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    Waverly Deli Menu and Delivery in Holtsville

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    Location and hours

    1100 Waverly Avenue #3, Holtsville, NY 11742
    7:00 AM - 3:30 PMMenu
    7:00 AM - 3:30 PMCatering Menu
    6:00 AM - 7:00 PMMenu
    6:00 AM - 7:00 PMCatering Menu
    Tuesday - Saturday
    6:00 AM - 7:30 PMMenu
    6:00 AM - 7:30 PMCatering Menu

    Waverly Deli

    4.5 (200+ ratings) • Burgers
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    1100 Waverly Avenue #3, Holtsville, NY 11742
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    You've found one of the 10 hottest spots in all of Holtsville. Wish you could ask someone what's best here? The Deli Turkey On Hero is one of the most ordered items on the menu and the Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich and the Hashbrowns are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this morning go-to. • Burgers • American • Sandwiches • Group Friendly
    • Popular Items

    • Omelettes and Platters

      • French Toast
        Stack of three, served with butter, and syrup.
      • The Western Omelette
        Three eggs omelette, ham, peppers, and onions with melted American cheese.
      • The Healthy Choice Omelette
        Three eggs white omelette, melted Swiss, and fresh spinach.
      • The Big Cheese Omelette
        Three eggs omelette, melted American, Cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.
      • Combo Platter
        Two pieces of French toast, two eggs any style, choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, and home fries.
      • Greek Omelette
        Three eggs omelette, feta cheese, fresh spinach, mushrooms, and onions.
      • Pancakes
        Stack of three, served with butter and syrup.
    • Specialty Breakfast Sandwiches

      • Hungry Man Hero
        Three eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, and cheese on a hero.
      • Hungry Man Junior Sandwich
        Two eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and melted cheese. Served on a roll.
      • Egg White Special Sandwich
        Five eggs whites, grilled turkey, and melted alpine lace cheese. Served in a whole wheat wrap.
      • The Burrito
        Two eggs, diced ham and sausage, peppers and onions, salsa, sour cream. Served in a whole wheat wrap.
      • Habanero Egg Wrap
        2 eggs scrambled, bacon, pepper Jack cheese, avocado, home fries, ketchup and hot sauce on spicy habanero salsa wrap.
      • The Green Muenster
        2 eggs scrambled, spinach, avocado, Muenster cheese on a toasted onion roll.
      • Honey Maple EWS
        3 eggs whites, turkey, and Swiss on a wheat wrap with honey mustard.
      • The Gouda
        Two eggs over medium, bacon, melted gouda on a croissant.
    • Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich

      • 1 Extra Egg
        Any style, fried, scrambled, egg white, over medium, over easy, sunny side.
      • 2 Eggs
        Any style fried, egg white, scrambled, over medium, over easy, sunny side.
      • Avocado
        Add avocado any sandwiches.
      • BEC
        2 eggs, any style with bacon, and cheese.
      • Cheese
        Choose any cheese, American, Swiss, provolone, pepper Jack, Cheddar, gouda, frez mozzarella, mozzarella.
      • Grilled Cheese
        Grilled white bread with 4 pieces of American cheese.
      • Ham Egg & Cheese
        2 eggs any style with cheese and ham.
      • Hash Brown
        Side hashbrown.
      • Home Fries on a Roll
      • Meat
        Sausage, ham, turkey.
      • Sausage Egg & Cheese
        2 eggs any style with sausage and cheese on a roll.
      • 6 Pieces Side of Bacon
      • Side of Home Fries
        Home-made home fries.
      • Side of Bacon
        5 slices of grilled bacon.
      • Side of Turkey Bacon
        5 slices of freshly grilled.
      • Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich
      • Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich on Hero
      • Bacon Egg & Cheese
      • Egg & Cheese
    • Breakfast Sides

    • Appetizers

    • Pasta Salads

      • Greek Pasta Salad
        Tomato, peppers, onions, black olives, green olives with Italian dressing.
      • Meatball Parmesan Salad
        Chopped beef with fresh mozzarella & tomato sauce.
      • Coleslaw Saad
      • Potato Salad
      • Macaroni Salad
      • Buffalo Chicken Salad
        Chicken with Hot sauce, peppers, onion, garlic.
      • Honey BBQ Chicken Salad
        Fried chicken with honey BBQ.
      • Egg Salad
      • Tortellini Salad
        Tomato, peppers, onions, black olives, green olives with Italian dressing.
    • New Panini's

      • The Beefer Panini
        Grilled roast beef, fresh mozzarella, seasoned fried onions topped with mayo on panini bread.
      • The Swisscado
        Turkey breast, melted Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, avocado, & chipotle mayo on panini bread.
      • Chicken Pesto Panini
        Grilled chicken, melted provolone, roasted red peppers, & pesto on panini bread.
      • Honey Muenster Panini
        Honey mustard chicken, bacon, & melted Muenster cheese on panini bread.
      • The New Yorker Panini
        Grilled pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, coleslaw & Russian dressing on panini bread.
    • Speciality Heroes

      • Meatloaf & Bacon
        Our delicious homemade meatloaf in gravy, served on a fresh deli hero, topped with bacon.
      • The Jessie James Hero
        Breaded chicken cutlet, bacon, and pepper Jack cheese. Dowsed in BBQ sauce.
      • The Vegetarian Hero
        Breaded eggplant covered in melted mozzarella and roasted red peppers, topped with balsamic dressing.
      • The Lumberjack Hero
        Breaded chicken cutlet, ham, bacon, melted Swiss or American with Russian dressing.
      • Italiano Chicken Club
        Breaded chicken cutlet or grilled chicken, melted mozzarella and roasted red peppers, drizzled with balsamic dressing.
      • The Manhattan Hero
        Hot roast beef with melted fresh mozzarella on toasted garlic hero.
      • The Waverly Inferno Hero
        Breaded chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella, dosed in hot sauce and choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing.
      • Meatball Parmigiano Hero
        Home-made meatballs, fresh marinara sauce with melted mozzarella. Served on a toasted hero.
      • Eggplant Parmigiano Hero
        Fresh tomato sauce with melted mozzarella on a toasted hero.
      • Chicken Parmigiano Hero
        Home made chicken cutlet, fresh marinara sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese, served on a hero.
      • The Sachem Hero
        Grilled chicken, melted mozzarella, and Cheddar, spinach, tomato, ranch and teriyaki sauce on a toasted hero.
      • Texas Melt
        Roast beef, onions, and melted Cheddar, covered in BBQ sauce.
      • The Krista Hero
        Chicken cutlet, ham, melted Swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing.
      • The Cuban Hero
        Roast Beef, ham, melted Swiss, pickles, mayo and mustard on a hero.
      • Buffalo Chicken Hero
        Buffalo chicken, fresh mozzarella, hero.
      • BBQ Chicken Hero
        BBQ chicken, and bacon, Cheddar, hero.
      • BBQ Ribs Hero
        BBQ ribs, melted Cheddar cheese, smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce, served on a fresh hero.
    • Hot Sandwiches

      • The Waverly Whopper
        Hot roast beef, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle with ketchup and mayo on a toasted hero.
      • The Philly Steak
        Grilled roast beef sauteed with peppers, onions and melted American cheese on a hero.
      • Pastrami Mami
        Grilled pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, coleslaw, pickles and Russian dressing on a toasted hero.
      • Chipotle Charger
        Breaded chicken cutlet, bacon, melted Cheddar and pepper Jack cheese, seasoned fried onions, lettuce, tomato and chipotle macaroni salad, drizzled with ranch on a roll.
    • Speciality Cold Sandwiches

      • Our Famous Godfather Sandwich
        Ham cappy, pepperoni, mortadella, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers, and balsamic dressing on a hero.
      • The American Sandwich
        Juicy roast beef, ham, turkey, American cheese with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Served on hero.
      • Turkey Avocado BLT Sandwich
        Oven gold turkey, delicious bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, avocado, and mayo on a roll.
      • Twisted Turkey Sandwich
        Honey maple turkey, bacon, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on a hero.
      • Coleslaw Gobbler
        Oven gold turkey, tomato, avocado, coleslaw, Russian dressing on a spinach wrap.
      • BLT...... On ROLL
        6 Piece of Backed Bacon , lettuce .. Tomato
    • Speciality Wraps

      • Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
        Fresh grilled chicken, lettuce, Parmigiano cheese and Caesar dressing.
      • The Cobb Wrap
        Grilled chicken, bacon, Cheddar cheese with lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.
      • The Roman Wrap
        Roast beef, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and Italian dressing.
      • Buffalo Chicken Wrap
        Boar's Head buffalo chicken breast, melted pepper Jack cheese, and ranch dressing.
      • Greek Salad Wrap
        Lettuce, tomato, black olives, red onions, cucumbers topped with feta cheese and balsamic dressing.
      • The Rancher Wrap
        Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato and ranch.
      • Santa Fe Wrap
        Boar's Head cracked pepper turkey, alpine lace, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.
      • Chicken Fajita Wrap
        Grilled chicken, peppers and onions, lettuce tomato, salsa, sour cream and cheddar.
      • Santa Fe Wrap with Grilled Chicken
        Fresh grilled chicken, spinach, black olives, lettuce, tomato and salsa.
      • Capri Wrap
        Pesto, tomato, roasted red pepper fresh mozzarella on a sun-dried tomato wrap.
      • California Wrap
        Fresh grilled marinated spinach and melted mozzarella.
      • Mount Ever Roast
        Ever roast chicken with bacon, avocado, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato with honey mustard dressing on a spinach wrap.
      • Coleslaw Gobbler
        Oven gold turkey, coleslaw, avocado & tomato with Russian on a spinach wrap.
      • Veggie Avocado wrap
        Avocado Cucumber Green Pepper Lettuce Tomato Onion Black Olives Fresh Mozzarella or Feta with Italian Dressing on Whole Wheat Wrap
    • Salads/Chopped Salad

      • Tossed Salad
        Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, black olives, roasted red peppers. Salad comes with one dressing packet.
      • Caesar Salad
        Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmigiano cheese and Caesar dressing. Salad comes with one dressing packet.
      • Chef Salad
        Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, roasted red peppers, ham, turkey, Swiss, bacon & egg. Salad comes with one dressing packet.
      • Cobb Salad
        Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber, black olives, roasted red peppers, hard boiled egg, bacon & Cheddar. Salad comes with one dressing packet.
      • Southwest Salad
        Romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, tomato, peppers, onions, avocado & grilled chicken with oil and vinegar dressing. Salad comes with one dressing packet.
    • Bagels

    • Chips

    • Desserts

    • Beverages

    • Candy

    • Build Your Own Sandwich

    • Burgers

      • Bacon Cheese Burger
        Bacon, cheese, beef patty, tomato, lettuce, mayo. Served with french fries.
      • Cowboys Burger
        Beef patties, Cheddar, honey BBQ sauce, sautéed onions, bacon. Served with french fries.
      • Cobb Burger
        Beef patties, sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, sautéed onion. Served with french fries.
      • Chicken Burger
        Chicken patty mixed with pepper, onion, garlic, and oil. American or Swiss cheese with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles. Served with french fries.
    • Soups

    • Beer

      • Blue Point Hoptical 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Blue Point Lager 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Bud Light Seltzer 24 Floz Can
        Sold out
      • Budweiser 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Corona 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Coors Banquet 24 oz Can
        Sold out
      • Coors Light 12 Pack Bottle / Can
        Sold out
      • Corona Extra 12 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Fruit Smash 24 Floz Can
        Sold out
      • Heineken 12 Pack Bottle / Can
        Sold out
      • Heineken 24 Floz Can
        Sold out
      • Heineken 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Modelo Chelada 24 Floz Can
        Sold out
      • Modelo Especial 12 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Modelo Especial 18 Pack Can
        Sold out
      • Modelo Especial 6 Pack Bottle
        Sold out
      • Stella Artois 12 Pack Bottle / Can
        Sold out
      • Stella Artois 24 Floz Can
        Sold out
      • White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry 24 oz Can
        Sold out
      • White Claw 12 Pack
        Sold out
    • gum

      • Dentine Ice SUGAR FREE 16 CT
      • Trident White SUGAR FREE 16 CT
      • ORBIT 14 CT
      • Trident SUGARFREE 14 CT
      • TIC TAC
        FRESHMINT....WINTERGREEN....TROPICAL Adventure ....FRUIT Adventure...BERRY Adventure
      • MENTOS
      • HALLS
      • 5 GUM ....15 CT
      • ICE CUBES 40 CT ...GUM
      • ALTOIDS ...BOX
      • EXTRA 15 CT
      • WRIGLEY'S ..... 15CT
      • HI-CHEW ....Fruty Chewy

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I order Waverly Deli delivery in Holtsville with Uber Eats?

    Yes. Waverly Deli delivery is available on Uber Eats in Holtsville.

    Is Waverly Deli delivery available near me?

    Enter your address to see if Waverly Deli delivery is available to your location in Holtsville.

    How do I order Waverly Deli delivery online in Holtsville?

    There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Waverly Deli menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

    Where can I find Waverly Deli online menu prices?

    View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Waverly Deli here on this page.

    How do I get free delivery on my Waverly Deli order?

    To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

    How do I pay for my Waverly Deli order?

    Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

    What’s the best thing to order for Waverly Deli delivery in Holtsville?

    If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Waverly Deli order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.