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    Hop Alley
    Too far to deliver

    Hop Alley

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    Location and hours

    Monday - Thursday
    05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    05:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    (411) on Yelp
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    ₩ • Chinese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Exclusive to Eats

    3500 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 • More

    • Vegetables

      • Yen Tsai

        Rotating, seasonal pickles.
      • Chilled Tofu

        Sliced soft tofu dressed with sesame bang bang sauce, smashed cucumbers, peanuts
      • Coriander Melon

        Seasonal melons, cucumber, green coriander berry vinaigrette
      • Long Beans

      • Gai Lan

        Grilled chinese broccoli with schmaltz, oyster sauce and chook chicken salt
      • Fish fragrant eggplant

        Fermented chili paste, black vinegar, thai chile. Vegan!
      • Turnip Cake

        Crispy turnips, lap cheong sausage, shrimp, black garlic, pickled turnip.
      • Ginger Glazed Summer Squash

        heirloom squash, Esoterra farms mokum carrots, coriander flowers, thai basil, ginger
    • Meat & Seafood

      • Cumin Lamb Buns

        Grilled Boulder Lamb, Uighur spices, spicy funky cucumber. (2 buns per order)
      • Chinese Spare Ribs

        4 spare ribs per order Contains: soy, wheat and shellfish allergens
      • Beijing Duck Roll

        Smoked shredded duck rolled up in a scallion pancake with hoisin and cabbage
      • La Zi Ji

        Battered and fried chunks of chicken thigh, tossed with a dry sichuan chili spice. Spicy and tingly!
      • Mapo Tofu

        Ground pork, fermented chili paste, leek, garlic, bubu puffs
      • Mala Octopus

        Grilled octopus, 3yr aged Douban, merlot Napa cabbage, serrano, green Sichuan vinaigrette.
    • Noodles, Dumplings & Rice

      • Vegetable Fried Rice

        Egg, seasonal vegetables, chinese chives, anaheim chilis
      • Bone Marrow Fried Rice

        Egg, green peas, scallion
      • Hong You Chao Shou

        Boiled pork & pickled cabbage dumplings. Dressed with chili oil, smoked soy and peanuts. 7 per order.
      • Fried Wontons

        Fried wontons filled with tobiko, cream cheese, scallions. Served with house made duck sauce. 5 per order
      • Vegetable Noodles

        Rice Noodles with seasonal vegetables, please specify spice level.
      • Dan Dan Mian

        Sun noodles topped with ground pork and pickled mustard greens, spicy sesame sauce, spring vegetables and a poached egg.
      • Extra Side Steamed Rice

        All orders come with 1 large 28 oz box of white rice.
      • Side of soy sauce

      • Side of house chili oil

      • Side of Dumpling chili oil (extra spicy)

      • Side of bang bang sauce

      • Chopsticks

        please note for number of guests
    Hop Alley
    (411) on Yelp
  • Paige W. • 15/8/2021
    I visited here last night with my mom, her fiancé and my husband. The experience was absolutely stellar. The server was helpful, quick, and provided great insight to questions we had about the menu. We had multiple members of the staff visit with food, water refills, plate clearing and table cleaning during our hour visit-...  

  • Audrey L. • 23/8/2021
    Good food and sleek, fun setting! Some of the dishes were very impressing but some were meh. But overall a good experience! The dishes we got were the Beijing duck rolls, bone marrow fried rice, and la zi ji chicken. This was more than enough for two people and we had decent about of leftovers!...  

  • Taylor S. • 15/8/2021
    Ordered to go food and picked up right on time, and was pleased with the overall freshness! Shared the bone marrow fried rice and the Dan Dan noodles with another person. About $50 with tip. These were incredible portions for two people. The Dan Dan noodles were absolutely delicious and really packed a kick with...  

  • Diandra L. • 20/7/2021
    I was completely blown away by my dinner at Hop Alley. Perhaps one of my favorite dinners on my Denver trip! The menu reminded me of one of my fave modern Chinese restaurants in Miami - it has the authentic flavors with some fun little twists along the way. Also, while we were sitting outside...  

  • Melissa B. • 21/7/2021
    We first decided to order takeout from here because I was hoping to kick start myself into labor during the Chinese new year. We have only ever gotten takeout from here, so I can't speak to the ambiance of the actual restaurant or cocktails, etc.. but I can def comment on the food As a...  

  • Shannon H. • 13/5/2021
    Disappointing. Would not recommend coming here for traditional Chinese food at all. We started our night with the shiitake blossoms, which were surprising and quite good. This does seem to be an invention on the restaurants part. It went downhill from there. The Gai lan was so salty it was inedible. The mapo tofu was...  
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