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    Oh Corn! Arepas and More
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    Oh Corn! Arepas and More

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    Location and hours

    1505 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065
    Sunday - Monday
    Tuesday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
    ¢ • Latin American • Venezuelan • Gluten Free • Allergy Friendly • Local Eats

    1505 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065 • More info

    • Arepas

      • Carne Mechada Arepa

        Lean and shredded beef.
      • Reina Pepiada the Queen Arepa

        Chicken breast tossed with tender avocado, mayonnaise, and cilantro.
      • Pernil Arepa

        Fresh pork leg oven baked in orange juice and red wine.
      • Seasoned Chicken Arepa

        Chicken breast slow cooked in a marinade sauce.
      • Tuna Splash Arepa

        Tuna salad, tomato, peppers, and mayonnaise.
      • Vegetarian Arepa

        Avocado, cheese, black beans, chickpeas, plantain, and heart of palm.
      • Pabellon the King Arepa

        Hearty arepa filled with shredded beef, black beans, and maduros plantain.
      • Veggie Bragger Arepa

        Tasteful combination of mozzarella, tomato and creamy avocado.
      • Arepa Breakfast (Egg)

        Arepa with egg.
      • Crunchy Sweet Arepa

        Savory treat with crunchy bacon, sweet plantain, and soft mozzarella cheese.
    • Cachapas

      • Cachapa Breakfast

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake with eggs.
      • Cheese Cachapa

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with Mozzarella cheese
      • Beef Cachapa

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with prime shredded beef.
      • Chicken Cachapa

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with chicken breast.
      • Pernil Cachapa

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with of pulled pork ham.
      • Cachapa Todo Terreno

        Chicken. Topped with black beans, avocado, tomato, and spinach.
      • Tuna Splash Cachapa

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with signature tuna salad.
      • Cachapa Queen

        Sweet and spongy yellow corn pancake filled with mixed of chicken and avocado.
      • Cachapa Plain

        Yellow sweet corn Cachapa Pancake
    • Sides / Appetizers

      • Yuca Frita

        Fried cassava sticks and paired with a cilantro dip.
      • Tostones

        Double fried green plantain slices.
      • Black Beans Side

        Twelve oz. Venezuelan style.
      • Maduros

        Ripe plantain with a natural sweet taste.
      • Arepitas Fritas with Gouda Cheese

        Small deep fried and crispy arepas filled with gouda cheese.
      • Arepitas Dulces

        Deep fried arepas sweetened with papelon and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.
    • Empanadas y Tequeños

      • Beef Empanada

        Delicious Seasoned ground beef empanada
      • Chicken Empanada

        Delicious seasoned chicken Empanada
      • Ham and Cheese Empanada

        Delicious ham and melted cheese empanada
      • Spinach Empanada

        Seasoned Spinach Empanada
      • Cheese Empanada

        delicious Queso fresco empanadas (Gluten Free)
      • Potato & Beef Empanada

        Delicious empanadas with a filling of mashed potato and beef (gluten free)
      • Potato and Chicken Empanada

        Delicious empanadas with a filling of mashed potato and chicken (gluten free)
      • Cheese Tequeños

        Fried breaded cheese stick or a spear of bread dough with queso fresco stuffed in the middle, the quintessential snack in any Venezuelan party
      • Cheese & Guava Tequeños

        Queso and guava jelly wrapped in wheat dough fried to golden perfection
      • Corn Tequeños (gluten free)

        Delicious queso fresco wrapped on sweet corn dough (gluten free)
    • Sweets and Desserts

      • Tres Leches

      • Creme Brule

      • Tiramisu

      • Flan

        Sold out
    • Fresh Juices and Blends

      • Orange Freshly Squeezed Juice

      • Papelon con Limon Juice

        Lemonade made with fresh sugar cane molasses.
      • Jugo de Parchita

        Passion fruit.
        Sold out
      • Jugo de Mango

      • Guayaba Juice

      • Carrot Orange Juice

      • Pineapple Juice

      • Jugo de Papaya

      • Tres en Uno Juice

        A blend of carrots, beets, and oranges.
      • Beet Orange Juice

    • Beverage

      • Malta Goya

      • Bottled Water

      • Diet Coke®

        Diet Cola
      • Dr Pepper Diet

      • Fanta® Orange

        Orange Soda
      • Sprite®

        Lemon Lime Soda
      • Coca-Cola®

        Coca-Cola Soda
      • Dr Pepper

      • Pepsi

      • Diet Pepsi

    • Breakfast and Lunch

      • Desayuno Criollo

        Two scrambled eggs with two sides to paired.
      • Cachapa Eggs Breakfast

        Cachapa filled with scrambled eggs.
      • Arepa Eggs Breakfast

        Filled with scrambled eggs.
      • Fruits and Leaves Salad

        Mango, strawberry and pineapple over a bed of fresh leaves and raspberry dressing
      • Ensalada Mixta

        Green leaves, tomato, red onion, cucumber, Heart of Palms, kalamata olives and feta cheese with a house dressing
      • Vegan Pabellon

        No meat? No problem! Seasoned Chick Peas, sweet plantains, white rice and a side salad
      • Pabellon Criollo

        The most traditional dish of the Venezuelan cuisine, Shredded beed, black beans, sweet plantains and white rice