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Sate and Sambal Kacang
Sate and peanut sauce served with a mix of chicken, beef, and pork.
A$ 15.95
Perkedel Jagung (V)
Sweet corn fritters with green papaya salad.
A$ 15.50
Ayam Sayur
Poached chicken salad, peanuts, mango, beans, coriander, mint, and coconut dressing.
A$ 17.00
Lawar Udang
Warm prawn and green bean salad.
A$ 18.50
Gedang Mekuah
Green papaya soup with diced fish.
A$ 9.90
Soto Ayam
Chicken soup with glass noodle, vegetables, chilli, and crispy shallots.
A$ 9.90


Nasi Goreng
Fried rice with chicken, mixed sates, fish fillet and sunny side up egg.
A$ 22.50
Mie Goreng
Fried noodles with chicken, mixed sates, fish fillet and sunny side up egg.
A$ 22.50
Pecelan (V)
Gado Gado. Assorted blanched vegetables with peanut sauce.
A$ 18.90
Be Sampi Mebase Bali
Braised beef in coconut milk.
A$ 27.90
Be Celeng Base Manis
Pork in sweet soya sauce.
A$ 27.90
Kambing Mekuah
Balinese lamb stew with cardamon and coriander.
A$ 29.50
Bebek Kalas
Braised duck curry with green papaya.
A$ 31.90
Be Siap Base Kalas
Balinese chicken curry.
A$ 27.90
Balung Babi Mepanggang
BBQ pork ribs.
A$ 33.90
Sayur Kalas (V)
Spiced vegetable curry with peanuts.
A$ 19.90
Tahu Kalas (V)
Fried bean curd tofu, mushroom and snow peas in turmeric sauce.
A$ 20.90

Seafood Selection

Sambel Udang
Prawns with chillies and lime and tomatoes in coconut cream.
A$ 29.50
Ikan Bali
Grilled fish fillet in sweet and spicy chilli, tomato, and soya sauce.
A$ 29.90
Hasil Laut Bumbu Kuning
Assorted seafood braised in yellow coconut milk.
A$ 28.90
Pesan Be Pasih
Marinated fish of the day grilled in banana leaf.
A$ 28.50
Hasil Laut Panggang
Marinated and grilled prawns, squid, and fish fillets cooked with yellow rice.
A$ 34.90


Coconut pancakes served with condiments.
A$ 11.50

Single-Use Items

🌿If you need cutlery, straws or napkins, please order them from the category called 'Single-use Items' 🌿
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