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Teriyaki Chicken
Pan grilled chicken coated in teriyaki sauce.
A$ 11.90
Teriyaki Tofu (3pcs)
A$ 8.90
New Style Sashimi
Fresh tuna or salmon slices served with soya dressing.
A$ 15.90
Bán hết
Agedashi Tofu
Lightly coated and fried fresh tofu in tempura sauce.
A$ 8.90
Miso Tofu
Lightly coated and fried fresh tofu in miso sauce.
A$ 8.90
Potato Salad
Japanese potato salad mixed with our chopped karaage chicken.
A$ 6.50
Japanese Seaweed Salad
A$ 6.50
Bán hết
A$ 6.50
Mr Munchies Karaage
Deep fried boneless chicken pieces served with chilli mayonnaise.
A$ 10.90
Veggie Gyoza (5pcs) (V)
A$ 13.90
Bán hết
Spring Roll (4pcs) (V)
A$ 4.00
Japanese steamed rice
A$ 3.00
Miso Soup
A$ 2.50
Meat Gyoza (5pcs)
5 pcs of Pork or Chicken Gyoza
A$ 11.90
Takoyaki (5pc)
Japanese Octopus Balls With Mayonnaise and BBQ Sauces Topped With Nori Flakes and Katsuobushi
A$ 7.90


Donburi Combo (Meal in a Bowl)
All comes with rice, rocket salad, potatoes salad, two pieces of spring rolls and miso soup.
A$ 16.90

Sushi Rolls

Spicy Mushroom Roll
Fresh variety mushrooms fritters topped with pickled cucumber and wonton skin with spicy sauce.
A$ 8.90
Cheesy Potato Roll
Potato salad, sliced carrot, kanpyo with melted cheese, mayo and teriyaki sauce with vegetarian furikake.
A$ 7.40
Katsu Kilpatrick Roll
With bacon, cucumber and melted cheese. Served with BBQ and mustard sauce.
A$ 9.90
Crunchy Chicken Roll
Chicken katsu, karaage pieces, iceburg lettuce, potato salad topped with chilli mayo and fried shallots.
A$ 9.40
Chicken Lover Roll
Grilled teriyaki chicken, avocado, karaage pieces, tamagyoyaki topped with mayonnaise, spring onion and fried leek.
A$ 8.90
Mr Munchies Roll
Tiger prawn fritters with crab stick, sweet egg and avocado. Served with chilli mayo and tobikko.
A$ 11.00
Spicy Raw Tuna Roll
Marinated fresh raw tuna, avocado topped with tobikko and chilli mayo.
A$ 11.90
Mango Chicken Roll ( Seasonal Sushi )
Prawn, chicken fritters with sweet chilli sauce topped with coriander and chopped mango.
A$ 9.90
Bán hết
Bulgogi Roll
Korean style marinated beef slices with onion, grilled kimchi topped with onion flake and spicy sauce.
A$ 10.40
Crunchy Spider Roll
Deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce and cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and fresh shallot.
A$ 10.40
Philadelphia Roll
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber topped with black & white sesame seed with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce.
A$ 10.40
Bán hết
Mexican Roll
Grilled beef tenderloin, avocado, cheese, corn and roasted capsicum with tomato salsa inside served with wasabi aioli.
A$ 10.40
Surf and Turf Roll
Grilled steak, steam prawn, and snow pea sprout topped with garlic chips, and chilli flakes, served with sweet onion sauce.
A$ 13.80
Sushi Platter
Any four small size sushi with two miso.
A$ 38.90
Beet n Cheese Roll (V) (GF)
Beetroots,feta cheese,rocket salad dressed with wasabi aioli, topped with chilli mayo and black sesame seeds.
A$ 6.90
Satay Chicken Roll
Grilled satay chicken, red onions, cucumber topped with chilli flakes, peanut crumb and kecap manis served with homemade satay sauce.
A$ 9.90

Sushi Salad

Mr Munchies Special Sushi Salad
Salads and sushi rice with lettuce cucumber, carrot, egg and avocado with a combination of sliced fresh salmon, tuna and crabstick served with cherry tomatoes.
A$ 20.90
Bán hết

Customized Meals

Customized Sushi Roll
A$ 6.90
Customized Vegetarian Sushi Roll ( 4pcs )
A$ 6.90
Customized Sushi Salad
Sushi Rice Base Salad With 6 Optional Stuffings.
A$ 11.40
Customized Vegetarian Sushi Roll (8pcs)
A$ 10.90


Mineral Water
A$ 3.00
Sparkling Water
A$ 3.50
Soft Drinks
A$ 3.50
Bán hết
A$ 3.50
Bán hết
Lemon, Lime, and Bitters
A$ 4.00
Bán hết
Ginger Beer
A$ 4.00
Bán hết
A$ 3.50
Pokka Green Tea
A$ 3.00
Keri Juice Blenders
A$ 4.00

Single-Use Items

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