The Lentil

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Appetizers and Sides

Authentic Jerusalem hummus. toasted pita, olives, and pepperoncinis.
US$ 8.00
Fried Cheese Balls
Cheese stuffed pastry with orange blossom honey and pistachios.
US$ 8.00
German Fries
Fries, sweet German curry sauce, and mayonnaise.
US$ 6.00


Schnitzel Farmer's Style
Pork schnitzel, creamy mashed potatoes, beer cheese sausage sauce, and sauerkraut.
US$ 15.00
Schnitzel and Fries
Pork schnitzel & fries. No Sauce.
US$ 11.00
Schnitzel and Fries with Sauce
Pork schnitzel with beer cheese sausage sauce or Hungarian pepper sauce with fries.
US$ 13.00
Hummus and Falafel
Hummus, falafel, olives, pepperoncinis, and toasted pita with jalapeno aioli.
US$ 12.00
Spinach Feta Stuffed Pastry
Spinach feta stuffed fried pastry and fires.
US$ 12.00
Buckeye Lake
Creamy mashed potatoes and beer cheese sausage sauce.
US$ 8.00
Schaschlik with Fries
Slow cooked cubed pork in sweet and savory Tomato - Pepper sauce over fries.
US$ 11.00
Reuben Rolls
Corned beef & Sauerkraut stuffed pastry with Russian dressing and fries.
US$ 12.00
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