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Le Thai 2

Le Thai 2

4.8 xStar (6,760+)416.1 miThaiFamily FriendlyGroup Friendly$$Info

2202 W Charleston Blvd

Le Thai 2 is a popular Thali restaurant in Las Vegas, known for its high-quality ingredients and authentic curries. It is one of the most popular spots in Las Vegas on Uber Eats, with evening being the most pop... More
Le Thai 2 is a popular Thali restaurant in Las Vegas, known for its high-quality ingredients and authentic curries. It is one of the most popular spots in Las Vegas on Uber Eats, with evening being the most popular time for orders. Customers rave about the delicious noodles and the restaurant is excellently rated. The top ordered items at Le Thai 2 are the Short Rib Fried Rice, Pad Thai Noodles, and Three Color Curry, with Pad Thai Noodles and Short Rib Fried Rice commonly ordered together. Less
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Rating and reviews


6760+ Ratings

"absolutely my favorite for Tom yum soup. tried the hottest... lol, too much for me. level 2 for a hint of hot. level 3, might get red cheeks. everything I've tried there has been spot on! thx u!!!"

 • BRIAN M. • 12/13/23

"I order the Tom kha soup all the time! It's so delicious and you can customize the level of spicy. I stumbled onto this place one day and I don't order thai from anywhere else now"

 • Alexandra W. • 10/12/23

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  • Rating and reviews



    6760+ Ratings • 

    204 Reviews

    Sandy N.
     • 04/12/24

    Best Thai Food in town, hands down

    Dustin N.
     • 04/10/24

    Best Thai food in vegas. Definitely a sleeper. The curry and pad Thai is amazing!!

    Leonardo J.
     • 04/10/24

    Food’s on point and they was early too!!

    Kimmie F.
     • 04/08/24

    Yummyyy thank yoi

    Sharon K.
     • 04/06/24

    We order from Le Thai 2 often. We like it a lot.

    Levi S.
     • 04/06/24

    Outstanding food that was perfectly flavorful!

    Damani R.
     • 04/04/24

    On time and fast

    Sharon K.
     • 03/27/24

    Good food, reasonable prices, and large portions. A win all around!

    DeCarlos D.
     • 03/22/24

    Consistently delicious!!

    Emily M.
     • 03/15/24

    delicious and good portions with reasonable prices

    Henna C.
     • 03/10/24

    I had pad see ewe noodles and they were super yummy and they accommodated vegetarian option without egg for me

    Jay T.
     • 03/09/24

    Very Tasty and filling

    Kofi O.
     • 03/07/24

    Tasty and flavourful

    Douglas P.
     • 03/07/24

    Thumbs up

    Amr E.
     • 03/04/24

    Delicious, taste, and fresh food

    Vanessa L.
     • 03/04/24

    Always tasty, never disappointed.

    Niqi D.
     • 03/02/24

    The food never lets me down

    Yolanda W.
     • 03/02/24

    The food is delicious always and they will make special accommodations too.

    Courtney G.
     • 02/27/24

    The food was delivered hot and was super tasty.

    Nicole S.
     • 02/26/24

    It was absolutely delicious

    Abram A.
     • 02/24/24

    Very quick and efficient.

    Ashley J.
     • 02/23/24

    Fast delivery and food was still hot . Thank you

    aj G.
     • 02/19/24

    That short rib fried rice always good

    Beans B.
     • 02/17/24

    amazing 😍😍

    Sharron S.
     • 02/17/24


    Emily M.
     • 02/15/24


    Rose M.
     • 02/06/24

    Consistently delicious. Have you tried the short rib fried rice? if not, you need to.

    Alisha M.
     • 02/04/24

    their Thai tea is really good

     • 02/03/24

    Some of the best chicken pad Thai I’ve ever had.

    Leslie W.
     • 02/01/24

    great taste!

    Fatima F.
     • 01/29/24

    Really good Thai. The papaya salad is a best kept secret.

    Teresa A.
     • 01/27/24

    Always the best Thai food!

    Andi V.
     • 01/26/24

    The short rib fried rice was delicious.

    DeCarlos D.
     • 01/26/24

    Love the iced Green Thai Tea!

    Lyselle P.
     • 01/14/24


    Maria T.
     • 01/14/24

    Fresh and delicious food! The food was securely packed!

    Shannon C.
     • 01/13/24

    Great prices and excellent food!!

    Tatiana N.
     • 01/12/24

    Best coconut soup in town!

    Dr Samantha H.
     • 01/04/24

    Good food

    Candace L.
     • 12/01/23

    Always delicious

    Christian L.
     • 12/30/23

    I like when what I order and what I get match up and taste really good. Le Thai 2 delivers on that.

    BRIAN M.
     • 12/28/23

    ive ordered delivery several times now, EXTREMELY consistent, thx u!!! by far my favorite Thai menu

    Booker F.
     • 12/19/23

    Taste and serving size is perfect

    DeCarlos D.
     • 12/17/23

    One of the best in the area!!

    Lesharyn J.
     • 12/16/23

    Flavors were unmatched

    Jonathan Z.
     • 12/15/23

    foods always amazing.

    BRIAN M.
     • 12/13/23

    absolutely my favorite for Tom yum soup. tried the hottest... lol, too much for me. level 2 for a hint of hot. level 3, might get red cheeks. everything I've tried there has been spot on! thx u!!!

    BRIAN M.
     • 12/11/23

    had 3 meals, 3 different days. very consistent and super delicious! thx u guys!!!

    Jessica B.
     • 12/06/23

    The Short rib fried rice is the best

    BRIAN M.
     • 12/04/23

    definitely my favorite Thai restaurant

    BRIAN M.
     • 12/01/23

    wonderful tom yum soup! ... should come with rice, don't forget to order a side of rice to go un soup

    Dean F.
     • 11/20/23

    Amazing food done right and super fresh.

    Nicole M.
     • 11/19/23

    Awesome Thai!

    katie B.
     • 11/16/23

    V good portion & food quality! Curry was delicious and perfect level of spice

    Q P.
     • 11/15/23

    The short rib rice and the pad Thai are everything. You also have to try the spring rolls and chicken wings. You won’t regret it.

    Britteny M.
     • 11/15/23

    Best Thai food in Vegas

    riley K.
     • 11/14/23


    Naomi L.
     • 11/14/23

    Good tasting pad thai. Most places put too much tamarind sauce that makes it too sweet. They have just the right amount.

    Erika J.
     • 11/03/23

    excellent food at a good price

    Adrian L.
     • 10/28/23

    Very good food

    Brian G.
     • 10/28/23

    Short rib fried rice is amazing

    Cecilia Rachelle K.
     • 10/26/23

    Short rib fried rice was excellent!

    Brian S.
     • 10/24/23

    Great foooood!

    riley K.
     • 10/20/23


    Elizabeth S.
     • 10/19/23

    The short rib fried rice is delicious!

     • 10/17/23

    really good!

    kristi N.
     • 10/14/23


    Nathan H.
     • 10/14/23


    Zoey G.
     • 10/13/23


    Alexandra W.
     • 10/12/23

    I order the Tom kha soup all the time! It's so delicious and you can customize the level of spicy. I stumbled onto this place one day and I don't order thai from anywhere else now

    Sarah R.
     • 10/08/23

    consistently fresh and tasty, best chicken satay in town for portion and value

    Brian G.
     • 10/02/23

    Best fried rice

    Meredith P.
     • 10/01/23

    Always delicious

    Eduardo R.
     • 09/29/23


    Scott F.
     • 09/28/23

    My red curry was perfectly spiced. Will order again.

    Eduardo R.
     • 09/22/23

    very good

    Louis M.
     • 09/19/23

    Very tasty

    Bucky H.
     • 09/15/23

    I’ve ordered from probably every Thai food place in Las Vegas and this is definitely by far one of the top delivery places in all of Las Vegas.

    Alexandra W.
     • 09/12/23

    delicious as always. this is the only thai place I order from anymore

    Nathalie M.
     • 09/11/23

    absolutely delicious- Short rib fried rice, chicken pad Thai & spring rolls wish I lived here- would eat once a week

    Tashua R.
     • 09/07/23

    They're the best. Simply put~

    Thais K.
     • 08/25/23

    Porzione abbondante e gustosa

    Ira P.
     • 08/25/23

    Delicious and good wuality

    Milan D.
     • 08/15/23

    Amazing selection of food. A must try for those that enjoy Thai Food.

    Spencer S.
     • 08/08/23

    Always tasty

    Erica G.
     • 08/08/23

    Amazing food!! Thank you!

    Rochelle U.
     • 08/07/23

    Amazing short rib fried rice, cream cheese Rangoon and mango sticky rice!!

    Liv C.
     • 08/03/23

    delicious food great price

     • 07/30/23

    Always good and always fresh

    Kristi S.
     • 07/28/23

    My favorite Thai in Vegas!

    Bree V.
     • 07/27/23

    Short rib rice was

    Katie M.
     • 07/25/23

    We usually go to the downtown location but since it’s closed for now, we decided to try their second location. And it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Short Rib Fried Rice 🔥🔥 🙌🏻.

    Meredith P.
     • 07/20/23

    Delicious and consistent Thai food!

    Federico B.
     • 07/18/23

    Best Thai food I have ever had in my life

    Troy D.
     • 07/18/23

    Great food

    Michael C.
     • 07/17/23

    Love the waterfall beef and short rib rice

    Cathy W.
     • 07/14/23


    Jamie K.
     • 07/13/23

    Best short rib fried rice I’ve ever had!!

    Jillian C.
     • 07/12/23

    Best around town, food is always fresh and tasty. Always consistent.

    Monique G.
     • 07/10/23

    Good portions and nice presentation of they’re food.

     • 07/10/23

    The short rib rice is amazing

    Ping S.
     • 07/07/23

    Good is so food

    Bucky H.
     • 07/06/23

    Fast fresh HOT amazing flavor well packed!!

    Nadine S.
     • 07/02/23

    Great price, tasty, and good quality

    Kelvin A.
     • 07/01/23

    Beef Short Rib Fried Rice. one of a kind.

    Maishilio H.
     • 06/28/23

    Made to order and always delicious!

    Glenda S.
     • 06/27/23

    Food is very tasty and good all the time

    Jiali Y.
     • 06/24/23


    Eduardo R.
     • 06/22/23

    Great food.

    JC B.
     • 06/21/23

    Ate this food the whole time I was pregnant and it's still my favorite go to comfort food. The spice levels are no joke, air on the side of caution or risk implosion.

    Anna W.
     • 06/20/23

    Equally delicious to the original. A+ per usual

    Kelvin A.
     • 06/18/23

    Short rib fried Rice

    Gee one T.
     • 06/17/23

    Thanks for the great food

    Angela L.
     • 06/15/23


    Jiali Y.
     • 06/15/23

    good beef salad

    Mikal G.
     • 06/11/23


    Sahil B.
     • 06/03/23

    Food was delicious!

    Emily E.
     • 05/30/23

    The best Thai food in town

    Kristal P.
     • 05/26/23

    The garlic fried rice is soooo delicious!!!

    DAVID T.
     • 05/25/23

    Best Pad Thai in town

    Gigi C.
     • 05/24/23

    Bomb as always!!!

    DAVID T.
     • 05/23/23

    Great as always

    Melissa Y.
     • 05/23/23

    Good food

    Kalenna A.
     • 05/21/23

    I appreciated how much my order looked like it was taken care of !!! Beautiful presentation thank you!

    Mia C.
     • 05/19/23

    Authentic flavor always tastes fresh

     • 05/17/23

    The yellow curry and garlic fried rice are some of my favorites in the city

     • 05/02/23

    Their portions have gotten smaller, but great quality fresh food every time. Love you Le Thai best Thai food in Vegas

     • 05/02/23

    Thank you

    Shalina K.
     • 04/29/23

    Love the wings and short rib fried rice!!

    Cecilia H.
     • 04/22/23

    the food was fresh and full of flavor

    Tara B.
     • 04/19/23

    The flavor is amazing! Unlike any other restaurant I’ve tried. I have not had one bad meal here. Everything is delicious!

     • 04/15/23

    always fresh

    Flora H.
     • 04/15/23

    best ever!!!

    Yolanda W.
     • 04/09/23

    Short Rib Fried Rice is always my favorite!! The dry noodles are excellent too. This food is awesome every time!!

    Deadrienne R.
     • 04/08/23

    mango rice is AMAZING

    Ruby P.
     • 04/06/23

    awesome place to eat hands down, no exceptions.

    Ruby P.
     • 04/06/23

    Awesome food, excellent flavor and freshly made 10/10 place to eat

    Mozart P.
     • 04/04/23

    The food is really good the people that recommended it was on point.

    Adam S.
     • 03/08/23


    Todd H.
     • 03/04/23

    Best Thai food downtown LV. Chicken panang curry hits all the right culinary notes. Like, every single time !

    Daisy J.
     • 03/02/23

    Their pork belly, YUM!

    Carla T.
     • 02/28/23

    food was perfect and still piping hot when delivered to me. le thai got the order just right. not a bit of cilantro in sight. thank you so much!

    Teresa H.
     • 02/19/23

    Their curry and dried noodles awesome!

    Georgia P.
     • 02/01/23

    Absolutely a surprise and great one!

    Riczen M.
     • 01/26/23

    Very good

    Emily P.
     • 01/21/23

    Delicious, as always

     • 01/09/23

    Great Food

    Monica T.
     • 01/07/23

    best yellow curry in town! been a loyal customer since they opened their first location downtown YEARS ago

    Aganda G.
     • 01/06/23

    Great food!

     • 01/05/23

    Awesome, as always!

     • 01/05/23

    Best Satay in town!

    Gaelyn O.
     • 01/04/23

    They're always consistent with the quality of food and everything is delicious.

    Elena S.
     • 01/01/23

    Very delicious curries😍

    Brent U.
     • 12/22/22

    The Best Thai Food in Vegas, AMAZING!

    sharon G.
     • 12/06/22

    definitely my favorite Thai food

    Terriann D.
     • 12/04/22

    The food was delicious, Absolutely authentic Thai.

    Amanda S.
     • 11/16/22

    Always amazing!!!

    Michael H.
     • 11/12/22

    Short rib fried rice is delicious

    Bonnie H.
     • 11/11/22

    Great tasting food

    chris B.
     • 10/16/22

    Spicy, good portions. Really liked the fried bananas.

     • 10/13/22

    First time having it and I enjoyed it

    Mecca C.
     • 10/04/22


    Brooke T.
     • 08/01/22

    Quick and delicious.

    Kimberly P.
     • 08/25/22

    Made my day so much better!!!

    Victor B.
     • 08/23/22

    Food was great !!

    Kamali G.
     • 08/23/22

    Literally I’ll start off with the word “Literally” the best Thai food I’ve eaten in Las Vegas hands down

    NOEL T.
     • 08/16/22

    Soooo freaking good.

    Janelle S.
     • 08/10/22

    Everything tasted amazing.

    Beth M.
     • 07/19/22

    Everything was delicious.

    Damaso L.
     • 06/18/22

    I love the Curry!

    AISHA R.
     • 05/01/22

    Fresh and flavorful

    Jake K.
     • 05/27/22

    Very good

    Jackie R.
     • 05/20/22

    First time to eat here. Really good portions & tasted great.!!

    Debbie-Ann G.
     • 05/14/22

    Great Thai food and quick service!

    Jason R.
     • 05/11/22

    Wow! It was really good

    Doug T.
     • 03/30/22

    Great tasting food, huge portions, delivered on time

    Gyula R.
     • 03/18/22

    The lunch special is a great deal, both the rice and the main dish portions are very solid. I'll order again for sure

    Demetrius (Trabarri) R.
     • 03/12/22

    Instructions were followed and all was amazeballs.

    Jamareo C.
     • 03/11/22

    Very very good precisely excellent cooking!!!

    燕微 陈.
     • 03/02/22

    Everything‘s good except that they didn't offer me any dinnerware

    Toni J.
     • 02/27/22


    Efren M.
     • 01/26/22

    Patra was amazing and super helpful

    Riley S.
     • 01/15/22


    Stephanie M.
     • 01/15/22

    Food is always delicious!

    keiwan J.
     • 01/04/22


    Tonya W.
     • 12/21/21

    Always great.

    tiana C.
     • 12/18/21

    fast delivery, super yummy!

    Jessenia P.
     • 12/16/21

    Never disappoints

    Justin M.
     • 12/16/21

    Very respectful delivery driver!

    Sandra U.
     • 12/08/21


    Tyler A.
     • 11/23/21

    Everything was excellent!

    Claire G.
     • 11/16/21

    Great taste! Delicious and spicy with good quality chicken!

    Cynthia M.
     • 11/14/21

    Amazing as always!

    Caleb W.
     • 11/14/21

    Red Curry is fantastic

    Mika G.
     • 11/10/21

    My favorite Thai place!

    Jessica H.
     • 10/26/21

    The order was perfect. One of my items was customized and they nailed it. I’ve never been disappointed with Le Thai!

    Sam M.
     • 10/18/21

    Best Thai Food in all of Las Vegas!

     • 10/13/21

    Finally a truly good Thai place in Las Vegas. If you like spicy, you'll have to exaggerate the 'heat' rating.

    Samantha B.
     • 10/02/21

    Food was good.

    Fran F.
     • 09/25/21

    The best takeout in town

     • 09/22/21


    Makenzie S.
     • 08/10/21

    Best curry I've ever eaten

    Mark P.
     • 07/07/21

    Hot and delicious

    Beatrice H.
     • 07/07/21

    Perfect always

  • Frequently asked questions

    • Yes. Le Thai 2 delivery is available on Uber Eats in Las Vegas.

    • Enter your address to see if Le Thai 2 delivery is available to your location in Las Vegas.

    • There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Le Thai 2 menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

    • View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Le Thai 2 here on this page.

    • To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

    • Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

    • If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Le Thai 2 order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.