Crave Grounds

$$ • Coffee and Tea • Breakfast and Brunch
Opens at 7:00 AM
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Most Popular

Caffe Latte
US$ 2.99
Half Dozen Frosted Donut
US$ 6.91
Single Frosted Donut
US$ 1.10
Crave Cappuccino
12 oz
US$ 3.20
Strawberry-Banana, Mango, Peach, Peach-Mango, Wild Berry.
US$ 4.59

Hot Drinks

Caffe Latte
US$ 3.15
Fresh Brewed Coffee
US$ 2.00
US$ 2.30
Crave Cappuccino
12 oz.
US$ 3.10
US$ 2.49
Any chocolate.
US$ 3.70
Caramel Mocha
With any chocolate.
US$ 4.00
Caramel Macchiato
US$ 4.00
Dirty Chai Latte
US$ 3.79
Chai Latte
Espresso free.
US$ 3.60
Hot Chocolate
US$ 2.79
Daily Hot Tea
US$ 2.49
Custom Brew Hot Tea
16 oz.
US$ 3.99

Hot and Fresh Mini Donuts

Single Sugared Round
US$ 0.95
Half Dozen Sugared Rounds
US$ 4.90
One Dozen Sugared Rounds
US$ 9.15
Single Frosted Round
We also have Mocha, Banana, Orange, and Raspberry. Please add this to all the frosted rounds
US$ 1.20
Half Dozen Frosted Rounds
US$ 6.40
One Dozen Frosted Rounds
US$ 12.15
Single Crave Round
US$ 1.35
Half Dozen Crave Rounds
US$ 7.50
One Dozen Crave Rounds
US$ 13.95

Iced Drinks

Small Batch Cold Brew
US$ 3.39
Iced Latte
US$ 3.69
Iced Americano
US$ 2.69
Iced Dirty Chai Latte
US$ 4.39
Iced Chai Latte
US$ 4.19
Daily Iced Tea
US$ 2.49
Custom Brew Iced Tea
US$ 3.99

Blended Drinks

US$ 4.80
Frozen Hot Chocolate
US$ 4.40
US$ 4.80
Real Fruit Smoothies
US$ 4.40

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans
US$ 13.95
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