The Perc Coffeehouse

$ • Coffee and Tea
30–40 (na) minuto
  • Coffee

  • Non-Coffee

  • Espresso Bar

  • Food Offerings


Cold Brew
Batch brewed iced coffee.
US$ 4.50
12 oz Drip Coffee
Batch brewed house blend coffee.
US$ 2.75
16 oz Drip Coffee
US$ 3.50
Joe To Go
96 oz. container to go. Purchase comes with a bag of sugars, cups, lids, and cream.
US$ 20.00


Hot Cocoa
US$ 3.50
Chai Latte
US$ 4.75
Iced Tea
US$ 3.00
Hot Tea
US$ 3.00

Espresso Bar

US$ 3.50
US$ 4.00
Cappuccino 8oz
US$ 4.00
Latte 12oz
US$ 4.75
Americano 12oz
US$ 3.50
Long Black 8oz
US$ 3.50

Food Offerings

Ham and Cheese Croissant
US$ 5.00
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
US$ 7.50
Chicken Salad Sandwich
US$ 7.25
Sausage/Egg/Cheese Biscuit
US$ 7.25
Yogurt Fruit Parfait
Granola, fruit, and greek yogurt.
US$ 4.50
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