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    1. United States
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    3. Richmond
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    5. Gelati Celesti (Scotts Addition)
    Gelati Celesti (Scotts Addition)
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    Gelati Celesti (Scotts Addition)

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    Every Day
    12:00 PM - 09:45 PM
    (150) on Yelp
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    This spot is not only one of the hottest Richmond delivery spots on Uber Eats, but it's also one of the city's 3 most popular places for Dessert takeout. Like to do as the locals do? Then consider placing an order from this spot, because Richmond locals love it. • ₩ • Desserts • Ice Cream + Frozen Yogurt

    1400 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23230 • More

    People say...
    Fast & reliable

    • Picked for you

      • Cookie Dough

        Bite-sized chunks of cookie dough are swirled into our rich vanilla flavor to create this classic favorite.
      • Mint Chip

        The mint actually tastes like real, fresh mint and the chunks of flat chocolate provide a crunchy texture against the silkiness of the cream. Perfection!
      • Chocolate Decadence

        A chocoholic’s dream come true. Dark, rich and fudge-like, Chocolate Decadence is as heavenly as it sounds.
      • Birthday Cake

        This celebratory flavor is made with cake mix and a generous helping of rainbow sprinkles. Deliciously sweet and always a favorite.
      • Strawberry

        Forever a classic favorite, our Strawberry Ice Cream is velvety, full of deep strawberry flavor, and nothing short of refreshing.
      • Chocolate Peanut Butter

        Our signature Chocolate Ice Cream and peanut butter. The perfect combination.
      • Salted Caramel

        The buttery, slightly smoky caramel ice cream is spot on, but when the touch of salt is added in, it teeters on perfection.
      • Coffee and Cream

        There’s a subtle richness to the balance between the smoky coffee notes and the sweet cream. It's the perfect combo for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth.
      • Butter Pecan

        We stir in delicious roasted Georgian pecans to create a rich, buttery taste for that warm and friendly southern feel.
      • Chocolate

        Made with premium cocoa from France, our signature Chocolate Ice Cream is delightfully classic, velvety smooth and absolutely sublime.
      • Vanilla Chip

        Our sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream gets a boost from large chunks of chocolate chips.
      • Vanilla

        Made with the best vanilla from Madagascar, our Vanilla is carefully crafted to be sweet, creamy, and luscious.
      • Blanchard's Coffee

        We teamed up with a local friend of ours, Blanchard's Coffee Company, to create this rich, espresso-like coffee flavor.
    • Ice Cream

      • Ice Cream

    Gelati Celesti (Scotts Addition)
    (150) on Yelp
  • Tatyana F. • 5/7/2021
    OMG. No. OH MY HEAVENLY FATHER. This is THE ice cream in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. So many flavors and only so much can fit in my belly :) I had "Just Ask" and loved it, and I normally don't like anything with peanut butter. They also have a few dairy-free flavors, which is...  

  • Constance H. • 16/8/2021
    This event was sponsored by Yelp. I really needed it too. I loved the decor. Very eye pleasing and the Gelati was very mouth pleasing. So many flavors. One that would make everyone happy. From lactose intolerant to vegan friendly customers. The parking isn't the best but close enough to the oceanfront. It is conveniently...  

  • Nick D. • 24/7/2021
    Really cool eclectic flavors I would say it is definitely place a try if you're ever in this neighborhood the staff is great and friendly in the interior is well thought out.

  • Rhonda J. • 5/9/2021
    I don't know why but lately I eat my food before taking pics but it's ice cream so use your imagination. What I really wanted was vanilla custard but all they had was lemon......lemon....... Custard???? Who has ever heard of such a thing. So I got plain vanilla and cookies and cream ice cream in...  

  • Kathleen D. • 27/12/2020
    I feel like it's impossible to *not* love Gelati Celesti. They've adapted so well to COVID regulations, and curbside pickup is so fast and easy. Staff is still so friendly even though that means extra work to bring pints out to cars. I adore the rainbow cookie and Oreo flavors. I also celebrated turning 30...  
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