Rick's Reef (St Pete Beach)

Rick's Reef (St Pete Beach)

$ • Burgers • American • Sandwiches
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Location and hours

6712 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
07:00 AM - 12:00 PMBreakfast
09:00 AM - 09:30 AMBreakfast
08:00 AM - 01:00 AMMenu
Monday - Friday
09:00 AM - 09:30 AMBreakfast
08:00 AM - 01:00 AMMenu
07:00 AM - 12:00 PMBreakfast
09:00 AM - 09:30 AMBreakfast
08:00 AM - 01:00 AMMenu

6712 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 • More info


    • Nawlins

      Grits, blackened onions, peppers shrimp and andouille sausage
    • Southern

      Grits, smoked pulled pork, fried jalapeños, corn, onions, and peppers drizzled with bbq sauce
    • BBQ Shrimp and asiago grits

      Best anywhere! 6 bbq shrimp placed on top of Asiago grits with inions straws and chives
    • Mexican Border

      Grits, chorizo, corn, onions, peppers, cilantro, fresh sliced jalapeños, and mixed cheese.
    • All American

      Grits, ham, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers and mixed cheese
    • RFC (Rick's Fried Chicken)

      Grits, fried chicken tenders, onions, peppers, corn, and mixed cheese topped wiht sausage gravy
    • Pancakes Stacks

      3 large pancakes
    • Chocolate chip Pancakes

    • Flavor of the day

    • Elvis Pancakes

      Pancakes with peanut butter, fried bananas and bacon
    • Biscuits n Gravy

      Two large biscuits covered in our homemade sausage gravy
    • Challah french toast

    • Banana Fosters Challah french toast

    • Waffle

    • Homemade chicken and waffles

      Homemade waffles and captain crunch fried chicken
  • Eggs/ Ben-Addiction

    • Traditional Benedict

      Ham topped with hollandaise sauce.
    • Redneck Benedict

      Sausage wopped with sausage gravy
    • Farmer Benedict

      Bacon topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Bird-Brain Benedict

      Turkey and slice tomatoes topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Florentine Benedict

      Spinach and sliced tomatoes topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Crabby Benedict

      Crab cakes topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Royale Benedict

      Salmon, Spinach, red oniond, and sliced tomatoes topped with capers and hollandaise sauce
    • Deep South Benedict

      Smoked pulled pork and fried onion straws topped wiht bbq sauce
    • South of the Border

      Chorizo, pico, and salsa topped with jalapeños
    • Texas Benedict

      Steak, fried onions and jalapeños topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Florida Native Benedict

      Grouper, sliced tomatoes and spinach topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Shelly Benedict

      Soft shell crab, Spinach, and tomatoes topped with hollandaise sauce
    • Irish benedict

      Our homemade corned beef hash topped wiht hollandaise sauce

    • Mile High Meatloaf

      Generous portion of meatloaf stacked high with mashed potatoes and topped with brown gravy, choice of one Side
    • Fresh Mahi or grouper Dinner

      Grilled, blackened, or even fried! Served with two sides
    • Jumbo fried shrimp

      Jumbo shrimp beer battered and fried to a golden brown. Served with two sides.
    • Coconut Shrimp

      8 homemade coconut shrimp served with orange marmalade sauce. Served with two sides.
    • Chicken tenders

      Fried chicken strips served with two sides.
    • Fajitas

      Choose from Mahi, grouper, chicken, shrimp, or steak. Served with warm tortillas, onions & peppers, fresh pico de gallo, lettuce, and sour cream.
    • Fresh Salmon

      A healthy choice! Grilled or blackened. Served with two sides.
    • Crab Stuffed grouper

      Stuffed with lump, claw, and jumbo lump crab meat. Served with two sides.
    • Crab cakes

      Two Maryland style crab cakes frsh made in house with lump, claw and jumbo crab meat. Served with two sides
    • Scallop Dinner

      1/2 lb. scallops grilled, blackened or fried. Served with two sides.
    • Fried Clam Strips

      Breaded clams fried to perfection. Served with two sides.
    • Smoked Ribs Dinner

      A half rack of fresh smoked in house pork ribs. Served with two sides

    • Cheesy

      Provolone, gouda, American, swiis, jack and cheddar
    • Western

      Ham, onions, pepper, and mixed cheese
    • Veggie Omelet

      Spinach, Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and mixed cheese
    • Greek

      Tomatoes, spinach, feta, kalamata olives and onions.
    • Mexican

      Chorizo, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, mixed cheese and salsa
    • Philly

      Shaved ribeye, onions, peppers, mushrooms and provolone cheese
    • Florida

      Choose mahi, grouper, or shrimp with spinach, tomatoes, onions and mixed cheese
    • Sponge Bob

      Crab stuffed with onions peppers and mixed cheese

    • BBQ Cinnamon Roll

      Our fresh smoked pulled pork rolled in a huge cinnamon roll, baked fresh, and topped with more pulled pork, icing and bbq sauce. Sweet n savory
    • breakfast Nacho Skillet

      Waffles, chorizo, cilantro, eggs, bacon mixed cheese, jalapeños, sour cream and salsa.
  • 3 EGGS

    • Avocado Toast

      French slices of avocado on multigrain toast with arugula, sliced tomatoes, eggs and feta cheese. Served with home fries.
    • Corned Beef Hash

      Homemade corned beef hash, 3 eggs and toast.
    • Country Fried Steak and Eggs

      Served with 3 eggs, home fries and toast
    • The Reef

      3 eggs, bacon, home fries and toast
    • Steak 'N Eggs

      French cut steak, 3 eggs, home fries, and toast
    • The Handheld Reef

      3 eggs, cheese served with home fries

    • Mussels

      1lb. of Mussels- Gralic white wine and butter or marinara
    • Lobsta Fries

      Garlic butter and parsley fries topped with lobster, Old bay and a garlic lemon aoli.
    • Oysters

      We only carry the freshest oysters so availability is sometimes limited
    • Scallop Appetizer

      1/2 lb. of sea scallpos grilled, blackened or fried
    • Peel N Eat Shrimp

      1/2 lb shrimp seasoned with lemon and old bay. Served hot or cold.
    • Onions Rings

      Beer battered and fried to a golden brown. Served wurg our hommade shark sauce.
    • BLT Bites

      3 small flour tortillas filled with bacon, lettuce and tomato. Served with key lime mustard
    • Calamari

      Calamari floured and fried perfectly. Served with amrinara sauce.
    • Coconut shrimp

      6 homemade coconut shrimp served with an orange marmalade sauce
    • Pot Stickers

      Pork filled dumplings fried or beer steamed. Served with teriyaki sauce.
    • Smoked Fish Spread

      Smoked in the backyard and freshly made in house.
    • Potao Skins

      4 Large skin loaded with mixed cheese, feta, bacon, and pico de gallo. Served with sour cream.
    • Buffalo Shrimp

      8 jumbpo Shrimp beer battered and fried. Tossed in your choice of wing sauce.
    • Reef shrimp

      Large shrimp sauteed in white wine, capers and a herb lemon garlic butter. Served with toast points.
    • Gator Bites

      Fresh gator fried or Cajun style. Served with shark s auce.
    • Mac of All Cheeses

      Made with smoked Gouda, chedda and parmesan cheese. Served with points.
    • Buffalo Wings

      One pound of wings (bone in or boneless)
    • Jalapeños Corn Fritters

      Served with sharked sauce or Thai chili sauce
    • Quesadillas

      Choose from chicken steak, shrimp, or veggie stuffed with four cheeses and bacon. Served with pico de gallo and sour cream.
    • Smoked Ribs

      a half rack of fresh smoked in house pork ribs
    • Crab cake

      A single Maryland style crab cake served with shark sauce
    • Filler on a stick

      fresh beef tips seasoned, grilled and skewered. Served with toast points and cherry peppers.

    • Grouper Reuben

      Grilled rye bread grouper, swiis cheese, saukraut and homemade Russian dressing.
    • Fresh Grouper

      Grilled Blackened, fried, or buffalo served on a Kaiser roll
    • Fish Tacos

      Fresh Mahi grilled or blackened served on 2 flour tortillas with mixed cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo
    • Fresh mahi

      Fresh MahiMahi grilled or blackened served on a kaiser roll
    • Baja Tacos

      Fresh Mahi grilled or blackened served in 2 flour tortillas with Baja sauce, cabbage and cilantro mix, mixed cheese and dices toatoes
    • Chicken Sandwich

      grilled, blackened, fried. Served on a Kaiser roll
    • Buffalo chicken

      Mild, medium, or hot buffalo chicken on a Kaiser roll topped with blue cheese crumbles, lettuce and tomato
    • The Burger

      8oz groundbeef burger cooked to perfection.
    • Smothered meatloaf

      A generous portion of our meatloaf grilled and served on a Kaiser roll
    • Chicken Phily

      Grilled strips of chicken topped with peppers, onions, and provolone cheese served on a toasted hoagie.
    • Club Sandwich

      Smoked turkey ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion served on three slices of Texas toast
    • The Big Dipper

      Shaved rib-eye topped with provolone cheese, served on a toasted hoagie.