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    Tapas Papa Frita
    Too far to deliver

    Tapas Papa Frita

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    Location and hours

    03:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    03:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    7114 E,Stetson Dr Ste 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 • More

    • Meat Tapas

      • Chicken Casserole

        Garlic chicken casserole with potatoes and carrots. (Castilla).
      • Aged Ham

        Imported aged ham from an acorn fed black foot pig. (Castilla).
      • Potato Wedges

        Spicy red potato wedges. (Burgos).
      • Bacon Wrapped Dates

        Apple bacon wrapped medjool dates stuffed rosemary cheese. (Alicante).
      • Spicy Hummus

        Spicy hummus with bread chips. (Zaragoza).
      • Mushrooms

        Braised mushrooms with garlic and sherry. (Andalucia).
      • Cured Spanish Ham

        Imported aged serrano ham. (Salamanca).
      • Ham and Cheese Croquettes

        Ham and cheese croquettes. (New Castille).
      • Spanish Sausage (Txistorria)

        Basque style sausage with sherry. (Basque).
      • Spanish Meatballs

        Spanish meatballs in a roasted tomato sauce. (Murcia).
      • Red Bean Soup

        Red bean soup pimento and chorizo. (Basque).
      • Breaded Artichokes

        Egg dipped marinated artichoke hearts. (Rioja).
      • Cold Tomato Soup

        Spanish cold tomato soup with thyme cold. (Cordoba).
      • Aceitunas Alinada

        Assorted Mediterranean marinated olives. (Andalucia).
      • Manchego Cheese and Macaroni

      • Caracoles Aioli

        Glazed escargot in a sherry vinegar aioli. (Mahon).
    • Paellas

      • Lobster Paella

        Saffron rice with lobster and shrimp.
      • Black Rice Paella

        Catalan style black rice with squid, shrimp, and crab.
      • Vegetable Paella

        Seasonal garden vegetables with saffron rice.
      • Valenciana

        A masterpiece of saffron rice with clams, mussels, shrimp, chicken, txistorra, sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and peas.
      • Paella Spicy Diablo

        Shrimp paella with jalapeno, chile de arbol, chipotle, banana peppers, and cayenne.
      • Chicken Paella

        Saffron rice, chicken, sausage, tomatoes, onions, garlic, roasted peppers, and peas. (Andalucia).
    • Entrees

      • Filet Tenderloin

        Filet of beef with Spanish blue cheese. (Asturias).
      • Seafood Pasta Paella

        Fideos pasta, shrimp, calamari, garlic, tomatoes, and saffron.
      • Lamb Shank

        Lamb osso bucco castille style. (Castilla la Vieja).
      • Capered Chicken

        Breaded chicken breast with caper berries. (Aragon).
      • Arroz con Mariscos

        A jambalaya of shrimp, mussels, and calamari with roasted mint aioli. (Granada).
      • Atun con Albahaca

        Seared rare ahi tuna with basil and tomato sauce. (Andalucia).
    • Desserts (Postres)

      • Flan

        Spanish creme caramel.
      • Bread Pudding

        Banana and apple bread pudding.
      • Nutella Cheescake

        Hazelnut nutella cheesecake.
      • Cream Brulee

        Catalan creme brulee with seasonal berries.
      • Baked Apple Tart

        Cinnamon baked apple in puff pastry with vanilla ice cream.
      • Swirl Cake

        Chocolate swirl cake with condensed milk sauce.
      • Churros with Chocolate

        Churros with thick Spanish style chocolate.
    • Vegetable/Vegetable Fusions Tapas

      • Pisto Gratinado

        Sofrito of zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and manchego. (Aragon).
      • Escalivalda

        Peppers, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, and garlic over bread. (Toro).
      • Pimientos a la Riojana

        Open fire roasted peppers with olive oil. (Rioja).
      • Pan Boli

        Toasted bread with fresh tomato rub and olive oil. (Catala.n)
      • Coliflor Rebozada

        Egg dipped cauliflower with anchovies vinegar glaze. (Malaga).
      • Potato Wedges Aioli

        Roasted potatoes, cilantro, aioli and Serrano ham
      • Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

        Stuffed portabello with goat cheese. (Cantabria).
      • Queso Manchego

        Thyme and olive oil marinated sheep cheese. (La Mancha).
      • Cabrales con Menbrillo

        Cabrales cheese with quince paste. (Asturias).
      • Leek Tart

        Leek tart in a puff pastry purse. (New Basque).
      • Esparragos

        Asparagus with aioli. (Rioja).
      • Tortilla de Patatas

        Spanish potato pie. (all of Spain).
    • Seafood Tapas

      • Mejillones a la Ondarreta

        Mussels with sherry sauce and asparagus. (Basque).
      • Gambas a la Plancha

        Seared head on shrimp, rock salt, and lemon. (Andalucia).
      • Atun con Sandia

        Ahi tuna watermelon, honey, cilantro, and lime. (New Spain).
      • Spicy Shrimp

        Sauteed gulf shrimp, garlic, guindilla peppers, and white. (Andalucia).
      • Boquerones

        Fresh anchovies in garlic escabeche. (Malaga).
      • Rabas

        Tender calamari rings in a club soda batter. (Basque).
      • Sepia a la Plancha

        Grilled calamari steak with mixed greens and lemon. (Basque).
      • Black Mussels

        Steamed mussels in a spicy pepper tomato sauce. (Basque).
      • Bacalao Rebozado

        Egg dipped cod with sweet pickle aioli. (Basque).
      • Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

        Crab stuffed piquillo peppers in a saffron sauce. (Rioja).
      • Eggplant and Crab Lasagna

        Layered crab and eggplant tart. (Catalan).
      • Salmon Matxin

        Broiled salmon with ink sauce. (Basque).
      • Salpicon de Gambas

        Orange, olives, and grilled shrimp salad. (Andalucia).
      • Sarsuela Diablo

        A spicy medley of shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari. (New Spain).
    Allergens: These items may include unlisted ingredients and/or be prepared on equipment that processes allergens. Take precautions if you have an allergy.