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    Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea: Ann Arbor-Saline
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    Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea: Ann Arbor-Saline

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    Ubicación y horario de atención

    3145 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, Ann Arbor, Mi 48108, Usa,
    Todos los días
    09:00 a. m. - 07:30 p. m.
    $ • Café y té • Desayuno y brunch • Repostería • Café

    3145 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, Ann Arbor, Mi 48108, Usa,  • Más información

    • Featured

      • New! Colombian Esperanza - 12oz bag

        A limited edition holiday coffee packaged in shiny red. Medium-light bodied with nutty, caramel notes & a robust, smoky aroma. Savory yet sweet, silky & smooth. Produced by a Colombian women's collective, we proudly support their strength, persistence & efforts to build a better life. "Esperanza" means "hope" in Spanish. Celebrate hope for the holidays.
      • 4 Breakfast sandwiches and 4 house blend coffees

      • Ginger Lemon & Breakfast Sandwich

    • Specialty Coffee Drinks

      • Creme Caramel

        A delicious caramel coated vanilla latte topped with whipped cream. The perfect mix of sweet and rich.
      • Cocoa Cappuccino

        Espresso, chocolate, and perfectly frothed milk make this a sweet indulgence.
      • Dragon Eye

        A hypnotizing blend of our House coffee and sweetened condensed milk. A tribute to the Year of the Dragon.
      • French Vietnamese Au Lait

        A masterpiece of Sweetwaters’ dark roasted French chicory coffee and sweetened condensed milk. It’s an Asian finish to a French coffee.
    • Classics

      • Cappuccino

        One, two, or three shots of espresso gently blended with foamed milk. A tasty treat that’s sure to warm your heart.
      • Latte

        Espresso combined with nice, hot milk and a whole latte love.
      • Mocha

      • Red Eye

        Need more caffeine than a cup of joe? A shot of espresso gives this drink a jolt.
      • Espresso

        Choose between our bold 4|12 espresso or our premium European style, smooth Abianno espresso.
      • Americano

        One part Sweetwaters coffee. One part hot water. Two parts perfection.
      • House Blend Coffee

    • Cold Brew

      • Straight Up Cold Brew

        Brewed 18 hours for a smoother and sweeter cold brew coffee.
      • Dreamy Cold Brew

        Straight up cold brew, vanilla, and cream.
      • Dirty Cold Brew

        Straight up cold brew, espresso, chocolate, and cream.
      • Dreamy Cold Brew Kit

        Sit, Sip, and Dream! Six bottles of our signature Cold Brew. Plus vanilla syrup & heavy cream. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up. A great option for guest looking to stock up for the week or going on trips!
    • Specialty Tea Drinks

      • Ginger Lemon Tea (HOT)

        A zesty, all-natural, herbal infusion made with ginger, lemon, and honey.
      • Matcha Latte

        Matcha green tea from Japan, combined with frothy milk and vanilla.
      • Chai Latte

        Sweet and spicy blend of organic black tea, honey, vanilla, and spices mixed with milk. Try a soy milk version.
      • Thai Iced Tea

        A blend of black tea, vanilla, and cinnamon poured over ice and topped with half & half.
      • Iced Tea

      • Iced Tea Lemonade

    • Premium Loose Leaf Teas

      • Dragon Pearl Jasmine

        Rolled tea tips dried amidst jasmine blossoms.
      • Emerald Matcha Blend

        Matcha blended with green tea and roasted rice.
      • Winter Blossom

        Hint of mint and spice with our dragon pearl jasmine tea.
      • Earl Grey

        Flavored with 100% real bergamot.
      • Greek Mint

        Smooth and buttery.
    • Select Loose Leaf Teas

      • Jasmine

      • Pomegrante Green

      • Japanese Sencha

      • Iron Goddess

      • Cinnamon Spice

      • English Breakfast

      • Imperial Black

      • Passion Fruit

      • Chamomile

      • Mandarin Orange Rooibos

    • Ice Dragons

      • Mocha Ice Dragon

        A luxurious Dragon wrapped in chocolate, espresso, cream, and ice with a finishing touch of whipped cream.
      • Coffee Ice Dragon

        Espresso, cream, ice, and whipped cream merge to make this Dragon really roar.
      • Caramel Ice Dragon

        The sweetest Dragon of them all—caramel, espresso, cream, and ice blended and topped with whipped cream.
      • Matcha Ice Dragon

        Matcha green tea, milk, sweet cream, and whip. Frozen and refreshing.
      • Strawberry Bliss

        Real strawberries, yogurt, and vanilla cream blended into the perfect frozen treat. (coffee-free)
      • Strawberry Lemon Freeze

        Fresh strawberries and lemonade adorn our cutest Dragon. Sweet and tart and just in time for summer! (coffee-free)
    • Cool and Creamy Shakes

      • Frappe

        Espresso, milk, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. A Sweetwaters’ classic.
      • Napali Brew

        Inspired by the sandy beaches of Hawaii’s Napali Coast. Get whisked away by vanilla ice cream blended with espresso and hazelnut syrup and topped with whipped cream.
      • Coco Cafe

        The perfect pick-me-up! A shot of espresso, chocolate, creamy vanilla ice cream, and topped with whipped cream.
      • Milkshake

        Classic milkshakes in chocolate or vanilla. For more goodness, ask for it malted!
    • Bubbly, Cold, or Steamy

      • Ginger Fizz

        Our in-house ginger ale. Hand crafted and deliciously refreshing.
      • Lemonade

      • Hot Chocolate

        A classic, rich drink perfect for a snowy day.
      • Steamer

        Milk steamed with a syrup of your choice.
      • Pup Cup

        Real whip over ice - just for your pup!
    • Bottled Drinks

      • Ginger Lemon Bottle

      • Ginger Raspberry Bottle

      • Cold Brew Bottle

      • Perrier

      • Dreamy Cold Brew Kit

        Sit, Sip, and Dream! Six bottles of our signature Cold Brew. Plus vanilla syrup & heavy cream. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up. A great option for guest looking to stock up for the week or going on trips!
      • Global Traveler Bundle

        Calling all Globe the world with our exotic coffees & tea drinks. Invite your friends & pour a bit of the world in each of your cups! This bundle features a 6 bottle assortment of drinks including Dragon Eye, French Vietnamese Au Lait, Imperial Milk Tea, Thai Iced Tea, Chai, and Matcha Latte.
      • Juicy Lemonade Bundle

        Stay cool with juicy lemonades made with real lemon juice & pure cane sugar! This bundle is ideal for families or individuals looking for a refreshing non-caffeinated summer drink. This bundle includes two bottles of regular lemonade, two bottles of raspberry lemonade, and two bottles of blackberry lemonade.
      • Real Iced Tea Bundle

        Iced teas brewed with real tea leaves! Perfectly unsweetened or add a bottle of simple syrup to kiss it with a bit of sweetness! This bundle features an assortment of six bottles including jasmine, mandarin orange rooibos, passion fruit, pomegranate green, and two imperial black iced tea.
    • Pastries

      • Scone

      • Chocolate Joy Nut Bar

        Chunks of chocolate, coconut, butterscotch, and walnuts. A bar of deliciousness.
      • Cookies

      • Bagel

        Classic NYC bagels from the Bronx, NY!
      • Sour Cream Coffee Cake

      • Banana Oat Bread

    • Desserts

      • Lemon Bar

      • 0MG! Chocolate Cake (slice)

        Moist, dark chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and covered in rich chocolate ganache. 0MG!
      • Classic Cheesecake (slice)

      • Enchanted Cupcake

      • Marshmallow Bar

      • Fortune Cookie

      • Brownie

      • Mini French Donut 3-pack

    • Light Fare

      • Mixed Berry Parfait

      • Egg, Cheese, & Bacon Bagel

      • Egg, Cheese, & Ham Bagel

      • Egg & Cheese Bagel

      • Egg, Cheese, & Bacon Biscuit

      • Egg, Cheese, & Ham Biscuit

      • Egg & Cheese Biscuit

      • Club Pretzel Sandwich

        Bacon, turkey, ham & cheese on a warm pretzel bun.
      • Cheese Melt Pretzel Roll

        Gooey cheddar cheese melted between a warm pretzel roll.
      • Ham & Cheddar Pretzel Roll

      • Turkey & Cheddar Pretzel Roll