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Lighter Fare

Just Made Ricotta, Asian Pears & Hazelnut Toast
House made ricotta on toasted whole wheat bread, K&J pears, hazelnut, aleppo chili, wildflower honey, and lemon zest.
US$ 7.00
Avocado Toast
Whole wheat bread, avocado, mousse, various radishes, flaky salt, and lemon zest.
US$ 8.25
House Made and Freshly Cultured Yogurt
Black cardamom, citrus granola, wildflower honey, seasonal marmalade, and morning market fruit.
US$ 8.50

Further More

Pressed Breakfast Burrito
House made chorizo, soft scrambled eggs, cilantro, seared crimini mushrooms, charred scallions, and swiss cheese.
US$ 10.50
House Baked Brioche French Toast
Farmer’s market asian pears, toasted cashews, lemon zest, five spiced maple syrup & whipped crème fraîche
US$ 13.00
Overnight Oatmeal
Coconut milk, honey, zante currants, toasted hazelnuts, seeds, and spice.
US$ 7.50
Classic Breakfast
Two eggs, choice of one meat, spiced potato hash, a side of market greens & brioche toast
US$ 14.00
Early Spring Soft Scramble
Bloomsdale spinach, seared fennel, young tokyo turnips, aged parmesan & chives. Served with our spiced potato hash & a small side of greens.
US$ 14.00

Something on the Side

Nueske’s Hot Smoked Bacon
US$ 4.00
House Made, Smokey Chorizo Sausage
US$ 4.00
Two Eggs
Cage-free eggs, any style.
US$ 3.00
Berbere Spiced Potato Hash
US$ 3.50
Fresh Local Avocado
US$ 3.00
Fruit From the Ferry Building Market
US$ 6.50
Just baked brioche and our marmalade
US$ 3.50
Small side salad with local lettuces
US$ 5.00