La Bamba Restaurant - Silver Spring, MD

La Bamba Restaurant - Silver Spring, MD

$ • Latin American • Family Meals

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Location and hours

8241 Georgia Ave, 201, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
11:30 AM - 08:30 PM
Tuesday - Saturday
11:30 AM - 08:30 PM

8241 Georgia Ave, 201, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 • More info

Opens at 11:30 AM

  • Entrees

    • Churrasco Guatemalteco

      Carne asada served with white rice, refried beans, potato salad, and chirmol.
    • Fajitas

      Choice of chicken or beef served with sauteed vegetables and guacamole.
    • Fajita Mixtas

    • Enchilada Platter

      Two enchiladas stuffed with beef and melted cheese. Served with cream, guacamole, and white rice.
    • Costilla de Res

      Grilled beef ribs served with white rice and refried beans.
    • Carne Guisada

      Hearty beef stew served with white rice and tortillas on the side.
    • Lomo Montado

      Pan fried pork meat served with a sunny side egg and white rice.
    • Chuleta de Puerco

      Grilled pork chop served with white rice and refried beans.
    • Carne Adobada

      Marinated meat in adobo. Served with white rice, beans, and tortillas.
      Sold out
    • Pollo en Crema

      Chicken breast sauteed in a white wine cream sauce.
    • Pepian de Pollo

      Special Guatemalan chicken stew with cooked chilies and fresh vegetables. Served with white rice.
    • Parrillada Para Dos

      Grilled meat, beef rib, pork chop, chicken breast, roast beef, and sausage. Served with white rice, whole beans, and tortillas.
  • Appetizers

    • Chuchitos

      Pork stuffed Guatemalan tamale.
      Sold out
    • Mixta Guatemalteca

      Fresh made tortilla topped with guacamole, cabbage salad, and hot dog.
    • Tamales

      Corn flour (masa) stuffed with chicken or pork.
    • Dobladas de Queso

      Fresh made corn tortilla filled with cheese and topped with tomato sauce and grated cheese.
    • Tostadas Chapinas

      Crispy corn tortilla topped with choice of guacamole, refried beans, or tomato sauce.
      Sold out
    • Garnachas

      Fresh corn tortillas topped with ground beef, tomato sauce, and grated cheese.
    • Pupusas

      Pork, cheese, or beans and cheese patties.
    • Tacos

      Choice of chicken, carne asada, or fish.
      Sold out
    • Quesadilla

      Chicken or beef, cream, and guacamole.
    • Tacos Guatemaltecos

      Crispy tortilla flautas filled with beef, tomato, lettuce, and grated cheese.
    • Enchiladas Guatemaltecas

      Topped with slaw, tomato, cheese, beef, and boiled egg.
  • Sides

    • Papas Fritas

      French fries.
    • Frijoles Revueltos

      Refried beans.
    • Ensalada de Papa

      Potato salad.
    • Frijoles Negros

      Whole black beans.
    • Crema

    • Chips y Salsa

      Chips and salsa.
    • Arroz Blanco

      White rice.
  • Soups

    • Sopa de pollo

      Chicken soup, vegetables, and noodles soup.
    • Sopa de Mondongo

      Beef tripe soup with vegetables.
    • Caldo de Res

      Beef broth with yuca, cabbage, and carrot.
    • Revolcado

      Guatemalan rich pork head stew.
  • Salads

    • Iceberg salad

      Fresh Romaine, tomato, grated cheese, and Ceasar dressing.
      Sold out
  • Seafood

    • Camarones en Crema

      Sauteed shrimp in a white wine cream sauce.
      Sold out
    • Filete de Pescado

      Sauteed fish filet in a creole sauce.
      Sold out
    • Tilapia Frita

      Whole fried crispy tilapia. Served with salad and white rice.
    • Pargo Frito Entero

      Crispy whole red snapper. Served with white rice, salad, and tortillas.
    • Salmon a la Parrilla

      Grilled salmon served with white rice and seafood sauce with shrimp.
    • Coctel de Camaron

      Cooked shrimp with onions, fresh lime juice, cilantro, and light tomato sauce.
  • Kids

    • Kid's Quesadilla

      Grilled chicken or cheese with cream.
      Sold out
  • Desserts

    • Platano con Mole and Ajonjolin

      Sweet fried plantains served with mole sauce and sesame seeds.
    • Flan de Coco

      Coconut custard flan.
    • Rellenitos

      Plantain empanada filled with black beans and cream.
    • Tres Leches

      Sponge cake with cinnamon and milk.
  • Family Style Meals

    • Family Style

      Churrasco Guatelmateco & Carne Guisada
      Sold out