Redheaded Stranger

Redheaded Stranger

Americana • Tex-Mex • Nuevo México

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Ubicación y horario de atención

305 Arrington St, Nashville, TN 37207
Domingo - Martes
10:00 a. m. - 09:30 p. m.
Jueves - Sábado
10:00 a. m. - 09:30 p. m.

305 Arrington St, Nashville, TN 37207 • Más información

Apertura: Jueves, 10:00 AM

  • Tacos

    • #1 Bacon, Egg and Cheese Taco

      #1 Gifford's Bacon, Tater Tots, Scrambled Egg, and Cheddar Taco. Served on house made flour tortillas.
    • #2 Chorizo Breakfast Taco

      #2 Eggs, Chorizo, Sour Cream, and Cheddar, Served on a house made flour tortilla.
    • #3 Chicken Taco

      #3 Shredded Chicken, Refried Beans, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Fresh Jalapeno on a house made flour tortilla
    • #4 Bean and Cheese Taco

      #4 Refried beans, Dr. Pepper Hot sauce and American cheese on a house made flour tortilla
    • #5 Barbacoa Taco

      Shredded beef, black beans, pico de gallo and Monterrey Jack Cheese. Served on a house made flour tortilla
    • #6 Tater Tot Taco

      #6 Tater Tot, Jalapeno Crema, Red Hatch Chiles, and American Cheese. Served on a house made flour tortilla.
    • #7 Smoked Brisket Taco

      #7 Chopped Brisket, Caramelized Onion, American Cheese, and Dr Pepper Hot Sauce Served on a house made flour tortilla.
    • #8 Whipped Feta Taco

      Whipped feta, crispy rice, a roasted poblano pepper and dreamweaver hot sauce wrapped in a house made flour tortilla
    • #9 Pulled Pork Taco

      #9 Shredded pork, white onion, cilantro, jack cheese, and jalapeno hot sauce on a house made flour tortilla
  • Mains

    • RHS Burrito

      Chorizo, pork green chile sauce, pepperjack, crispy potatoes, and scrambled eggs served in a house made flour tortilla.
    • Green Chile Cheeseburger

      Chopped hatch chiles, American cheese, Gifford's bacon, ranch, martin's potato roll. We can take away any ingredients on here, but will not be able to add any additional items. The burgers are cooked through.
    • Queso with Fresh Tortillas

      Cheese dip mixed with hatch chiles and tomato. Served with 3 house made flour tortillas Please not this does not come with chips. We do not serve tortillas chips.
    • Frito Pie

      Texas red chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.
      Vegan and Gluten Free
    • Totchos

      Spiced tater tots topped with black beans, queso, jalapeno and sour cream
    • Kids Cheeseburger

      4 oz bear creek beef patty, cooked through, topped with american cheese on a martin's potato roll
    • Kids Quesadilla

      2 flour tortillas filled with cheddar and jack cheese
    • Whipped Feta Crunchwrap

      Whipped feta, pico de gallo, beef chili, hot sauce, cheddar cheese, refried beans, fritos.
  • Sides

    • Side of Refried Beans

      A pint of house made refried beans. (Contains dairy)
    • Black Beans

      A Pint of stewed black beans
    • Side of Mixed Pickles

      Mixture of house made seasonal pickles
    • Spiced Tots with Ranch

      Tater Tots mixed with RHS spice and house made buttermilk ranch
    • Hatch Pork Green Chile

      A pint of our pork green chile. Contains gluten.
    • Dreamweaver Hot sauce

      A 4 ounce squeeze bottle of our fermented habanero hot sauce. Gluten Free
    • Dr. Pepper Hot sauce

      A 4 oz squeeze bottle of our Dr. Pepper Hot Sauce. It's like a spicy BBQ sauce. Gluten Free!
    • Jalapeno Hot Sauce

      A 4 oz squeeze bottle of our Jalapeno Hot Sauce
    • Extra Tortillas

      3 house made flour tortillas
    • Guacamole w/ flour tortillas

      House made guacamole with 3 flour tortillas
    • Texas Red Chili

      Texas red chili made with bear creek beef and topped with cheddar cheese and jalapeno
  • Swag

    • RHS Patch

      An iron on patch with one of our logos
    • RHS Hat

      One size fits all Redheaded Stranger hat