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    Peppercorn station 青花椒 Menu and Delivery in New York

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    Location and hours

    66 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018
    Every Day
    11:30 AM - 09:00 PM

    Peppercorn station 青花椒

    4.7 (333 ratings) • Chinese
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    66 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018
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    Chinese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Asian-owned • Noodles • Szechuan • Spicy Hot Pot • Family Friendly • Family Meals • exclusivetoeats
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      • 辣子鸡 Dry Chili Fried Chicken
      • 毛血旺 Beef Tripe and Duck Blood Tofu in Chili Oil
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      • 尖椒绝味鸡 Mala Chikcen
      • 靑花椒跳水魚 Mala Whole Fish
      • 米饭 Rice
      • 清炒豆苗 Sauteed Pea Shoot
      • 手撕包菜 Stir Fried Cabbage
      • 干煸四季豆 Sauteed String Beans
      • 小炒土豆片 Potato Chips
      • 黑松露菜花 Cauliflower with Truffle Sauce
      • 豌杂面 Assorted Pea Noodles
      • 担担面 Dan Dan Noodle
      • 鸡丝凉面 Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken
      • 炒面 Fried Noodles
      • 蟹粉面 Crab Meat Noodles
      • 红烧牛肉面 Braised Beef Noodle Soup
      • 酸辣粉 Hot and Sour Rice Noodles
      • 芽菜炒饭 Bean Sprout Fried Rice
      • 黑松露炒饭 Black Truffle Sauce Fried Rice
      • 红烧肉饭 Braised Pork with Rice
      • 红烧牛肉饭 Braised Beef with Rice
      • 蟹粉饭 Crab Meat with Rice
      • 米饭 Rice
      • 冰粉 Sugar Ice Jelly
      • 醪糟汤圆 Rice Balls In Rice Wine Soup
      • 红糖糍粑 Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown Sugar
      • 八宝饭 Treasure Rice Pudding
    • DRINKS
        • 可口可乐 Coke Cola
        • 健怡可乐 Diet Coke
        • 雪碧 Sprite
        • 芬达 Fanta
        • 王老吉 Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea
        • 矿泉水 Water
        • 北冰洋 Arctic Ocean Orange Soda
        • 椰树牌椰汁 Coconut Juice
        • 酸梅汤 Sour Plum Drink
        • 蘇打水 Seltzer water