Sharkys Place
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Sharkys Place

$ • Bar / Pub Food • Ensaladas • Americana • Saludable
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5800 Duraleigh Rd 101, NC 27612
Todos los días
11:00 a. m. - 10:30 p. m.

5800 Duraleigh Rd 101, NC 27612 • Más información


    • Sharky Bites

      Crispy fried shrimp tossed in our house made angry asian sauce and served with a side of ranch. + AVAILABLE TILL 1AM
    • Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Dip

      Pimento cheese mixed in with fresh jalapenos. Served with Sharky's pub chips.
    • Corn Nuggets

      Crisp golden nuggets filled with the most delicious sweet corn you've ever had.
    • Crispy Fried Onion Rings

      Made fresh to order and they are some kind of good. + AVAILABLE TILL 1AM
    • Quesadilla

      Grilled chicken, beef, or brisket (Yes, brisket) cheese, jalapeno and Sharky’s homemade Fire Roasted salsa
    • Fried Pickle Chips

      Handmade to order and served with our almost famous remoulade sauce + AVAILABLE TILL 1AM
    • Texas Tator Tots

      Crispy tots with melted cheese, smoked bacon, and of course fresh jalapenos
    • Texas Cheese Fries

      Fries with melted cheese, smoked bacon, and of course fresh jalapenos
    • Cheese Sticks

      Fried cheese baby! Served with Mary’s Nara sauce.
    • Fried Pretzels

      As good as they sound. Dip 'em in mustard with salt or try 'em with some cinnamon sugar.
    • Basket of Fries

      Your Choice of Crispy Battered or Sweet Potato Fries.
    • Randy's 3 Cheese Nachos

      YUP!! EVERY chip has cheese and fresh jalapeno, accompanied by our house-made Fire Roasted salsa and sour cream. $6 Add Chicken or Brisket for $3

    • 10 Bone-In Wings

      Fried wings served with your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese.
    • 10 Boneless Wings

      Hand-cut white meat, gently breaded and some good + AVAILABLE TILL 1 AM
    • Half Order of Wings

      5 Bone-in or boneless wings
    • "Shrimpken" Basket

      No...we did NOT genetically alter any animals. We just decided to put shrimp and chicken wings in the same basket and give it a cute name. 5 of each, grilled or fried.

    • Chef Salad

      Comes with all kinds of goodies: Ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, bleu cheese crumbles... a choice of dressing.
    • Side Salad

    • Garden Salad

      Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon & cheese with your choice of meat. Choose from: grilled chicken, shrimp (fried/steamed), smoked brisket.
    • Caesar Salad

      Like Caesar made it back in the day. Shredded Parmesan, croutons, drenched in dressing topped with your choice of grilled chicken, Brisket or shrimp.

    • Build Your Own Burger

      Hand pattied 100% fresh Angus Beef. Served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Add bacon, Fried egg, Pork, Chicken or Brisket and or Cheese.
    • Pimento Cheese Burger

      The same famous patty just topped with pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.
    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

      Grilled or fried to order all white meat chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onion, and blue cheese crumbles served up on a sesame seed bun. Served with pub chips. + Please note this sandwich takes at least 15/20 minutes to cook.
    • Double Stacked Grill Cheese

      Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, or Pepper Jack. Your choice of Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, or Brisket. Served with a side of chips.
    • Big Ole Club

      Ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on Texas Toast and seriously piled high.
    • BLT

      House favorite. Bacon and lots of it. Lettuce, tomato, and mayo served on Texas Toast.
    • Philly Cheesesteak

      Chopped beef with onions and mushrooms on a hoagie roll topped with provolone cheese.
    • Mexican Philly

      The same song as above, but this one is topped with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos.

    • Teriyaki Bowl

      If you're looking for something light and healthy, then you gotta try this! Nice combination of rice, broccoli and your choice of grilled chicken or shrimp tossed in Teriyaki sauce.
    • Nawlins Style Shrimp Po-Boy*

      Shredded lettuce, tomato, and a homemade remoulade sauce. Loaded with fried shrimps. Best of the Best. Also, try it as a wrap.
    • Shrimp Platter

      Steamed Cajun or Deep Fried Shrimps that come with a big ole pile of famous Sharky’s fries. + AVAILABLE TILL 1 AM
    • Looeezeeana Gumbo

      Bowl of classic New Orleans Gumbo. Chicken, sausage, rice, and the Holy Trinity.