Chop Chop Shop

Chop Chop Shop

$ • Korean • Asian • BBQ
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Location and hours

4603 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604
05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Monday - Tuesday
Wednesday - Saturday
05:00 PM - 10:00 PM

4603 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604 • More info

  • SPECIALTIES (no substitution on base)

    • S5. Mrs. Miyagi

      Mince-meat (seasoned beef, pork and/or chicken) topped with chopped pork katsu and scallions + wasabi-mayo-mustard sauce, cukes, and rgg threads with Japanese crunchy pickles(kyurizuke) on white rice
    • S6. Chanko-don

      Shop Sauce chicken, Sichuan Beef(SPICY), salt&pepper pork belly 1pcs , bok choy and pickles on white rice
    • S2. BK Hot Noodles

      Hot noodles with BK Sauce and Sichuan beef, cucumber and egg threads. SPICY!!!!
    • S1. Chop Chop Dandan

      Dry style Shanghai noodles with minced meat, crushed peanuts, scallions, Sichuan chili oil, ginger soy, chili vinegar, and blanched bok choy. Mix before eating. SPICY!!!
    • S3. Sichuan Beef

      Sliced chilled beef w/ ginger soy, chili vinegar, Sichuan chili oil, fresh ginger and scallions, crushed peanuts, and bok choy on white rice. SPICY!!!!
    • S4. Katsu-don

      Pork katsu + Bull dog Sauce and Japanese "kakuni" dashi braised pork belly with bok choy, and pickles on white rice
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DONBURI (more coming soon) Choose MEAT & SAUCE. Add VEG? Add fried egg (+$2.23, sunny side up ONLY)/Veg +$0.86 (blanched bok choy)/ 2pc CRispy Pork Belly +$4.48. Garnished w/sesame seeds and pickles on white rice (or egg noodles +$2.23)

    • D3. Chicken Katsu

      Panko breaded chicken breast
    • D6. Crispy Tofu (V, G)

      Crispy tofu cutlet
    • D4. Pork katsu

      Panko breaded pork loin
    • D1. Chicken-don

      Grilled roasted chicken
    • D5. Pork Belly

      Seared salt pepper pork belly
    • D7. Shrimp

      Grilled lemon pepper shrimp
    • D2. Crispy Chicken

      Marinated and fried crispy
  • Beverages

    • Asian Soda Lychee

    • Calpico Soda Can

      Japanese carbonated soft drink
    • Calpico Lychee Drink

      Japanese non carbonated soft drink, 500 ml. Contains milk
    • Calpico Mango Drink

      Japanese non carbonated drink, 500 ml. contains milk
  • SIDES/SMALLS (sandos & more coming soon)

    • M6. Side of Noodles

      Portion of kansui noodles
    • M7. Side of rice

    • M1. Gomae Bok Choy

      Blanched bok choy with black sesame sauce
    • M3. Cucumber-wakame salad

      Japanese cucumber seaweed salad
    • M2. Carrot Threads

      Viet style pickled carrots
    • M4. Kyuri Pickles (kyurizuke)

      Crunchy Japanese pickles (tsukemono)
    • M5. Spicy Beef Tendon

      Braised, chilled, sliced and tossed with Sichuan chili oil