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    Sunmerry Coffee | Happy Lemon
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    Sunmerry Coffee | Happy Lemon

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    ¢ • Burgers • American • Sandwiches

    955 E Birch St, Brea, CA 92821 • More

    • Bread & Sweets

      • Top Seller Bread Box

        5 of our top-selling savory and sweet breads. (Selection dependent on item availability. Sample Box: Bolo, Mochi Taro, Brioche, Garlic Parsley, BBQ Bolo, and Green Tea Croissant. Unavailable items will be replaced with equal or other item.)
    • Matcha or Chai

      • Matcha Latte

      • Strawberry Matcha Latte

      • Blueberry Matcha Latte

      • Lavender Matcha Latte

      • Just Matcha-No Milk

      • Chai Latte

    • Coffee / Specialty

      • Brown Sugar Boba Latte™

      • Spanish Latte

      • Hawaiian Latte

      • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

      • Lavender Latte

        House-made Lavender Syrup Infused With Hints of Chamomile and Rosemary. Delicious Hot or Iced.
      • CreamTop Cold Brew

        Our 20-hour cold brew topped with a sweet and savory cream foam
      • Horchata Latte

        Authentic horchata made from scratch the long way topped with a double shot of espresso
      • Nutella Latte

        A chocolatey and nutty treat. Hot or Iced
    • Coffee / Classic

      • Espresso

      • Americano

      • Cafe Latte

      • Cafe Mocha

      • Cortado

        Available in traditional size.
      • Latte Flavored

        Hot or Iced - Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Hazelnut, Honey, Brown Sugar
    • Coffee / Cold Brew

      • Cold Brew

      • Cold Brew Latte

      • Cream Top Cold Brew

    • Happy Lemon / Milk Tea Series

      • Classic Milk Tea

      • Boba Milk Tea

        Classic milk tea with boba included. Please select "additional topping" for extra boba.
      • Oreo Puff Cream Milk Tea

        Milk tea with oreo and puff cream included. Please select "additional topping" for extra and add-ons.
      • Puff Cream Boba Milk Tea

      • Jasmine Milk Tea

    • Happy Lemon / Fresh Lemon Series

      • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Black Tea

      • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Green Tea

      • Kumquat Lemon Green Tea with Lychee

      • Lemon Cooler

        Iced large.
    • Happy Lemon / Salted Cheese Series

      • Salted Cheese Black Tea

      • Salted Cheese Jasmine

      • Salted Cheese Milk Tea

    • Happy Lemon / Tea & Fruit Tea

      • Black Tea

      • Jasmine Green Tea

        Fragrant, and floral.
      • Grapefruit Jasmine

        Iced large. Made with an entire grapefruit's worth of juice.
      • Mango Green Tea

        Iced large. Real mango puree and loose-leaf tea.
      • Passion Fruit Green Tea

        Iced large. Real passion fruit puree and loose-leaf tea.
    • Happy Lemon / Specials

      • Taro Milk

        Made with taro puree and milk. Non-caffeinated. can be made with non-dairy milk as well.
      • Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

        Iced large.
      • Brown Sugar Boba MILK

        Non-caffeinated. comes with boba, please select "additional topping" for extra boba.
    • Shop / Coffee Beans

      • Emeline

        Emeline House Roast: Cosecha, Guatemala, Medium Dark, Strong, full body with roasted nuts aroma and tastes of dark chocolate.
    Sunmerry Coffee | Happy Lemon
    (90) on Yelp
  • Tiffany C. • 12/6/2021
    I love this place and specifically love how close it is to target so that I can stop by on my target runs. Super convenient to order ahead online on their website and just pickup as well! My favorite breads are their mochi taro and black sesame mochi. Mochi donuts are yum too. Lavender latte...  

  • Leslie S. • 4/4/2021
    This rating is only regarding the mochi donuts. I saw reviews nearly praising how good these were but my experience fell short of that. I reallyyy wanted to like these and was hoping that these were on the same quality tier as Sunmerry Bakery's pastries. But I think because the donuts are made at this...  

  • Jennifer S. • 15/3/2021
    I know I wrote a review not that long ago, but I just wanted to mention that if you order mochi donuts from here, you should probably check your bag because I ordered three mochi donuts this morning and when I went to go eat it hours later, there was only two. It's my own...  

  • Gabby K. • 4/3/2021
    Wow! What a great little spot in brea! Sunmerry was a happy coffee accident. I was scrolling on Yelp as one does and I saw Sunmerry advertising a Hawaiian latte! I knew that was something I needed to have. I was lucky enough to catch them before they closed up shop. I do recommend going...  

  • Jenny C. • 2/2/2021
    I stopped by to try their mochi donuts and they are interesting (in a good way)! The flavors are fresh and exciting (strawberry, snickers, Oreo, green tea), and the employees are nice and helpful. The texture is similar to donuts, but slightly softer and more chewy. The shop is also clean, and social distancing and...  

  • Yenny D. • 9/11/2020
    So happy to see a Sunmerry closer to north OC! I've been a fan of Sunmerry's pastries and drinks for a while now, but making the effort to go to Irvine or Rowland Heights was a bit out of the way. Lo and behold - Sunmerry in Brea! Located in the Target plaza, next to...  
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