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Most Popular

Risotto di Masitas
Arborio rice with black beans, sweet plantain topped with marinated fried pork, and caramelized onions.
US$ 21.95
Osso Bucco Milanese
Baby veal shank cooked in vegetable ragu sauce with risotto saffron Milanese.
US$ 36.95


Crab Cake
Original Maryland recipe
US$ 13.95
Portobello alla Mamma
Fillet with spinach with provolone in a sun-dried tomato balsamic vinegar
US$ 13.95
Fritto Misto
Squid, shrimp, and scallops fried in canola oil.
US$ 15.95
Grilled Sausages
Argentine-style grilled sausages with French fries and chimichurri sauce
US$ 9.95
Beef Carpaccio
Thin slices of raw beef tenderloin, arugula, capers and shaved parmesan in a lemon mustard aioli sauce
US$ 14.95
Salmon Carpaccio
Thin slices of raw salmon with arugula and capers in a lemon aioli sauce
US$ 13.95
Tuna Tartare
Freshly ground tuna with purple onion, baby cilantro and capers in honey-oyster sauce
US$ 15.95
Ceviche Catula
Corvina, red onion, pepper, celery, cilantro and lime
US$ 15.95
Lentil Soup
US$ 4.95


Catula Garden Salad
Mixed greens, tomato, hearts of palm, shaved carrots, Clementine segments, and strawberries in our house vinaigrette.
US$ 9.95
Caesar Salad
Traditional Caesar Salad with croutons and shaved parmesan cheese
US$ 9.95
Caprese Salad
Bufala mozzarella with beefsteak tomatoes and fresh basil
US$ 12.95
Spinach & Salmon Salad
Dried cranberries and clementine segments with cranberry vinaigrette
US$ 17.95

Tapas Espanolas

Croquetas de Bacalao
Four pieces. Codfish croquettes with guava sauce.
US$ 9.95
Chistorra a la Sidra
Sauteed Spanish sausage with apple cider sauce
US$ 9.95
Pulpo a la Catula
Grilled octopus in virgin olive oil, garlic lemon and paprika sauce
US$ 15.95
Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimp sautéed in a garlic and virgin olive oil sauce
US$ 13.95
Camarones a la Parrilla
Grilled shrimp with white wine and soy sauce
US$ 13.95
Manchego with Guava
Slices of Manchego cheese with guava marmalade
US$ 10.95
Tabla de Surtidos
Prosciutto, cantimpalo, manchego, mahon and parmesan cheeses
US$ 16.95

Pasta and Risotto

Spaghetti alle Vongole e Gamberi
Spaghetti sautéed with shrimp, clams, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes in white clam sauce
US$ 24.95
Linguini Frutti di Mare
Fresh Shrimp, calamari, clams, fish, scallops sautéed in a tomato clam sauce
US$ 26.95
Risotto di Gamberi
Shrimp and asparagus cooked in saffron
US$ 24.95
Risotto di Masitas
Black bean risotto with pork chunks (masitas de puerco), sweet plantains and pickled red onions
US$ 21.95
Risotto di Mare
Fresh shrimp, calamari, clams, fish, scallop sautéed in a tomato clam sauce
US$ 27.95
Risotto di Manzo al Porcini
Diced beef tenderloin and porcini mushrooms in red wine sauce
US$ 24.95

Homemade Stuffed Pasta

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci
Filled with ricotta and spinach in pink sauce
US$ 19.95
Mezzaluna di Granchio
Filled with crab meat, baby shrimp in a creamy lobster sauce
US$ 21.95
Ravioli di Miami
Filled with pork and sweet plantains topped with black bean puree sauce
US$ 19.95
Ravioli di Rabo Encendido
Filled with rabo encendido in a marsala sauce
US$ 19.95
Lasagna di Mare
Stuffed with seafood and mozzarella cheese in a lobster sauce.
US$ 19.95


Chicken Marsala
Chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms and marsala wine.
US$ 22.95
Chicken alla Livornese
Chicken breast with tomatoes, capers, onions and kalamata olives
US$ 22.95
Chicken Piccata
Chicken breast sauteed with capes, in white wine lemon sauce.
US$ 22.95
Breast of Duck
Caramelized with brown sugar in balsamic honey sauce
US$ 24.95


Red Snapper
Sautéed with roasted red peppers, asparagus and onions in white wine oyster sauce
US$ 26.95
Corvina Catula
Crusted fish chunks topped with onions served with white rice and toston
US$ 27.95
Branzino alla Livornese
Fresh Branzino with tomatoes, capers, onions and kalamata olives
US$ 26.95
Salmon Aragosta
Filet of salmon with crab meat in creamy lobster sauce
US$ 24.95
Salmon a la Pera
Filet of salmon sautéed with fresh pears in white zinfandel sauce
US$ 24.95
Langosta Enchilada
Lobster tail, fresh seafood, tomato sauce with white rice and toston
US$ 35.95
Lobster a la Catula
A lobster tail filled with Malanga puree and served with crab meat and fresh clams risotto
US$ 35.95
Lobster Tail & Seafood
Black linguini, seafood and lobster tail in a white wine and saffron sauce
US$ 35.95
Camarones Enchilados a la Catula
Shrimp sautéed with green pepper and tomato sauce served with champagne risotto and toston
US$ 24.95
Tuna Sunrise
Grilled Tuna Steak with sesame oil, lime, ginger and soy sauce
US$ 24.95
Sunset Snapper
Sauteed with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes in white wine lemon sauce
US$ 26.95
Corvina al Champagne
Corvina in champagne citric mustard sauce
US$ 27.95


Veal Scallopine alla Valdostana
Topped with prosciutto and provolone cheese in a demi-glace sauce
US$ 25.95
New York Strip
12 oz. Grilled choice Angus top-sirloin steak
US$ 32.95
Skirt Steak (Churrasco)
16 oz. Grilled choice Angus, Argentine-cut entraña
US$ 29.95
Center-Cut Filet Mignon
10 oz. Grilled center-cut tenderloin.
US$ 35.95
Grilled Baby Rack of Lamb Coca Cola
Topped with our tangy Coca Cola® mint sauce
US$ 35.95
Filet Catula
Filled with goat cheese and roasted peppers and topped with roasted garlic, rosemary and red wine sauce
US$ 39.95
Osso Bucco Milanese
Veal shank cooked in vegetable ragu sauce with saffron risotto Milanese
US$ 36.95


Coconut Flan
Coconut custard, dulce de leche, and burnt sugar syrup.
US$ 9.75
Creme Brulee
French custard, peaches, and toasted sugar.
US$ 9.75
Tres Guayaba
Guava custard, guava shell, guava marmalade, and cream cheese.
US$ 9.75
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