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Carpaccio Beef
Thin sliced beef tenderloin, flash seared with sesame citrus chili sauce, and shaved red onion garnish.
US$ 9.75
Chicken Satay
Char grilled with Vietnamese style lemon grass and ginger marinade.
US$ 5.25
Shrimp Satay
Char grilled jumbo shrimp skewer with orange citrus,lemon grass, and light chili marinade.
US$ 5.50
Pork and Shrimp Egg Roll
Two fried egg rolls with pork, Chinese mushrooms, carrots, onions, and a jumbo shrimp wrapped in a wheat flour shell.
US$ 5.50
Chicken Egg Roll
Two fried egg rolls with shredded chicken breast, Chinese mushrooms, carrots, and onions wrapped in a wheat flour shell.
US$ 5.25
Saigon Wonton
Pan fried lamb, cream cheese, and chestnut dumplings. Served with a sweet chili sauce.
US$ 6.00
Tofu Tempura
Tofu fried and served with Soy chili sauce for dipping.
US$ 7.00
Colonial Short Ribs
Indo Chinese style grilled beef short ribs with Asian Honey Barbeque glaze.
US$ 8.25
Crab Rangoon
Crispy dumplings stuffed with lump crab meat, cream cheese, chestnuts, scallions, and sweet chili sauce.
US$ 7.00
Crispy Crab Cake
Served with a spicy coconut emulsion topped with mango chutney.
US$ 9.50
CO'M Sampler
One colonial short rib, four crab rangoon, three saigon wonton, two chicken satay, two shrimp satay, and one chicken egg roll.
US$ 19.00
Spring Rolls
Rice paper rolls with Asian slaw, served cool and crispy with roasted peanuts, and crispy onions.
US$ 4.25
Colonial Grape Leaves Rolls
Vietnamese snack of betel leaves wrapped with savory grilled ingredients, with dipping sauce, crispy onions, roasted peanuts, and with cold beer or white wine.
US$ 8.00


COM'S Goi Salad
Crisp medley of Indochine flavors papaya, green mango, Fuji apple, cucumber, pickled daikon, carrots, Thai basil, cilantro,and mint. Dressed with crispy onions and roasted peanuts.
US$ 7.25
Ahi Tuna Salad
Ahi tuna steak, seared and sliced, served over spinach, cucumbers, shredded Fuji apple, papaya, green mango, pickled carrots, and daikon and dressed with soy chili vinaigrette.
US$ 14.75


Crab and Asparagus Soup
Comes with Vietnamese soup with lump crab meat, asparagus tips, carrots, and garnished with cilantro.
US$ 7.50
Dumpling Soup
Comes with chicken broth with asparagus tips, carrots, and cilantro.
US$ 4.25
Spicy Seafood Soup
Comes with shrimp and squid simmered in blend of lemon grass, ginger, and basil.
US$ 7.25
Creamy Coconut Soup
Comes with creamy coconut base with a hint of spice and lime zest. Served with diced shiitake, mushrooms, and cilantro.
US$ 4.75
Pho Soup
US$ 6.25

Grilled Entrees

Rice Vermicelli
US$ 10.00
Rice Vermicelli Plain
US$ 5.00
Flat Rice Vermicelli
US$ 11.75
Flat Vermicelli Plain
US$ 8.00
Pandan Fragrance Rice
US$ 9.00
Pandan Rice Plain
US$ 3.00
Short Rib Plate
US$ 15.25

Indochine Specials

Beef Stew
US$ 16.75
Caramelized Salmon
US$ 18.75
Chicken Shrimp Satay
US$ 14.75
Curried Haddock
US$ 16.75
Five Spice Lamb
US$ 23.75
Hot Pot
Bán hết
Lamb Stew
US$ 22.25
Saigon Tilapia
US$ 16.75
Shaking Beef
US$ 19.75
Veggie Tofu Medley
US$ 15.75
Vietnamese Crepe
US$ 10.50
Vietnamese Curry
Bán hết
Shaking Noodles
Bán hết
Colonial Salmon
US$ 16.75
French Indochine Tuna
US$ 19.75
Spicy Beef Udon
US$ 13.00
Bán hết
Crab Noodle
US$ 14.00
BBQ Pork BanhMi
US$ 6.00


US$ 2.00
Brown Rice
US$ 3.00
Egg Noodles
US$ 2.75
Extra Lettuce Plate
US$ 4.25
Flat Rice Vermicelli
US$ 3.00
Jasmine Rice
US$ 2.00
Pandan Green Rice
US$ 2.25
Rice Noodle
US$ 2.50
Sauteed Spinach
US$ 4.00
Seared Asparagus
US$ 3.50
Steamed Broccoli
US$ 3.00
Steamed green beans
US$ 3.00
Tom & Cucumber
US$ 3.25
Viet Chips
US$ 1.25
Wheat Noodles
US$ 2.75
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