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Avocado Toast
thick multigrain bread toasted. topped with avocado, curried pumpkin seeds, whipped lemon ricotta, and sumac
US$ 8.00
Classic Breakfast Sandwich
2 eggs over medium, cheddar cheese, and bacon pressed on country bread
US$ 8.50
Harissa Chickpea Toast
thick multigrain bread toasted topped with harissa marinated chickpeas, lemon ricotta, romesco sauce (hazelnuts, roasted red peppers, almonds, and garlic spread).
US$ 8.00
Grilled Cheese
cheddar cheese pressed on country bread
US$ 7.00
Yogurt Parfait
organic plain whole milk yogurt, local honey, fresh raspberries and blueberries, and housemade Lorca granola
US$ 4.50
Kale Salad
organic kale, roasted sweet potato, curried pumpkin seeds, slivered almonds, parmesan, and lemon vinaigrette. Parmesan and Vinaigrette are automatically on the side/separate
US$ 12.00
Turkey Romesco Sandwich
turkey, manchego cheese, organic mixed greens and romesco sauce (hazelnuts, roasted red pepper, garlic, almond spread) pressed on country bread
US$ 8.50
Manchego Sage Breakfast Sandwich
2 eggs over medium, manchego cheese, and housemade sage pistachio pesto pressed on country bread
US$ 8.25
Add Rosemary Chips (on the side)
US$ 2.15


2 shots of espresso + 10 oz. of steamed milk
US$ 4.50
2 shots of espresso + 8 oz. steamed milk
US$ 4.00
Chai Latte
Dona Chai chai concentrate + 10 oz. steamed milk
US$ 4.50
2 shots of espresso + our housemade chocolate syrup + 10 oz. steamed milk
US$ 5.00
cold brewed iced coffee + horchata (sweetened rice milk with vanilla and cinnamon)
US$ 4.85
2 shots of espresso + 2 oz. steamed milk
US$ 3.40
2 shots of espresso
US$ 3.00
Decaf Pour Over
our decaf coffee as a pour over
US$ 3.75
2 shots of espresso + 10 oz. hot water
US$ 3.15
Box of Coffee
96 oz. of hot coffee (about 10-12 cups) in a large carry-away box. perfect for a meeting or a small gathering.
US$ 19.00
Hot Chocolate
our housemade chocolate syrup + 10 oz. of steamed milk
US$ 3.20
Hot Tea
Rishi organic loose leaf tea steeped in 12 oz. of hot water. English Breakfast is default unless otherwise stated
US$ 2.65
Iced Coffee
cold brewed iced coffee
US$ 3.40
London Fog
Housemade lavender, earl grey and honey syrup + 6 oz. of steamed milk
US$ 4.25
Matcha Latte
Rishi green tea matcha powder (pre-sweetened with cane sugar) + 10 oz. of steamed milk
US$ 4.25
Iced Tea
cold brewed iced tea. default is peach black unless otherwise noted
US$ 3.35
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