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    Olive & Oil, Glenwood
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    Olive & Oil, Glenwood

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    Location and hours

    153 Bulwer Rd, Bulwer, Berea, KwaZulu-Natal 4083
    Every day
    11:30 - 19:00
    ¢¢ • Salad • Pizza • Chicken

    153 Bulwer Rd, Bulwer, Berea, KwaZulu-Natal 4083 • More info

    • Fabulous Focaccia

      • Garlic and Herb

        R 60,00
      • Tomato, Feta, Basil and Garlic

        R 65,00
      • Cheese and Garlic

        R 70,00
      • Parma Ham

        Garlic and herb focaccia topped with fresh rocket, parma ham, salsa verde and shavings of pecorino.
        R 150,00
      • Smoked Salmon

        Garlic and heb focaccia topped with fresh rocket, smoked salmon, marinated cucumber, caperberries, and avo.
        R 160,00
    • Sensational Salads

      • Greek

        Mixed greens, topped with chunky cucumber and tomatoes, red onion, green pepper, feta, and olives.
        R 85,00
      • Cypriot Salad

        Mixed greens, topped with roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, olives, halloumi, avo, and a creamy herb dressing.
        R 85,00
      • Cumin Chicken Salad

        Mixed greens topped with rosa tomatoes, herbed chicken strips, tzatziki, avo, feta, and balsamic vinegar.
        R 98,00
      • Seared Cajun Fillet And Bulgur Wheat Salad

        Tossed with basil pesto, Mediterranean roast veg, rocket, and feta.
        R 98,00
      • Smashed Chicken And Roast Butternut Salad

        Served on mixed greens with roasted rosa tomatoes, feta, pine nuts, and creamy honey mustard dressing.
        R 98,00
      • Smoked Salmon Trout And Avo Salad

        Served with mixed greens, marinated ribbon cucumber, rosa tomatoes, spring onion, and a creamy herb dressing.
        R 102,00
    • Pasta

      • Bolognaise Arrabiata

        Traditional bolognaise served with a touch of chilli and your choice of linguine or penne.
        R 98,00
      • Chicken Pesto

        Juicy chicken strips tossed with garlic, roast peppers, creamy basil pesto and parmesan.
        R 135,00
      • Moroccan Chicken

        Juicy chicken strips tossed with onions, peppers, and mushrooms in a creamy chilli sauce.
        R 145,00
      • Roma

        Chicken, bacon, and roast butternut. Tossed in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. Topped with rocket and pumpkin seeds.
        R 145,00
      • Valencia

        Smoked chicken and plump prawns tossed in a creamy white wine and dijon mustard sauce.
        R 160,00
      • Portofino

        Plump prawns, garlic, fresh ginger, and corriander. Tossed in a napoli sauce.
        R 185,00
    • Fresh Seafood Splendour

      • Mediterranean White Fish

        Grill OR battered. Served with a Greek side salad and shoestring chips.
        R 110,00
      • Classic Calamari

        Grilled, deep fried or cajun. Served with one of our delicious sauce of your choice.
        R 195,00
      • Sweet Chilli Prawns

        Grilled and served on stirfry veg and capellini pasta.
        R 205,00
      • Gamberi Con Panna

        Succulent plump de-shelled prawns cooked in fresh cream, white wine, tomato, and a hint of chilli. Tossed with linguine OR served with savoury rice.
        R 210,00
      • Queen Prawns

        Grilled and served on savoury rice with your choice of sauce.
        R 260,00
      • Poseidons Platter

        Hake, calamari and prawns. Served with a sauce and your choice of side.
        R 230,00
      • Hake & Calamari

        Grilled hake and calamari tubes served with a sauce of your choice and a side option
        R 185,00
      • Sesame Grilled Linefish

        Filleted and served on stirfry veg, capellini pasta, and salsa verde.
        R 199,00
      • Grilled Sole

        Grilled sole. Served with seasonal veg and shoestring chips.
        R 205,00
      • Kinglip Odyssey

        Grilled kinglip topped with prawns and a creamy garlic and herb sauce, bubbling mozzarella. Served on parmesan and mustard mash.
        R 215,00
    • The Grill

      • Rump

        200g. Grilleg to perfection in our secret basting. Choose a complimentary side option.
        R 155,00
      • Fillet

        200g. Grilled to perfection in our secret basting. Choose a complimentary side option.
        R 170,00
      • Dijon, Avo and Feta Rump

        Tasty rump topped with dijon sauce, feta, and fresh avo (seasonal).
        R 190,00
      • Mushroom And Truffle Fillet

        Served on smashed baby potatoes, roast butternut, and wilted spinach, with a mushroom and truffle sauce.
        R 195,00
      • Rosemary Lamb Loin Chops

        R 210,00
      • Port and Balsamic Ostrich Fillet

        Ostrich fillet seared with a smoked black pepper chilli crust and tossed in a port reduction. Served on parmesan mash with seasonal vegetables.
        R 195,00
    • Very Veggie

      • Primevera

        Spinach, carrots, mushrooms, olives, and chilli. Tossed with a creamy napoletana sauce with your choice of linguine or penne.
        R 105,00
      • Veggie Stirfry

        Fresh Veggies tossed with capellini pasta, cashew nuts, and a sweet soya sauce.
        R 102,00
      • Panzeroti Porcini

        Served in a creamy mushroom, truffle, spring onion, parmesan, and Italian parsley sauce.
        R 105,00
      • Gorgonzola, roasted butternut, rocket, and caramelised walnuts.

        gnocchi tossed in creamy gorgonzola sauce with roasted butter nut and walnuts, served with a side salad
        R 102,00
    • Scrumptious Pizza

      • Margherita Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base generously topped with mozzarella and origanum.
        R 98,00
      • Vegetarian Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base topped with mozzarella, garlic, thyme, mushrooms, spring onions, spinach, sundried tomatoes, and feta.
        R 105,00
      • Greca Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base topped with mozzarella, bacon, feta and avo.
        R 130,00
      • Mexicana Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base topped with bolognaise, chilli, onions, and peppers.
        R 130,00
      • Peri Peri Frango Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base topped with onion, mushroom, garlic, peri peri chicken strips, and avo.
        R 140,00
      • Marrakesh Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base generously topped with mozzarella, creamy harissa chicken, dill yoghurt, crispy onions, and fresh corriander.
        R 140,00
      • Mediterranean Pizza

        A thin crispy pizza base topped with chourizo, parma, ham, bacon, onions, mushroom, and garlic.
        R 150,00
    • Delectable Desserts

      • Chocolate Brownie.

        Single Serving
        R 65,00
      • Lindt White Chocolate Cheesecake. single serving

        Single Serving. Baked and served on cinnamon crumble topped with white lindt chocolate and drizzled with caramel.
        R 72,00
    • Kiddies Mini Menu

      • Olive Mac and Cheese

        R 55,00
      • Chicken Nuggets and Chips

        R 55,00
      • Margherita Pizza

        R 55,00
      • Bolognaise Penne

        R 55,00
    • Gourmet Chicken

      • Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs

        chicken thighs deboned and grilled, served on baby potoes, wilted spinach and butter nut
        R 160,00
      • Tuscan Chicken

        Chicken breasts filled with mozarrella grilled and served with plump butter beans, crispy chourizo, roast balsamic onions, rocket, salsa verde, and burnt sage butter.
        R 165,00
      • Chicken Thermidor

        Filleted chicken breasts sauteed in a thermidor sauce with plump prawn tails. Served on linguine with a side salad.
        R 180,00
      • Chicken Florentine

        Chicken breast cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce, paprika, sundried tomatoes and spinach. served on linguine pasta
        R 165,00
    If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.