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    Fusian (Toledo)

    Fusian (Toledo)

    $$ • Sushi • Japanese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Healthy • Rice-bowls • Family Meals • Vegetarian Friendly • Gluten Free Friendly

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    Location and hours

    3504 Secor Roadsuite 305, Toldedo, OH 43606
    Sunday - Thursday
    10:00 AM - 09:30 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    3504 Secor Roadsuite 305, Toldedo, OH 43606 • More info

    Opens Thursday 10:00 AM


      • tonkotsu ramen

        rich and savory tonkotsu (pork) broth, over ramen noodles, sliced pork belly, radish, pickled shitake mushrooms, diced scallion, chili paste, and a shredded nori garnish
      • coconut curry bowl

        our winter favorite has returned: coconut curry broth over rice and your choice of protein, with edamame, sweet pepper, red onion, sweet potato, diced green onions, + topped with sesame seeds, sesame chili flake, and sesame oil drizzle
      • curry miso ramen

        a hybrid of our coconut curry and miso soup, over ramen noodles, with shelled edamame, diced green onion, pickled ginger, chili paste, + topped with a sesame oil drizzle
      • miso ramen

        miso soup, but make it ramen! miso broth over ramen noodles, with yellow corn, diced green onion, chili paste, and your choice of protein
    • sushi rolls

      • custom sushi roll

        choose from our unique ingredient selections + create your own roll from start-to-finish
      • spicy tuna*

        nori, wild caught Ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, scallion, spicy mayo + sesame seed
      • spicy salmon*

        Norwegian salmon, carrot, cream cheese, scallion, spicy mayo, + sesame seed
      • california

        inside-out roll w/ crab, avocado, cucumber, sweet soy, + sesame seed
      • spring chicken

        soy wrap, roasted chicken, cucumber, cream cheese, scallion, spicy mayo, sweet soy, + tempura crunch
      • philly roll*

        inside-out roll w/ smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, red onion, + everything bagel spice
      • roasted salmon crunch

        inside-out roll w/ roasted salmon, carrot, cucumber, scallion, avocado, chili-ponzu, tempura crunch + sesame seed
      • crispy shrimp

        inside-out roll w/ tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, sweet soy, + tempura crunch
      • surf + turf

        inside-out roll w/ braised steak, crab, asparagus, cucumber, wasabi mayo, yakisoba sauce, + sesame chili flake
      • pb + j

        soy wrap, white rice, peanut butter, + grape jelly
    • rice bowls

      • custom rice bowl

        choose from our unique ingredient selections + create your own bowl from start-to-finish
      • tuna poké*

        wild caught Ahi tuna, cucumber, red onion, + edamame tossed w/ house dressing, served over white rice w/ avocado, scallion, + sesame seed
      • chicken + rice

        roasted chicken, cucumber, sweet pepper, carrot, tossed w/ creamy togarashi + house dressing, served over white rice w/ scallion, tempura crunch + sesame seed
      • roasted salmon bowl

        our savory roasted salmon, in a rice bowl, with carrots, sweet pepper, cucumber, + topped with chili ponzu, sesame seeds, + scallions
      • spicy salmon poke

        Norwegian salmon on a rice bowl, with carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers, + topped with SPICY creamy togarashi, sesame-soy house dressing, sesame seeds, scallions, + seven spice
      • salmon poke

        Norwegian salmon on a rice bowl, with red onion, cucumber, edamame, avocado, + topped with house dressing, sesame seeds, + scallions
      • spicy shrimp bowl

        crispy tempura shrimp in a rice bowl, with sweet peppers, red onions, mango, + mixed with spicy mayo, sweet soy, + topped with sesame seeds, crunch, + scallions
      • philly bowl

        smoked salmon on a rice bowl, with jalapeno, red onion, cream cheese, + topped with sesame soy house dressing, everything bagel spice, and scallions
    • salad bowls

      • custom salad bowl

        choose from our fresh ingredient selections + create your own salad from start-to-finish
      • salmon superfood

        chopped kale, roasted salmon, carrot, asparagus, + sweet pepper, tossed w/ chili-ponzu dressing + topped w/ scallion, + sesame seed
      • tofu thai crunch

        mixed greens, roasted tofu, carrot, cucumber, sweet pepper, edamame, tossed w/ Thai peanut dressing, scallion, + tempura crunch
    • sides

      • cucumber salad

        freshly cut cucumber seasoned with our house-made togarashi vinaigrette made with sushi vinegar, sesame seed, and sesame chili flake - vegan and gluten free
      • seaweed salad

        Our traditional seaweed salad seasoned with sesame oil and vinegar dressing. Topped with sesame seeds and a carrot garnish - vegan
      • carrot-ginger salad

        romaine lettuce, carrot and a house-made carrot-ginger dressing - vegan and gluten free
      • edamame

        steamed soy beans with a shake of sea salt - vegan and gluten free
      • spicy edamame

        steamed soy beans tossed with our house-made sweet + spicy sauce - vegan
      • miso soup

        our traditional miso served with wakame, silken tofu and green onion - vegan and gluten free
      • side of rice

        want a little extra rice? get 8oz of cooked rice
      • strawberry sticky rice

        our Thai-inspired dessert: coconut rice mixed with chocolate chips, + topped with fresh agave strawberries
    • beverages

      • Kombucha (Circle)

        a traditional raw, delicious beverage from Circle Kombucha. seasonally rotating flavors.
      • La Croix (pamplemousse)

        Pamplemousse: French for "grapefruit"
      • Topo Chico

        zero calorie carbonated mineral water. bottled at the source in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895.
      • Boxed Water

        boxed water is better.
      • Mexican Coke

        a classic cola sweetened with real cane sugar
        Sold out
      • Diet Coke

    • family meal kits

      • tuna poke

        kit includes cucumber, red onion, avocado, shelled edamame, Ahi tuna, sesame-soy house dressing, scallions, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, wasabi, + ginger.
      • chicken teriyaki stir fry

        kit includes yellow pepper, red pepper, red onion, carrots, roasted chicken, minced garlic, sweet soy, sesame oil, scallions, + sesame seeds
      • tofu thai peanut stir fry

        kit includes yellow pepper, red pepper, red onion, carrots, roasted tofu, thai peanut sauce, sesame oil, scallions, + sesame seeds *gluten-free + vegan
      • sushi rollling kit (premium)

        roll sushi at home! everything you need to make your own maki rolls (4 rolls)! includes white rice, seaweed wraps, TWO proteins of choice, carrots, cucumber, AVOCADO, an EXTRA produce item, sauce of choice, crunch, sesame seeds, wasabi, ginger, bamboo rolling mat, + recipe card w/ link to instructional video
    • go green?

      • skip the napkins

      • skip the soy sauce packets