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    Original Hacienda Grill Menu and Delivery in Bakersfield

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    Location and hours

    2600 Buck Owens Blvd, Bakersfield, CA 93308
    Monday - Friday
    10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

    Original Hacienda Grill

    Mexican • $
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    2600 Buck Owens Blvd, Bakersfield, CA 93308
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    • Breakfast
        • Pancakes Breakfast
        • French Toast Breakfast
          Two eggs, choice of bacon or sausage.
        • Bacon and Eggs Breakfast
        • Sausage and Eggs Breakfast
        • Ham and Eggs Breakfast
        • Veggie Omelette Breakfast
          Fresh sauteed mixed veggies.
        • Plain Omelette Breakfast
        • Denver Omelette Breakfast
          Ham, onion, and bell pepper.
        • Ham Omelette Breakfast
        • Cheese Omelette Breakfast
        • Ham and Cheese Omelette Breakfast
        • Chile Verde Omelette Breakfast
        • Spanish Omelette Breakfast
          Spicy simmering red Chile Verde topped off with our sauce.
        • Huevos Rancheros Breakfast
          Your choice of regular Chile Verde or spicy Chile Verde.
        • Beef Machaca Breakfast
        • Huevos con Chorizo Breakfast
        • Steak and Eggs Breakfast
        • Shrimp Machaca Breakfast
        • Chicharones and Eggs Breakfast
        • Cactus Omelette Breakfast
        • Chilaquiles Breakfast
          Your choice of red or green sauce.
        • Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs Breakfast
      • Appetizers
          • Fresh Table Side Guacamole
          • Queso Fundido Appetizers
          • Quesadilla Appetizers
          • Buffalo Wings Appetizers
          • Nachos Ala Diabla Appetizers
            Plumped shrimp sauteed in a flavorful fiery diabla sauce. Topped off with melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, jalapenos.
          • Hacienda Platter Appetizers
            Nachos, chicken flautas, beef taquitos, cheese quesadillas, wings. Topped of with guacamole and sour cream.
        • Salads and Soups
            • Supreme Salad
              Fresh lettuce mix, tossed with cilantro pepita dressing, tomato, avocado, and tortilla strips. Topped with chicken, steak, and shrimp.
            • Fajita Salad
              Fresh salad mix, tossed with our famous cilantro dressing, tortilla strips, tomato, avocado, peppers, and topped with cotija cheese.
            • Enchilada Salad
              Fresh lettuce mix, tossed with our delicious homemade cilantro dressing, tortilla strips, tomato, avocado, peppers, cotija cheese, and topped with two melted cheese.
            • BBQ Chicken Salad
              Served with ranch dressing tortilla strips, tomato, avocado, peppers, cotija cheese, with grilled chicken smothered in our BBQ sauce.
            • Hacienda Salad
              Mixed iceberg and roman lettuce. Tossed in our pepita cilantro dressing. Tomatoes, bell peppers, tortilla strips, cotija cheese, roasted seeds.
            • Taco Salad
              Crispy flour tortilla shell lined with refried beans, shredded lettuce, vinaigrette, topped with tomato, jack cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.
            • Tortilla Soup
              Diced chicken slowly simmered in our fresh vegetable soup. Topped off with tortilla strips and jack cheese.
            • Fish and Shrimp Soup
              Prepared to order and loaded with fresh fish and jumbo shrimp. Served with rice and garlic bread.
            • Menudo
          • Fire Grilled Burgers and Sandwiches
              • Fire Grilled Burger
              • Ortega Cheeseburger
                Served with a roasted Ortega Chile and melted jack cheese.
              • BBQ Burger
                Served with bacon, jack cheese, and drizzled with BBQ sauce.
              • Double Bacon Cheese Burger
                2 half-pound flame-grilled patties cooked to perfection.
              • BBQ Chicken Sandwich
                Grilled chicken breast smothered in our BBQ sauce and topped with bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, lettuce, onions, and tomato.
              • New York Steak Sandwich
                Our tender New York steak is fire-grilled and cooked to your liking.
              • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
              • Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich
              • Bacon Lettuce tomato Sandwich
            • House Specials
                • Parrillada Mexicana House Special
                  Served bubbling hot in a volcanic rock bowl. Steak, grilled chicken, chorizo sauteed in our combination of the delicious sauce. Accompanied with jumbo shrimp, cactus, panela.
                • Steak Picado House Special
                  Tender cubed New York steak sauteed with onions peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini in our fresh made tomato sauce. Rice and beans.
                • Tampiquena House Special
                  Grilled New York steak cooked to your liking rolled over with sauteed jack cheese, peppers, onions, zucchini, and mushrooms. Served on a sizzling skillet. Accompanied.
                • Grilled Taco Rolls House Special
                  1 steak, one chicken, one veggie roll wrapped in a flour tortilla grilled to perfection. Accompanied with rice and beans, sour cream, guacamole, and our famous red pepper.
                • Carnitas House Special
                  Succulent chunks of pork simmered to perfection with a special blend of spices. Served over fajita vegetables with rice and beans, pico de gallo and guacamole.
                • Ribeye and Shrimp House Special
                  A 10 oz. tender ribeye cooked to your liking served with plumped shrimp sauteed in our ranchero sauce. Accompanied by veggies and mash potatoes.
                • Hacienda Chile Relleno House Special
                  Your choice of chicken, steak or shrimp sauteed with bell pepper and onions mixed with cheese and a special blend of our sauces stuffed in a large fresh pasilla pepper.
                • Pollo Ranchero House Special
                  Juicy grilled chicken breast sauteed with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes tossed in our famous ranchero sauce. Rice and beans.
                • Chile Colorado House Special
                  Tender cubed steak sauteed with onions, bell pepper, zucchini, and tomato simmered in our famous blend of sauces. Rice and beans.
                • Hacienda Caesar Tacos House Special
                  Grilled chicken and cheese with fresh pico de gallo wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with our fresh salad tossed in a cilantro dressing and a side of pot beans.
                • Arroz con Pollo House Special
                  Juicy chicken breast sauteed with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes mixed in our famous ranchero sauce and loaded with Monterey jack cheese. Served over a warm bed of rice.
                • Chicken Monterrey House Special
                  Grilled chicken breast simmered in BBQ sauce topped with bacon and cheese. Served with mash potatoes and grilled veggies.
                • Chile Verde House Special
                  Tender pieces of pork cubes, slowly simmered in our housemade tomatillo and cilantro sauce. Served with rice and beans.
                • Carne Asada House Special
                  10 oz. delicious New York steak grilled to your liking. Served with rice and beans, cheese enchilada and garnished with guacamole and pico de gallo.
                • Ranch Hand Fillet House Special
                  Grilled skirt steak grilled to order. Served with fresh sauteed veggies, mash potatoes, and garlic bread.
              • Create Your Own Combinations
                  • Taquitos Rancheros
                    Your choice of chicken or beef. Served with guacamole, sour cream, and roasted red pepper sauce.
                  • Flautas
                    Your choice of chicken on beef. Served with guacamole, sour cream, and roasted red pepper sauce.
                  • Taft Combination
                    Our famous taft combo is loaded with freshly prepared items. chicken chimichanga, beef tamal, chile verde enchilada, and ground beef taco.
                • Sizzling Fajitas
                    • Chicken Fajitas
                    • Steak Fajita
                    • Supreme Fajitas
                      Can't decide? Try our sizzling combination of chicken, steak, and plump shrimp.
                    • Mushroom Jack Fajitas
                      Tender grilled chicken smothered in our famous mix of jack cheese smoked bacon and fresh sauteed mushrooms.
                    • Fajita Combo
                      A sizzling combination of chicken and steak.
                    • Hacienda Fajitas
                      Your choice of chicken or steak, accompanied by a melted cheese enchilada on top.
                    • New York Steak Fajitas
                      Thick tender New York steak cooked to your liking and fire-grilled with sauteed veggies.
                    • Shrimp Fajitas
                      Juicy plumped shrimp sauteed with veggies. Delicious.
                    • Veggie Fajitas
                      Vegetarian? No problem try our fresh mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and tomato all fire-grilled and sauteed in our famous spices.
                    • Fish Fajitas
                  • Seafood
                      • Salmon Seafood
                        Fire-grilled Atlantic salmon. Mash potatoes, veggies, garlic toast, and homemade tartar sauce.
                      • Camarones Rancheros Seafood
                        Large fresh shrimp sauteed with our mix of veggies drizzled with ranchero sauce and smoked bacon. Served with pot beans, rice, and avocado slices.
                      • Camarones Flores Seafood
                        Jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and fried to a crisp. Served with rice and beans, grilled pineapple, avocado slices, and our homemade cocktail sauce.
                      • Shrimp Cocktail Seafood
                        Large shrimp mixed with pico de gallo, celery, avocado, and cucumber in a spicy tomato broth.
                      • Camarones a la Diabla Seafood
                        Plumped large shrimp sauteed in a fiery hot doable sauce. Served with rice and beans and avocado slices.
                      • Fish Tacos Seafood
                        2 fire-grilled fish tacos served over a warm corn tortilla with fresh tartar sauce and topped with jack cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo. Rice and pot beans.
                      • Grilled Fish Filet and Shrimp Seafood
                        Fish cooked to a golden crisp. Juicy shrimp sauteed with bell pepper, onions, zucchini, and tomato. Fish and shrimp is then drizzled in our famous ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans.
                      • Pescado Ala Plancha Seafood
                        Grilled fish cooked with spices and white wine. Served with mash potatoes, vegetables, and avocado slices.
                      • Camarones al Mojo de Ajo Seafood
                        Large shrimp sauteed with our special blend of fresh garlic, spices, and white wine. Served with mash potatoes, fresh vegetables.
                      • Camarones Empanizados Seafood
                        Shrimp fried to a golden brown. Served with rice and beans, avocado slices.
                      • Acapulco Combo Seafood
                        Sauteed fish filet topped with a delicious shrimp skewer. Served with rice, sauteed veggies, and avocado slices.
                    • Enchiladas
                        • Sizzling Enchiladas
                          2 corn tortillas rolled and filled with your choice of steak, chicken or shrimp. Sauteed with roasted peppers and onions. Smothered with a combination of our white red sauce.
                        • Enchiladas Ahumadas
                          Two soft corn tortillas filled with our famous fire-grilled chicken sauteed in bell pepper and onions and combined in our delicious mix of green and white sauces served on a hot skillet.
                        • Double Decker Enchiladas
                          Stacked corn tortillas with chicken and beef smothered in green and red sauce. Topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.
                        • Enchilada Del Mar
                          If you love seafood, this is the enchilada for you. Jumbo shrimp and fish sauteed with onions, bell peppers, and zucchini. Drizzled in our creamy white sauce rolled over on a giant flour tortilla.
                        • Enchiladas Rancheras
                          Enchiladas smothered in our famous ranchero sauce. Your choice of chicken, beef or cheese. Garnished with sour cream and guacamole.
                        • Enchilada Suizas
                          Two of our enchiladas stuffed with chicken and drizzled in our delicious green sauce. Served with sour cream.
                        • Sour Cream Enchiladas
                          Two corn tortillas rolled and filled with our tasty shredded chicken covered in our creamy white sauce.
                        • Veggie Enchilada
                          A garden fresh variety of veggies sauteed and seasoned with a combination of our famous sauces.
                        • Enchiladas Mexicanas
                          3 enchilada 1 chicken, one beef, Chile Verde accompanied with a ground beef taco.
                      • Burritos and Chimichanga
                          • Chicken Wrap
                            Fire-grilled chicken breast, crispy corn strips, cheese, rice, roasted seeds, lettuce drizzled in our famous pepita cilantro dressing rolled over a giant flour tortilla.
                          • Burrito Special
                            Your choice of chicken, shredded beef and ground beef. Our burritos are loaded and topped with our ranchero sauce and cheese.
                          • Chimichanga
                            Our burrito fried to a golden crisp. Your choice, chicken or Chile Verde. Wrapped in a flour tortilla.
                          • Fajita Burrito
                            Char-broiled chicken breast sauteed with bell peppers and onions with melted jack cheese. Wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, topped with our ranchero sauce and cheese.
                        • Sides Dishes and Kids's Mains
                            • Small Guacamole
                            • Sour Cream
                            • Rice and Beans
                            • Shrimp Taco
                              Sauteed plumped shrimp. Lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, homemade tartar sauce served on a corn tortilla.
                            • Fish Taco
                              Grilled fish. Lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, homemade tartar sauce served on a corn tortilla.
                            • Chile Relleno
                            • Chile Tamale
                            • Steak Taco
                              Served with guacamole and pico de gallo.
                            • Grilled Chicken Taco
                              Served with guacamole and pico de gallo.
                            • Crispy Taco
                              Your choice of chicken, shredded or ground beef. Lettuce, cheese served on a crispy corn tortilla.
                            • Enchilada
                              Your choice of chicken, beef, Chile Verde.
                            • Burrito
                          Frequently asked questions

                          Can I order Original Hacienda Grill delivery in Bakersfield with Uber Eats?

                          Yes. Original Hacienda Grill delivery is available on Uber Eats in Bakersfield.

                          Is Original Hacienda Grill delivery available near me?

                          Original Hacienda Grill delivery might not be available everywhere in Bakersfield, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

                          How do I order Original Hacienda Grill delivery online in Bakersfield?

                          There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Original Hacienda Grill menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

                          What’s the best thing to order for Original Hacienda Grill delivery in Bakersfield?

                          What’s best at Original Hacienda Grill is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in “Picked for you.”

                          How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at Original Hacienda Grill in Bakersfield?

                          The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your Bakersfield address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on Original Hacienda Grill delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.