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    Georgios Cafe International
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    Georgios Cafe International

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    Location and hours

    426 N Superior St, Toledo, OH 43604
    Monday - Friday
    11:30 AM - 01:30 PMMenu
    05:30 PM - 07:30 PMMenu
    05:30 PM - 07:30 PMMenu
    ¢ • Seafood • American • Southern

    426 N Superior St, Toledo, OH 43604 • More info

    • Lunch Soups & Salads

      • Shrimp Salad

      • Crock French Onion au Gratin

      • House Greek Salad

      • Spinach with Mushrooms

    • Lunch Specialties

      • Chicken Fettuccine

        Tender breast of chicken served with our homemade fettuccine and sauce, with fresh vegetables.
      • Pastitio

        Served with fresh vegetable.
      • Lasagna

        Served with fresh vegetable.
      • Lamb Shanks

        With rice and fresh vegetable.
      • Broiled Chicken Breast

        Breast of chicken broiled to perfection and served with fresh vegetable of the day and potato.
      • Pepper Steak

        An 8 oz prime strip steak grilled to your order with coarse pepper and served with fresh vegetables and potato.
      • Mousaka

        Served with fresh vegetable.
      • Seafood Fettuccine

        Fresh shrimp and fish over homemade fettuccine noodles and georgio's light cream sauce plus fresh vegetables.
    • Dinner Appetizers

      • Grape Leaves

        Traditional old world recipe homemade with premium ground beef and rice.
      • Gulf Shrimp

        Superior ocean garden brand jumbo shrimp perfectly sauteed in garlic butter and sherry.
      • Fresh Octopus

        Tender saltwater octopus marinated in a classic balsamic vinegar sauce.
      • Escargot

        Imported from France and sauteed with white wine and selected herbs.
      • Portabella Mushrooms

        Fresh mushrooms sauteed with a memorable cream and garlic sauce.
      • Haloumi Cheese

        Imported from Cyprus our homeland, sauteed to perfection and absolutely delicious.
    • Dinner Soups

      • Crock of Homemade Onion Soup au Gratin

      • Georgio's Classic Lobster Bisque

    • Dinner Salads

      • Organic Spinach Salad

        Salad with tender spinach and served with hard-boiled egg and mushroom slices.
      • Georgio's Famous Greek Salad

        Imported feta cheese, onions, olives, beets, tomatoes, cucumberand lettuce with vinaigrette dressing.
    • Dinner Entrees

      • Veal Georgio's Tender Filets

        Wisconsin farm raised veal sauteed with shrimp in a delicious, lemonand garlic sauce.
      • Beef Tournedos

        Two prime tenderloin filets sauteed to perfection in red wine and mushroom sauce.
      • Veal Chop

        Large grass-fed Wisconsin prime veal chop cooked to order and topped with an assortment of wild mushrooms.
      • Vegetable Pasta el Tonde

        Homemade pasta and a wonderful all-organic mix of fresh vegetables served with georgio's marinara sauce.
      • New York Strip

        12 oz prime cut Angus beef broiled to your preferred temperature and served with crushed garlic.
      • Georgio's Veal Piccata

        Tender Wisconsin veal filets sauteed with white wine, mushroom caper lemonand garlic sauce.
      • Chicken Fettuccine

        Free range chicken and homemade fettuccine in a classic Alfredo sauce.
      • Baby Spring Lamb Chops

        Two thick domestic lamb chops broiled to your order with georgio's special.
      • Chicken Breast Georgio's

        Tender breast of free range chicken with shrimp and sauteed with white wine, capers and garlic.