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Inicio de Uber Eats
    Häagen-Dazs Direct (2616 Blodgett St)
    Demasiado lejos para realizar entregas

    Häagen-Dazs Direct (2616 Blodgett St)

    Conoce la hora de entrega y el costo de envío.

    Ubicación y horario de atención

    12:00 p. m. - 10:00 p. m.
    Lunes - Jueves
    09:00 a. m. - 10:00 p. m.
    Viernes - Sábado
    09:00 a. m. - 11:00 p. m.

    2616 Blodgett St, Houston, TX 77004 • Más

    • Ice Cream

      • Vanilla Ice Cream

        Vanilla is the essence of elegance and sophistication. This marriage of pure, sweet cream and Madagascar vanilla creates the sweet scent of exotic spice and a distinctive taste that lingers on your tongue. 14 oz.
      • Chocolate Ice Cream

        Rich, creamy, and totally indulgent. Made from the finest cocoa and pure, sweet cream, our chocolate ice cream is the ultimate experience.
      • Strawberry Ice Cream

        We introduce sweet summer strawberries to pure cream and other natural ingredients. Because it's brimming with real fruit, the true flavor of our strawberries comes shining through.
      • Coffee Ice Cream

        We roast the finest Brazilian coffee beans and brew them to perfection to bring out their rich, complex flavor. the combination of the brew with our pure, creamy ice cream awakens the senses. 14 oz.
      • Caramel Cone Ice Cream

        We balance a creamy blend of caramel ice cream and rich caramel swirls with the sweet crunch of chocolaty cone pieces to create a sweet, harmonious bite. 14 oz.
      • Butter Pecan Ice Cream

        An American classic, revisited with our passion for singular flavor. We blend spoonful after spoonful of buttery roasted pecans with pure, sweet cream to create a delight like no other. 14 oz.
      • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

        14 oz. For those who relish a taste of something playful, we re-created a childhood treat. We blend chunks of buttery cookie dough and sweet fudge chips with our finest pure vanilla ice cream. Ah, such sweet memories.
      • Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

        14 oz. Pieces of rich, chocolaty cookies are dunked in delicious, creamy vanilla ice cream to satisfy the milk-and-cookies kid in all of us.
    • Snacks

      • Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bar 3ct

        We start with pure, sweet vanilla and blend it with sweet, fresh cream to make our incredibly smooth vanilla ice cream. Then we dip it in a crunchy roasted almond and milk chocolate coating. 3 pack.