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    Mom's Kitchen Menu and Delivery in South Salt Lake

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    Location and hours

    2233 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    12:30 PM - 8:30 PMMenu 全日菜單
    11:30 AM - 8:30 PMMenu 全日菜單
    11:30 AM - 4:00 PMLunch Menu 午餐菜單
    11:30 AM - 8:30 PMMenu 全日菜單
    Wednesday - Friday
    11:30 AM - 8:30 PMMenu 全日菜單
    11:30 AM - 4:00 PMLunch Menu 午餐菜單
    11:30 AM - 8:30 PMMenu 全日菜單

    Mom's Kitchen

    4.8 (85 ratings) • Chinese • $
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    2233 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
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    Experience one of the most popular menu items among Uber Eats users at this evening go-to: the Griddle Cooked Pig Intestines 干鍋肥腸. If you're looking to order a couple things, you may consider this popular combination: the Kung Po Chicken And Shrimp 宮保雙丁 and the White Rice 白飯. • $ • Chinese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
        • 63. Twice-Cooked Pork Belly 回鍋肉
        • 56. Stir-Fried Green Beans with Garlic Sauce 乾扁四季豆
        • 48. Mom's Fried Rice with Taiwanese Sausage and Shrimp 媽媽炒飯
        • 58. Ma-Po Tofu (with pork) 麻婆豆腐
        • 28. Beef Shank and Tendon in Cold Sauce 涼拌雙拼
          Served beef shank and tendon.
      • Mom's Specials 媽媽廚房特色
          • Cat Ear Noodle Soup 麵疙瘩
          • Potherb Mustard with Ground Pork 雪裡紅炒肉沫
          • House Special Cucumber 涼拌小黃瓜
            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
          • Eggplant with Garlic Sauce and ground pork 魚香茄子煲
          • Stewed Tofu with pork 紅燒豆腐
            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
          • Kung Po Chicken and Shrimp 宮保雙丁
            Served with chicken and shrimp.
          • Stewed pork Short Ribs and Potatoes 紅燒小排燉土豆
          • 猪肉玉米饺子(steam dumplings with pork and corn)
        • New and Featured Dishes 最新推出
            • 1. Stir-Fried Choy-Sum with black fungus菜心木耳
            • 2. Stir-Fried Choy-Sum with Shrimp 蝦仁菜心
            • 3. Spicy Shrimp 香辣蝦
              Spicy 辣
            • 4. Shrimp with Tomato 番茄蝦
            • 5. Beef Noodle Soup with Sour Cabbage 酸菜肥牛面
            • 6. Stew Pork Short Rib Noodle Soup 紅燒排骨面
            • 7. Szechwan Style Blood in Mong Kok 毛血旺
            • 8. Stir-Fried Choy-Sum with Black Fungus 菜心炒木耳
          • Soups 湯
              • 104. Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣湯
              • 105. Chicken Corn Soup 雞蓉玉米湯
              • 106. Seaweed and Egg Soup Bowl 紫菜蛋花湯
              • 107. Egg Drop Soup with Tomato Bowl 番茄蛋花湯
              • 108. Pickled Cabbage and Pork Tripe Soup Bowl 酸菜肚絲湯
            • Home Style Dishes 家常菜
                • 51. Taiwanese Cabbage with Garlic 台灣高麗菜
                • 52. Stir-Fried Chayote with Garlic 蒜蓉佛手瓜
                • 53. Hot and Sour Shredded Potato 酸辣土豆絲
                • 54. Hot and Sour Cabbage 酸辣包心菜
                • 55. Stir-Fried Abalone Mushroom with Green and Red Pepper 雙椒炒杏鮑菇
                • 56. Stir-Fried Green Beans with Garlic Sauce 乾扁四季豆
                • 57. Scrambled Eggs with Tomato 番茄炒蛋
                • 58. Ma-Po Tofu (with pork) 麻婆豆腐
                • 59. Shredded Pork with Dried Bean Curd 香干肉絲
                • 60. Stir-Fried Bean Curd with Spicy Pepper 尖椒豆皮
                  Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                • 61. Stir-Fried Shredded Pork with Spicy Pepper 尖椒肉絲
                  Spicy 辣
                • 62. Bean Thread Noodles with Ground Pork 螞蟻上樹
                • 63. Twice-Cooked Pork Belly 回鍋肉
                • 64. Home Style Tofu with Mushrooms and Ground Pork 香菇肉末豆腐煲
                • 65. Potherb Mustard with Ground Pork 雪裡紅炒肉末
                • 66. Spicy Pepper with Pork Intestine 尖椒肥腸
                  Spicy 辣
                • 67. Chinese Meatballs 紅燒獅子頭
                • 68. Green Beans with Pig Intestines 四季肥腸
                • 69. Korean Style Stir-Fried Rice Cakes 韓式年糕
                • 70. Slice Pork Belly with Sour Cabbage and Glass Noodles 酸菜白肉
                • 71. Griddle Cooked Pig Intestines 干鍋肥腸
                • 72. Braised Pork with Starch Noodles 豬肉燉粉條
                • 73. Kung Pao Shrimp 宮保蝦仁
                • 74. Shredded Pork with Peking Sauce 京醬肉絲
                • 75. Spicy Pork with Green Onions and Korean Spicy Sauce 韓式辣炒豬肉
                  Spicy 辣
                • 76. Kimchi with Sliced Pork Belly 韓式泡菜炒豬肉
                • 77. Thai Style Spicy and Hot Chicken 泰式椒麻雞
                  Spicy 辣
                • 78. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce and Ground Pork 魚香茄子煲
                  Spicy 辣
                • 79. Stewed Tofu with pork belly 紅燒豆腐
                  Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                • 80. Hakka Stir-Fried with Pork and Squid 客家小炒
                • 81. Pork Belly with Brown Sauce 紅燒五花肉
                • 83. Taiwanese Style Pig Intestines and Blood in Pot 五更腸旺
                • 84. Shredded Spicy Pork Tripe with Spicy Peppers 麻辣肚絲
                  Spicy 辣
                • 85. Boiled Pork 水煮肉片
                • 85. Boiled Fish 水煮魚片
                • 86. Fish with Chili Bean Sauce and Ground Pork 豆瓣魚
                • 87. Dry-Fried Yellow Croaker 乾煎小黃魚
                • 88. Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage 酸菜魚
                • 89. Kung Pao Chicken and Shrimp 宮保雞丁和蝦
                • 90. Three Sauce Chicken 三杯雞
                  Served with soy, wine and sesame.
                  附醬油, 酒及芝麻。
                • 91. Stir-Fried Sliced Lamb with Spicy Pepper 小炒羊
                  Spicy 辣
                • 92. Lamb Hot Pot 羊肉小火鍋
                • 93. Stewed Short Pork Ribs with Potato 紅燒小排燉土豆
                • 94. Griddled Cooked Cauliflower with Pork 乾鍋花菜
                • 95. Shredded Pork with Spicy Chili Sauce 魚香肉絲
                  Spicy 辣
                • 96. Sour Cabbage with Pork Bean Thread Noodles 酸菜粉絲炒肉
                • 97. Stir-Fried Lotus Root with Black Mushroom and Red Pepper 荷塘小炒
                • 98. Stir-Fried Cucumber with Shrimp 清炒蝦仁
                • 99. Hot and Sour Lotus Root 酸辣藕丁
                • 100. Stir-Fried Leaf Lettuce 清炒油麥菜
                  Served A-Choy.
                • 101. Black Bean Fish with A-Choy 豆鼓魿鱼油麥菜
                • 102. Stir-Fried Asparagus with Garlic 响油芦笋
                • 103. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce and Garlic 蠔油唐芥藍
              • Asian Delight 點心小菜
                  • 25. Green Onion Cake 蔥油餅
                  • 26. Chinese Omelet 蛋餅
                  • 27. Leek Pie (with Shrimp) 韮菜盒子
                    Served with 2 pieces.
                  • 28. Beef Shank and Tendon in Cold Sauce 涼拌雙拼
                    Served beef shank and tendon.
                  • 29. Fried Dumplings with Pork and Green Onion 鍋貼
                    Served 8 pieces.
                  • 30. Mom’s Pan-Fried Stuffed Buns with Pork and Green Onion 媽媽煎包
                    Served with 5 pieces.
                  • 31. Peanut Pan-Fried Stuffed Buns 花生生煎包 花生生煎包
                    Served with 6 pieces.
                  • 31. Red Bean Pan-Fried Stuffed Puns 紅豆生煎包
                    Served with 6 pieces.
                  • 32. Beef Roll 牛肉捲餅
                    Served green onion cake wrapped with sliced beef, cilantro, and green onion.
                    附蔥油餅卷配牛肉片, 香菜及青蔥。
                  • 33. Beijing Meat Pie (pork) 京都肉餅
                  • 35. Spicy Lamb Kebabs with Cumin 孜然羊肉串
                    Served 4 pieces.
                    Spicy 辣
                  • 36. Homemade Dumplings with Pork and Cilantro 香菜水餃
                    Served 15 pieces.
                  • 37. Homemade Dumplings with Pork, Leeks and Shrimp 媽媽水餃豬肉韮菜蝦
                    Served 15 pieces.
                  • Pork & Corn Dumplings 豬肉玉米餃子
                • Taiwanese 台灣小吃
                    • 38. Taro and Turnip with Sausage and Shelled Shrimp 芋頭蘿蔔糕
                    • 39. Oyster Pancake 蚵仔煎
                    • 40. Shrimp Pancake 蝦仁煎
                    • 41. Taiwan Fried Chicken 鹽酥雞
                      Served popcorn chicken.
                    • 42. Taiwanese Style Fried Rice Noodles with Pork and Shrimp 台灣炒米粉
                      Served includes pork, shelled dry shrimp, mushroom, cabbage, carrots and cilantro.
                      附含豬肉, 有殼蝦蜜, 香菇, 包菜, 胡蘿蔔及香菜。
                  • Noodles 麵點
                      • 13. Mom's Spicy Cold Noodles 媽媽麻辣涼麵
                        Spicy 辣
                      • 14. Bean Curd with Bean Thread Noodle Soup 油豆腐細粉
                      • 15. Taiwanese Style Noodles with Ground Pork 肉燥乾麵
                      • 16. Beijing Style Noodles with Ground Pork 北京炸醬麵
                        Served with brown sauce.
                      • 17. Szechwan Pickled Vegetables and Pork Noodle Soup 榨菜肉絲麵
                      • 18. Sour Cabbage and Ground Pork Noodle Soup 酸菜肉沫麵
                      • 19. Scrambled Egg with Tomato Noodle 番茄雞蛋面
                      • 20. Beef Stewed with Flat Rice Noodle Soup 牛肉河粉
                      • 21. Beef Stewed with Bean Thread Noodle Soup 牛肉細粉
                      • 23. Beef Stewed Noodle Soup with Tomato 蕃茄牛肉麵
                      • 24. Beef Stewed Noodle Soup 紅燒牛肉麵
                    • Chow Mein 炒麵
                        • 43. Vegetable Chow Mein 素炒面
                        • 44. Chicken Chow Mein 雞肉炒面
                        • 45. Stewed Beef Chow Mein 牛肉炒面
                        • 46. Shrimp Chow Mein 蝦炒面
                        • 48. Mom's Chow Mein with Taiwanese Sausage and Shrimp 媽媽炒面
                        • 50. Stir-Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Pork 乾炒豬肉河粉
                        • 50. Stir-Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken 乾炒雞肉河粉
                        • 50. Stir-Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Shrimp 乾炒蝦仁河粉
                      • Fried Rice 炒飯
                          • 43. Vegetable Fried Rice 素炒飯
                          • 44. Chicken Fried Rice 雞肉炒飯
                          • 46. Shrimp Fried Rice 蝦炒飯
                          • 47. Taiwanese Style Fried Rice with Pineapple and Sausage 台式香腸鳳梨炒飯
                          • 48. Mom's Fried Rice with Taiwanese Sausage and Shrimp 媽媽炒飯
                          • 49. Kimichi Fried Rice with Pork 韓式泡菜炒飯
                        • Side Orders 配菜
                            • White Rice 白飯
                            • Add Large Size White Rice 加大份的白飯
                            • Add Small Size White Rice 加小份的白飯
                          • Dessert 甜點
                              • 113. Fried Red Bean Rice Cake 炸紅豆年糕
                              • 116. Steamed Bun 黃金小饅頭
                            • Beverage 飲料
                                • Winter Melon Tea 冬瓜茶
                                • Thai Milk Tea 泰式奶茶
                              5-Star Reviews
                              Hear from people who love this spot
                              Urooj F.
                              1 week ago
                              Best fried rice and best fried bun in the salt lake area!!!

                              Pranaya B.
                              1 month ago
                              Authentic homemade-style chinese cooking.

                              Santhosh G.
                              3 months ago
                              Best Chinese in town!!

                              Sivani I.
                              5 months ago
                              Best Chinese restaurant in town

                              Patricia M.
                              5 months ago
                              Craved great food and got it! Loved dry green beans.

                              Al A.
                              5 months ago
                              The order arrived 10 minutes prior to initial estimate, the food was hot and flavorful. I’ll definitely recommend Mom’s Kitchen to family, friends and co-workers.

                              Lisa P.
                              5 months ago
                              Omg. I finally found good Chinese delivery! The food is amazing!

                              TRACIE O.
                              8 months ago
                              So good

                              TRACIE O.
                              8 months ago
                              Delivery was super quick and the food is very good

                              Sai Krishna C.
                              8 months ago
                              Mom’s fried rice and the Kim chi fried rice are game changers.

                              Subhash Chandra Mahesh K.
                              9 months ago
                              Good food and good price!

                              Priyanka Y.
                              12 months ago
                              I’m Chinese. This restaurant have the delicious Chinese food. Makes me feel home.

                              Pravallika Y.
                              12 months ago
                              They provide authentic Chinese cuisine and it helps me when I’m feeling homesick.
                              Frequently asked questions

                              Can I order Mom's Kitchen delivery in South Salt Lake with Uber Eats?

                              Yes. Mom's Kitchen delivery is available on Uber Eats in South Salt Lake.

                              Is Mom's Kitchen delivery available near me?

                              Mom's Kitchen delivery might not be available everywhere in South Salt Lake, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

                              How do I order Mom's Kitchen delivery online in South Salt Lake?

                              There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Mom's Kitchen menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

                              What’s the best thing to order for Mom's Kitchen delivery in South Salt Lake?

                              What’s best at Mom's Kitchen is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in “Picked for you.”

                              How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at Mom's Kitchen in South Salt Lake?

                              The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your South Salt Lake address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on Mom's Kitchen delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.