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    • Zaytinya Feasts

      • Zaytinya Menu for 2

        Bring home the best of the Zaytinya's winter menu with Concept Chef Michael Costa’s Menu for 2. This special collection of mezze, featuring seasonal and classic dishes, is designed for two guests to share. Menu includes hommus, labneh, olive orektika, smoked beet salata, imam bayildi, Lebanese chicken and rice, falafel, beef soutzoukakia and for dessert Greek yogurt with apricots and olive oil cake.
      • Lamb Feast

        Zaytinya's Lamb Shoulder Feast includes: Hommus, Baba Ghannouge, Cretan Dakos Salata, Olive Orektika, Imam Bayildi, Lamb Shoulder, Lemon Roasted Potatoes and for dessert: Greek Yogurt with Apricots and Mini Olive Oil Cake.
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    • Spreads / Girişler

      • Hommus

        purée of chickpeas, garlic, tahini served with house-made traditional pita.
      • Labneh

        Lebanese strained yogurt with za'atar served with house-made traditional pita
      • Tztatziki

        Greek yogurt with diced cucumbers, dill
      • Pita Bread

        house-made traditional pita
      • Baba Ghannouge

        fire-roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon, garlic served with house-made traditional pita
    • Flat Bread / Pyde Çeþýtlerý

      • Cheese Pide

        Turkish tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Greek oregano
      • Egg and Pastirma Pide

        spiced dry cured beef loin, 65° egg, kasar cheese
      • Pepper and Pastirma Pide

        Turkish tomato sauce, piquillo peppers, cured and spiced dry cured beef loin
      • Halloumi Pide

        Turkish tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Halloumi cheese, chives
      • Soujouk Pide

        flatbread with spicy soujouk sausage, kasar cheese, 65° egg
      • Charred Eggplant Pide

        kasar cheese, onions and peppers cooked slowly in olive oil, finished with pomegranate molasses
      • Z'atar Pide

        aromatic blend of dried z’atar, sesame seeds and sumac, kasar cheese 65° egg
    • Cures & Cheeses / Akatergastos

      • Artisanal Cheese Pikilia

        Selection of three cheeses: Ladotyri (traditional sheep's milk cheese aged in olive oil with candied and roasted pistachio), Vlahotiri (firm sheep's milk cheese aged 90 days with dates and date molasses), Roussas Feta (soft and crumbly goat and sheep's milk cheese with honeycomb)
    • Soups & Salads / Soupes Salates

      • Maroulosalata

        heirloom lettuces, herbs, pickled onions, Greek vinaigrette
      • Chicken Soup Avgolemono

        classic Greek egg and lemon soup, served with shredded roasted chicken, carrot, onion, celery, greens, kritharaki pasta
      • Fattoush

        tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, radish, pita chips, pomegranate vinegar dressing
      • Smoked Beet Salata

        feta, pomegranate, roasted pistachio, greens, clementine
    • Vegetable Mezze / Hortariki

      • Falafel

        traditional crispy chickpea fritters, turmeric pickles, cherry tomato, tahini
      • Cauliflower Tiganites

        tahini, preserved lemon, pine nuts, capers, golden spice vinaigrette
      • Imam Bayildi

        inspired by the legendary preparation from the Ottoman era, eggplant, onions and tomato slowly cooked in olive oil with aromatic spices and garnished with pine nuts 
      • Mushroom Kapnista

        smoked mushrooms, dates, roasted walnuts, cumin, labneh
      • Crispy Brussels Afelia

        brussels sprouts, coriander seed, barberries, garlic yogurt
      • Spanakorizo

        Greek rice pilaf with wilted spinach, melted leeks, dill and feta
    • Seafood Mezze / Thalassina

      • Garides Me Anitho

        sautéed shrimp, dill, shallots, mustard, lemon juice
    • Meat & Poultry Mezze / Kreatika

      • Shish Taouk

        grilled chicken skewer, sumac, onions, garlic toum, and grilled tomatoes.
      • Chicken Youvetsi

        chicken braised with tomato and cinnamon, kefalograviera cheese, kritharaki pasta
      • Lamb Baharat

        spice-rubbed lamb kebab, tabbouleh, tahini sauce
      • Kofte Kebab

        grilled ground beef kebab spiced with marash pepper, mint and oregano, smoked yogurt sauce, charred cucumber, herbs
      • Adana Kebab

        ground lamb, grilled tomatoes, sumac, harissa pita, and pickled chiles.
      • Keftedes Kapama

        beef and lamb meatballs, feta cheese, rustic tomato sauce, cinnamon, allspice
      • Kebab Platter

        lamb, kofte, chicken and adana kebabs served with tomato, onion and garlic toum
      • Lebanese Chicken and Rice

        traditional Riz a Jej, basmati rice cooked with ground beef and Lebanese 7 spice then topped with chicken and buttered almonds
    • Desserts

      • Mini Olive Oil Cake

        Valrhona chocolate pudding, caramelized breadcrumbs, spiced cherries
      • Greek Yogurt and Apricots

        muscat soaked apricots, vanilla yogurt cream, and pistachio powder
      • Greek Cheesecake

        whipped Greek yogurt cheesecake, local seasonal fruit, Greek Christmas cookie crumble
      • Turkish Coffee Chocolate Cake

        molten center Valrhona chocolate cake, roasted pistachio, mastic cream, chocolate pearls
    • Beverages

      • Cucumber Mint Cooler

        Cucumber Mint Cooler
      • Ginger Beer

        Ginger Beer
      • Coke

      • Still Bottled Water

        Still Bottled Water
      • Lemonatha

        lemon, water, orange blossom
      • Sprite

      • Turkish Juice

        Turkish Juice
      • Sparkling Bottled Water

        Sparkling Bottled Water
      • Ayran

        yogurt, water, salt
      • Coke Zero

        Coke Zero
    • Extras

      • To Go Utensils

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