Hudsons, Green Point

Hudsons, Green Point

$$ • Burger • Pizza • Salad • Vegan • Desserts

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Location and hours

Hudsons, Cape Town, WC 8001
Sunday - Thursday
11:30 - 21:00Menu
Friday - Saturday
11:30 - 20:30Menu
11:30 - 21:00Menu

Hudsons, Cape Town, WC 8001 • More info

Opens at 11:30 AM

  • Appetizers

    • Triple Cheese Chilli Poppers

      Served with sour cream and tomato relish.
      R 80,00
    • Free Range Crumbed Chicken Strips

      Served wth garlic mayo.
      R 75,00
    • Calzoncini Chicken

      Creamy peri peri chicken, mozzarella, caramelized onion
      R 82,00
    • Panko Crumbed Wings (Vegan)

      Panko crumbed jackfruit wings, served with chipotle mayo
      R 76,00
  • Grills/Entee

    • Cheese Nachos

      Covered with sour cream, salsa, cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeno, topped with smashed avo.
      R 108,00
    • Chicken Nachos

      Same as cheese nachos topped with cajun chicken.
      R 135,00
    • Chicken Wings 300G

      Served with fries and ranch sauce.
      R 106,00
    • Chicken Wings 600G

      Served with fries and ranch sauce.
      R 164,00
    • Bbq Beef Ribs 500G

      Served with fries.
      R 219,00
    • Bbq Pork Ribs 500G

      Served with fries.
      R 219,00
    • Pork Rib And Wing Combo

      Served with fries and ranch sauce.
      R 219,00
    • The Howling Wolf

      Cajun grilled free range chicken, lettuce, tomato, feta, cucumber, spring onion, avo, topped with mustard dressing.
      R 105,00
    • The Astorian

      Halloumi, cos lettuce, rocket, cucumber, peppadews, grilled aubergine, toasted almonds and balsamic lemon dressing,
      R 105,00
  • Sides

    • Fries

      R 32,00
    • Battered Onion Rings

      R 32,00
    • Sweet Potato Wedges

      With rosemary salt.
      R 35,00
    • House Slaw

      Carrot, beetroot, cabbage, cucumber, sweet corn, crispy onion, mustard dressing.
      R 40,00
    • Disco Fries

      Mozzarella, creamy peri peri and spring onion.
      R 54,00
    • Truffle Cheese Fries

      Topped with truffle cheese sauce.
      R 54,00
    • House Salad

      Cos lettuce, tomato, avo, parmesan, pickled onions and white balsamic dressing.
      R 50,00
  • Burgers

    • The Hudsons

      Free range beef patty topped with mustard mayo and house pickles.
      R 75,00
    • The Cheese

      Free range beef patty topped with tomato relish , caramelized onion and double cheddar.
      R 82,00
    • The Shroom

      Free range beef patty topped with cheddar, garlic saute mushrooms and truffle cheese sauce.
      R 98,00
    • The Works

      Free range beef patty topped with tomato relish, mustard mayo, cheddar, lettuce, onion and home made pickles.
      R 89,00
    • The Player

      Free ranged beef patty topped with bacon feta and avo.
      R 120,00
    • The Boss

      Extra large free range beef patty stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella, topped with beef rib meat and home made pickles.
      R 127,00
    • The Original Royal

      Extra large free range beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar, battered onion rings and chilli oil.
      R 114,00
    • The Fishmonger

      Franschhoek rainbow trout patty topped with smashed avo, kewpie mayo, pickled ginger and rocket.
      R 98,00
    • The Samurai

      Slow roasted pork belly in hoisen bbq sauce, onion, rocket, garlic mayo, jalapeno and home made pickles.
      R 125,00
    • The Quarterback

      Panko crumbed free range chicken breast, topped with cheddar, house slaw and home made pickles.
      R 84,00
    • The Ranch

      Creamy peri peri chicken breast topped with rocket, battered onion rings, chipotle mayo and rocket.
      R 84,00
    • The Californian

      Free range chicken breast, topped with mustard mayo, lettuce, mozzarella, smashed avo and tomato.
      R 88,00
    • Huddy Burger

      Double stacked free ranged beef patty topped with smokey bbq, mustard mayo, cheddar, lettuce, home made pickles, tomato and onion.
      R 120,00
    • The Kentucky Sliders

      The califorian, the quarterback , the ranch.
      R 110,00
    • The Tribeca Sliders

      The player, the boss, the cheese
      R 130,00
  • Vegan Mains

    • Vegan Nachos

      Covered with creamy sauce, salsa, vegan mozzarella, sweet corn, peppadews, jalapenos and smashed avo.
      R 140,00
    • The Influencer

      Cajun crumbed jackfruit schnitzel topped with vegan mozzarella, smashed avo, tomato, and chipotle mayo.
      R 105,00
    • The Game Changer

      Beyond meat patty topped with smokey bbq, vegan mozzarella, battered onion rings and home made pickles.
      R 145,00
    • El Barrio

      100% Beyond mince stuffed with caramelized onions & vegan mozzarella, topped with vegan mozzarella, crispy shoestring sweet potatoes, chipotle mayo over chimichurri sauce
      R 120,00
    • The San Fran

      Mushroom and lentil patty, topped with vegan mozzarella, caramelized onion, smashed avo, tomato and rocket.
      R 105,00
    • The Houdini

      Beyond meat patty, topped with vegan mozzarella, smashed avo. lettuce, tomato, onion and home made pickles.
      R 145,00
    • The Infinity Burger

      Hybrid double stack-beef style patty topped with smokey bbq, vegan mozzarella, mustard mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion and home made pickles.
      R 120,00
    • The Busker

      Pizza topped with napolatana sauce, vegan mozzarella, mushroom, caramelized onion, thyme , rocket &, finished with drizzle of truffle oil.
      R 108,00
    • The Fashionista Pizza - Vegan

      Topped with Napolitana sauce, vegan mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil pesto, peppadews, caramelized onion, & avo
      R 121,00
  • Pizza

    • The Standard

      Mozzarella, napolatana sauce and basil.
      R 83,00
    • The Surfer

      the standard Topped with smokey bbq pulled chicken, spring onion, sour cream, rosemary, and caramelized onion.
      R 110,00
    • The Rockstar

      The standard topped with caramelized onion, peppadew, crispy bacon.
      R 116,00
    • The Classic Pepperoni

      The standard topped with feta, garlic, avo and pepperoni.
      R 140,00
    • The Banker Pizza

      topped with napolitana sauce, mozzarella, smokey BBQ beef mince, jalapenos, sour cream, & spring onion
      R 140,00
  • Desserts

    • House Brownie

      Pecan nuts, served with ice cream.
      R 87,00
    • Deep Fried Oreos With Ice Cream

      Served with ice cream.
      R 64,00
    • Belgian Waffle

      topped with ice cream, strawberries, syrup
      R 72,00
    • Nutella Waffle

      cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, ice cream
      R 87,00
  • Milkshakes

    • Vanilla Shake

      R 52,00
    • Chocolate Brownie Shake

      R 76,00
    • Salted Caramel Shake

      R 76,00
    • Strawberry Shake

      R 76,00
    • Peanut Butter Shake

      R 65,00
    • Oreo Shake

      R 72,00
  • Cold Drinks

    • Coke Bottle 300Ml

      R 30,00
    • Coke Zero 300Ml

      R 30,00
    • Sprite Zero 300Ml

      R 31,00
    • Ginger Beer

      R 40,00
    • Appletizer 275Ml

      R 39,00
    • Grapetizer 275Ml

      R 39,00
    • Still Water 500Ml

      R 33,00
    • Sparkling Water 500Ml

      R 33,00
    • Red Bull

      R 40,00
    • Castle Free

      R 35,00
    • Happy Culture Kombucha

      Cherry infused with C B D
      R 44,00
If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.