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    ikoi sushi Menu and Delivery in San Rafael

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    Location and hours

    601 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903
    Every Day
    11:30 AM - 02:30 PMDinner Menu
    04:00 PM - 09:00 PMDinner Menu
    11:30 AM - 02:30 PMLunch Specials

    ikoi sushi

    4.7 (142 ratings) • Sushi • $
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    601 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903
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    Of the 150 things on the menu at this evening go-to, the California Roll is one of the most popular and the Gyoza and the Miso Soup are two of the items most commonly ordered together. • $ • Sushi • Asian • Japanese • Family Friendly • Ramen
    • Picked for you
        • Gyoza
          potstickers with pork & vege inside.
        • salmon
        • California Roll
          Imitation crab meat and avocado.
        • Hamachi
        • Alaska Roll
          Salmon with avocado.
      • Appetizer
        • Chicken Kara Age
        • Gyoza
        • Edamame
          Soy beans.
        • Agedashi Tofu
          Deep fried tofu with sauce and scallion.
        • Ika Geso
          Deep fried caramari legs.
        • Kaki Fry (5 Pieces)
          Deep fried creamy hiroshina oyster.
        • Yakitori Three Pieces
          Chicken skewers.
        • Takoyaki Six pieces
          Deep fried octopus dumpling.
        • Veggle Tempura
          Mixed vegetable deep fried with tempura batter.
        • Tempura
          Two Shrimp and mixed veggie deep fried with tempura batter.
        • Soft Shell Crab
          Deep fried soft shell crab.
        • Hamachi Kama
          Simply grilled yellow tail collar.
        • Sesame Ball
          Deep fry sticky rice with red bean paste inside.
        • Veggie spring roll 5pc
          Deep fried veggie spring roll with sweet & sour sauce
        • Spam musubi (1pc)
        • Jalapeno popper 3pc
          Deep fried Jalapeno , spicy tuna & cream cheese top with eel sauce spicy mayo, scallion and tobiko
      • Soup, Salad and Rice
        • Seafood Sunomono
        • Tuna Tartare
        • Steam Rice
        • Miso Soup
        • House Salad
          Romaine lettuce with olive oil and parmesan cheese.
        • Wakame Salad
          Seaweed salad.
        • Cucumber Salad
          Cucumber Salad with vinegar dressing.
        • Tuna Salad
          Romain lettuce sliced tuna with tobiko and ikura also can be salmon or hamachi.
        • Seafood Poki Salad
          Assorted raw fish onion, tobiko, seaweed salad sesame seed and scallion.
        • Seared Tuna Salad
          Seared tuna, spring mix, tobiko, scallion
      • Plates
          • Chicken Katsu
            Deep fried breaded chicken cutlet.
          • Chicken Teriyaki
            Grilled boneless chicken with teriyaki sauce.
          • Sabashioyaki
            Grilled mackerel.
          • Tempura Dinner
            Four shrimp tempura and assorted vegetable.
          • Beef Teriyaki
            Grilled rib eye beef with teriyaki sauce.
          • Salmon Teriyaki
            Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.
        • Yaki Udon (Stir Fry)
            • Veggle Yaki Udon
              Stirred fried udon noodles with veggie.
            • Chicken Yaki Udon
              Stirred fried udon noodles with chicken veggie.
            • Beef Yaki Udon
              Stirred fried udon noodles with beef veggie.
            • Shrimp Yaki Udon
              Stirred fired udon noodles with shrimp veggie.
          • Nigiri
              • Kanikama
                Imitation crab meat.
              • Tamago
                Japanese sweet omlet.
              • Saba
                Pickled mackerel.
              • Tako
              • Maguro
              • Hamachi
              • Tobiko
                Flying fish roe.
              • Ikura
                Salmon roe.
              • Hotate
                Hokkaido scallop.
              • Inari
                Deep fried tofu skin.
              • Ebi
              • Ika
              • salmon
              • Shiro Maguro
                Albacore tuna.
              • Unagi
              • Torched Salmon
                Seared salmon with mayonnaise.
              • Spicy Scallop
                Scallop with spicy mayonnaise, tobiko, and scallion.
              • Torched Hotate
                Seared scallop with mayonnaise.
            • Bonburi
                • San Shouku Don
                  Slices of tuna hamachi and salmon over sushi rice.
                • Oyako Don
                  Japanese rice bowl with chicken egg and scallion.
                • Katsu Don
                  Chicken kastu rice bowl with egg scallion.
                • Unagi Don
                  Barbecued eel over rice.
                • Tekka Don
                  Tuna sashimi over sushi rice
                • Chirashi
                  Assorted Sashimi over sushi rice.
              • Maiki (Seaweed Outside)
                  • Kappa Maki
                  • Kanpyo
                    Season squash.
                  • Natto
                    Fermented soybean.
                  • Ume Kyu
                    Sour plum with cucumber.
                  • Tekka Maki
                  • Oshinko
                    Pickled raddish.
                  • Avocado
                  • Salmon Skin
                    Salmon skin with scallion tobiko.
                  • Ika Ikura
                    Squid and salmaon roe.
                  • Sake Maki
                • Dinner Cobination
                    • Sashimi Mini (Six Pieces)
                      Slices of tuna, salmon and hamachi.
                    • Veggie Sushi Combo
                      Kappa, avocado, inari, and veggie futomaki.
                    • Sushi Starter
                      Sake nigiri (Two Pieces), ebi nigiri(Two Pieces), tekka maki, and California roll.
                    • Ikoi Sushi Combo
                      Six Pieces assorted sushi with assorted roll.
                    • Sushi Deluxe
                      Eight pieces assorted sushi with assorted roll.
                    • Sashimi Combo (Twelve Pieces)
                      Slices of tuna, salmon hamachi and one chef choice.
                  • Roll
                    • Godzilla Roll
                    • Geisha Roll
                    • California Roll
                      Imitation crab meat and avocado.
                    • Tiger Roll
                      Salmon skin cucumber scallion and tobiko.
                    • Avocado KYU Roll
                      Avocado and cucumber.
                    • Alaska Roll
                      Salmon with avocado.
                    • Spicy Tuna Roll
                      Spicy tuna with cucumber.
                    • New York Roll
                      Shrimp with avocado and cucumber.
                    • Veggie Roll
                      Tempura veggie with cucumber, avocado and lettuce.
                    • S T C Roll
                      Spicy tuna with crunchy.
                    • Tuna Avocado Roll
                      Tuna with avocado.
                    • Rock N Roll
                      Eel, avocado, kyu and eel sauce.
                    • Philly Roll
                      Fresh salmon with cream cheese.
                    • Negihama Roll
                      Yellow tail, avocado, and scallion.
                    • Tempura Roll
                      Shrimp tempura, avocado, kyu, and lettuce.
                    • Spider Roll
                      Soft shell crab, avocado, kyu, lettuce, and spicy mayonnaise.
                    • Futomaki Roll (Five Pieces)
                      Egg, spinach, fish flake, oshinko, kanpyo, and eel.
                  • Special Roll
                    • 49ER Roll
                    • Sakura Roll
                    • Spicy Crunchy Roll
                    • Titanic Roll
                    • Lion King Roll
                      Cal roll top with torched salmon, scallion, and eel sauce.
                    • TNT Roll
                      Spicy crab, avocado shrimp top with torched spicy scallop, tobiko, and scallion.
                    • Rainbow Roll
                      Cal roll top with four kinds of fish.
                    • Mafia Roll
                      Tempura shrimp. Kyu top with seared saba, eel sauce, and scallion.
                    • Dragon Roll
                      Tempura shrimp. Kyu top with eel, avocado, tobiko, scallion, and sauce.
                    • Under the Sea Roll
                      Spicy tuna roll top with hamachi, salmon, and avocado.
                    • Red Lion Roll
                      Tempura shrimp. Kyu top with spicy tuna, scallion, and spicy mayonnaise.
                    • Ocean Roll
                      Spicy tuna, spicy crab top with hamachi, tuna, ebi, tobiko, and eel sauce.
                    • Double Hamachi Roll
                      Hamachi, avocado, scallion top with hamachi, and tobiko.
                    • Caterpillar Roll
                      Cal roll top with eel, avocado, and eel sauce.
                    • koi special
                      soft shell crab and crab meat topped with assorted fish and eel sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo ,tobiko, scallion.
                    • Golden Gate
                      Deep fried cream cheese, avocado, tempura shrimp topped with spicy crab meat, spicy mayo and eel sauce.
                  • Noodle
                    • Shoyu Ramen Noodle
                    • Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle
                    • Tempura Udon Noodle
                      Udon noodle soup with assorted tempura on the side.
                    • Nabeyaki Udon Noodle
                      Udon with chicken, fishcake egg, and tempura shirmp.
                    • Seafood Garlic Noodle
                      Udon with assorted seafood and garlic butter broth.
                    • Su Udon Noodle
                      Plain Udon.
                    • Miso Ramen
                      Miso based ramen with cha-shu and egg.
                    • Beef Udon Soup
                      Japanese comfort dish made of tender sliced beef seasoned on top of warm udon noodle in a savory dashi broth.
                  • Drinks
                      • Apple juice

                      • soda
                      • Ramune
                        Japanese soda
                      • sparkling water
                      • Sapporp Small
                      • Orion 633ml
                      • Sawanotsuru 150Ml
                        Dry junmai
                      • Sho Chika Bai (375 ml)
                        House nigori
                      • Hana Kizakura (300Ml)
                        Junmai Ginjo
                      • Yaegaki (300ML)
                      • Perfect Snow (300ML)
                        Nigori ( junmai unfiltered rich & sweet)
                      • Piano Kizakura (300ML)
                        Sparking sa ke
                      • Kurosawa (300ML)
                      • Kikusui (300ML)
                        Extra Dry (Junmai Ginjo)
                      • Plum soda
                      • Perrier Sparking water
                      • sapporp Large (600ML)
                      • ki rin small (355ML)
                      • A sahi Small (355ML)
                      • A sahi Large (633ML)
                      • Ramune Melon
                      • Ramune Lychee
                    • Dessert
                        • Green Tea Cheesecake
                        • Strawberry Cheesecake
                      Spend $20, Save $5
                      5-Star Reviews
                      Hear from people who love this spot
                      Mahesh R.
                      4 months ago
                      Great, fresh sushi and sashimi and quick delivery.
                      Megan W.
                      5 months ago
                      Quick and delicious
                      Angie L.
                      5 months ago
                      Everything is soo good the soup was needed
                      Tulasi P.
                      5 months ago
                      i like their sushi
                      Azharuddin M.
                      6 months ago
                      Some of the best sushu in Marin. And they have Masubi!
                      mythri G.
                      7 months ago
                      Delicious, fast and friendly sushi spot. We order lunch here regularly. The menu has so much good stuff. From sushi to katie to misubi. Big yum!
                      Aishwarya Y.
                      7 months ago
                      Sushi is great!
                      Karishma K.
                      8 months ago
                      Consistently good sushi at a reasonable price.
                      Swapna B.
                      8 months ago
                      Always delicious!
                      Timothy R.
                      11 months ago