Toni's on Kloof

Toni's on Kloof

$$ • Seafood • Portuguese

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Location and hours

88 Kloof St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, Western Cape
Every day
12:30 - 19:30

88 Kloof St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, Western Cape • More info

Opens at 12:30 PM

  • Starters

    • Caldo Verde Soup

      R 45,00
    • Prawn Soup

      R 52,00
    • Portuguese Sardines Imported

      Grilled with red peppers and olive oil. 2 per portion.
      R 69,00
    • Prawns Crumbed Queen

      Minimum of two served with toni's special dipping sauce. Each.
      R 19,00
    • Chourico 230gsm Local

      Flame grilled and sliced. Served with a fresh bread roll.
      R 69,00
    • Chicken Giblets

      Peri peri sauce with red peppers, onions, and tomato.
      R 54,00
    • Chicken Livers

      Peri peri sauce or mozambican spiced grilled.
      R 46,00
    • Calamari Crumbed

      Deep fried. Toni's special.
      R 68,00
    • Prawn Rissoles

      Toni's speciality. Homemade pastry filled with prawn sauce. 2 per portion.
      R 38,00
    • Vegetarian Rissoles

      Toni's homemade pastry filled with vegetables in Portuguese sauce. 2 per portion.
      R 34,00
    • Prawn starter

      5 Queen prawns fried in chilli and garlic sauce
      R 76,00
    • Grilled Calamari Starter

      Grilled in lemon butter sauce
      R 62,00
  • Mozambican Curries

    • Chicken Breast Prawn Curry

      5 Mozambican Queen prawns. Served with rice.
      R 130,00
    • Calamari and Prawns Curry

      5 Mozambican Queen prawns. Served with rice.
      R 159,00
    • Prawn Curry

      10 Mozambican Queen out of shell. Served with rice.
      R 179,00
    • Chicken Breast Curry

      200 grms chicken breast served with rice.
      R 89,00
  • Seafood

    • Calamari Tubes Falkland Patagonia

      Grilled and served with lemon butter and garlic sauces
      R 139,00
    • Calamari Crumbed Falkland Patagonia

      Toni's special deep fried and served with garlic sauce.
      R 149,00
    • Grilled Calamari and Prawn Combo

      Grilled Calamari and 5 Mozambican Queen prawns served with either chips or rice
      R 159,00
    • Prawn Rissoles

      Portion of three. Served with rice and salad.
      R 89,00
    • Prawns National

      Cooked in our famous chilli and garlic beer sauce. 10 Mozambican queen prawns.
      R 195,00
    • Toni's Special Seafood Spaghetti

      Mussels, prawns, and calamari.
      R 169,00
    • Traditional Portuguese Seafood Rice

      Arroz de marisco. Prawns or calamari or line fish or mussels.
      R 220,00
  • Main Courses

    • Bitoque

      150g Mini rump steak with egg, chips, and sauce.
      R 98,00
    • Beef Trinchado

      200g. Cubes of matured rump cooked in light wine sauce.
      R 115,00
    • Espetada On Skewer

      350g Matured rump grilled with bay leaves and course salt or Toni's special spicy marinated sauce.
      R 169,00
    • Feijoada

      Traditional Portuguese stew with beans. Served with rice.
      R 189,00
    • Mozambican Peri Peri Chicken

      800g Half a chicken. Flame grilled to perfection. Last order for 6. 30pm pick up must be placed by 5.45pm.
      R 149,00
    • Chicken Trinchado

      Cubes of chicken breast cooked in a spicy light wine sauce.
      R 89,00
    • Chicken Kebabs

      200grms Grilled in spiced Portuguese marinated sauce.
      R 89,00
    • Extra Side Plate Chips

      R 29,00
    • Extra Side Plate Rice

      R 29,00
    • Rump Steak Beef Prego and Chips

      150 grms
      R 85,00
    • Grilled Breast Chicken Prego and Chips

      150 grms
      R 69,00
If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.