Rustic Canyon

$$ • New American • Salads • Seafood • Desserts
Opens at 5:30 PM
  • Snacks

  • Cold Starters

  • Hot Starters

  • Entrees

  • Drinks

  • Desserts


marinated olives
fennel seed, orange peel & garlic
US$ 10.00
toasted marcona almonds
dusted in lavender sugar
US$ 10.00
milo and olive bread
house cultured butter & enzo's olive oil
US$ 8.00

Cold Starters

farmers market lettuces
radish, herbs, black pepper & shallot vinaigrette
US$ 19.00
coleman's green beans & baby peppers
romesco, bay blue cheese & marcona almond
US$ 21.00
beets & berries
anson mills farro, avocado & pistachio
US$ 23.00
apple panzanella
grilled bread, walnut & amish cheddar
US$ 23.00

Hot Starters

garnet yams
garlic butter, celery, pickled onion, aioli & za'atar
US$ 22.00
pozole verde
mussels, hominy, radish & tortilla
US$ 25.00
buttered ricotta dumplings
beech mushrooms & neal's yard coolea cheese
US$ 24.00
honey nut squash
farmer's cheese, pomegranate, sour honey & salsa seca
US$ 23.00
short rib, mulled wine, woody herbs & mimolette
US$ 28.00


grass-fed hanger steak
served with farmer's market potatoes, salsa verde & lemon
US$ 48.00
roasted autonomy farms 1/2 chicken
served with farmer's market potatoes, salsa verde & lemon
US$ 42.00
market fish
served with farmer's market potatoes, salsa verde & lemon
US$ 46.00


mexican coke
12 oz bottle
US$ 6.00
diet coke
8 oz bottle
US$ 4.50
12 oz bottle
US$ 6.00
mountain valley sparkling water
1 liter bottle
US$ 10.00


chocolate pavlova
malted diplomat cream & hazelnut
US$ 15.00
apple crumble pie
chiddam wheat, whey caramel & whip
US$ 15.00
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