intestinal Care

      • Adco-Mayogel 100ml

        Helps with the relief of heartburn and indigestion.
        Sold out
        R 23,90
      • Gastropect 100ml

        Anti-diarrheal suspension
        Sold out
        R 22,90
    If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.