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    Location and hours

    9704 Clint Moore Rd, A108, Boca Raton, FL 33496
    10:00 AM - 06:45 PM
    Monday - Friday
    09:00 AM - 07:45 PM
    10:00 AM - 06:45 PM

    Fit Foodz Cafe

    4.9 (118 ratings) • Healthy • $
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    9704 Clint Moore Rd, A108, Boca Raton, FL 33496
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    One of the most popular items on the menu among Uber Eats users is the spicy avocado burger and the chunky chicken fingers and the zucchini cheese bites are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this evening go-to. • $ • Healthy • Family Friendly • Exclusive to Eats • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Chunky Chicken Fingers
      • Romaine Healthy Juice
      • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
      • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
      • Kids Chicken Fingers
        Two pieces. Baked, honey mustard or ketchup, side of choice.
    • Breakfast-Metabolism Booster
      • Harvest Scramble
        355 Cal.
        vegetarian and gluten free
      • Power Pancakes
        510 Cal.
      • Breakfast Sandwich
        398 Cal.
      • Egg White D'Lite
      • Turkey Scramble
        285 Cal.
        Egg whites, ground turkey, spinach, and tomato. Served with baked sweet potato rounds. (GF) (P)
        Gluten Free
    • Slim Zone-Grilled/Baked Entrees
      • Sheppards Pie
      • Pasta-Less Lasagne
        vegetarian and gluten free
      • Protein Overload
        Gluten Free
      • Spaghetti Squash Turkey Bolognese
      • Chunky Chicken Fingers
      • Chicken Paillard
      • California Chicken
        Sliced tomato, silky avocado slices, and fresh mozzarella. Served with side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds. (GF)
        Gluten Free
      • Turkey Meatloaf
        Sweet, tangy sauce. Served with side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds.
      • Grilled Chicken Parm
        Grilled chicken, skim milk mozzarella, and plum tomato sauce. Served with side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds. (GF)
        Gluten Free
      • Grilled Salmon
        400 Cal.
        Fresh Salmon served with the side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds
    • Start with a Warmup-Appetizers
      • Quinoa Cheese Sticks
        vegetarian and gluten free
      • Avocado Bowl
        vegetarian and gluten free
      • Zucchini Cheese Bites
      • Stuffed Avocado
        Gluten Free
      • Turkey Chili
        Gluten Free
      • Super Tuna Poke
      • Soup of the Day
        Fit Foodz Cafe's Homemade Soup of the Day
        Please Contact the Restaurant to find out Today's Soup
    • Sides
        • Broccoli (GF) (V)
          vegan and gluten free
        • Spinach (GF) (V)
          vegan and gluten free
        • Baked Sweet Potato Rounds (GF) (V)
          vegan and gluten free
        • Quinoa (GF) (V)
          vegan and gluten free
        • Brown Rice (GF) (V)
          vegan and gluten free
        • Side Salad with House Vinaigrette (GF)
          vegan and gluten free
      • Get Cut-Grains and Greens
        • Power Bowl
          565 Cal.
          vegetarian and gluten free
        • Dijon Pistachio Crusted Chicken Salad
          774 Cal.
          Gluten Free
        • Mediterranean Salad
          365 Cal.
          vegetarian and gluten free
        • Chopped Kale Salad
          525 Cal.
          vegetarian and gluten free
        • Fit Cobb Salad
          565 Cal.
          Gluten Free
        • Buddha Bowl
          491 Cal.
          vegan and gluten free
        • Suzy Q Quinoa
          475 Cal.
          vegetarian and gluten free
        • Quinoa Fried Rice
          470 Cal.
      • No Bun Burgers-Build-a-Burger
        • Going Green Burger
          vegetarian and gluten free
        • Loaded Chili
        • Bacon Arugula
        • Spicy Avocado Burger
          vegetarian, spicy and gluten free
        • Plain Burger
          Plain Burger served with the Side of the Day or Baked Sweet Potato Rounds
      • Routines-Favorites
        • Spaghetti Squash Turkey Bolognese
        • Chunky Chicken Fingers
      • Energy Booster-Healthy Carbs
        • Grilled Shrimp Wrap
        • Chipotle Chicken Wrap
        • Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap
        • Turkey, Turkey Club
        • Pesto Chicken Wrap
        • Chicken Salad Sandwich
        • Tuna Salad Sandwich
          Whole grain bread, homemade tuna salad, lettuce, tomato and cucumbers. Served with side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds.
        • Hummus Veggie Wrap
          Whole wheat wrap, fresh spinach, garlic hummus, roasted peppers, tomato, onions, and carrots. Served with side of the day or baked sweet potato rounds. (V)
      • Playground-Kids Food
          • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
            Whole grain bread. Choice of American or skim milk mozzarella cheese.
          • Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla
            Whole wheat tortilla, skim milk mozzarella and diced grilled chicken breast.
          • Kids Spaghetti with Meatball
            Whole grain pasta, one turkey meatball, and plum tomato sauce.
          • Kids Chicken Fingers
            Two pieces. Baked, honey mustard or ketchup, side of choice.
        • Acai Bowls
          • Crunch and Munch Acai Bowl
          • The Forbidden Bean Acai Bowl
            vegetarian and gluten free
          • Berry Bee Licious Acai Bowl
            Acai, banana, mango, honey, topped with banana, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, coconut, and bee pollen drizzled with honey. (GF) (VEG)
            vegetarian and gluten free
          • Create Your Own Acai Bowl
            Three fruits and two superfoods.
        • Pastabilities
          • Zoodles with Salmon
            Gluten Free
          • Zoodles with Chicken
            Gluten Free
          • Zoodles with Bolognese
            Gluten Free
          • Zoodles with Pesto
            vegetarian and gluten free
          • Harv’s Healthy Pasta
          • Spaghetti with Meatballs
          • Stir Fry
          • Chicken Pad Thai
        • Energy Bowlz
          • Energy Bowl
            Gluten Free
        • Juices
          • Romaine Healthy Juice
          • Shirl’s Swirl Juice
          • Wod Wacker Juice
            Kale, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, apples, and strawberries.
          • Field of Greens Juice
            Spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, broccoli, lemon, ginger, and green apple.
          • Re-Boot Juice
            Green apples, red beets, celery, and cucumber.
          • Root-Tine Juice
            Carrots, red beets, lemon, ginger, and red apple.
          • Fruit Refresher Juice
            Strawberries, apples, and pineapples.
          • Spicy Lemonade
            Cucumber, lemon, lime, and cayenne.
          • Lemon Ginger Shot
            Lemon & Ginger
          • Chlorophyll Detox
        • Smoothies
          • Berry Acai Smoothie
          • Mocha Chip Smoothie
          • Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Smoothie
          • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
          • Green Coolada Smoothie
            Raw vegan vanilla protein, pineapple, raw spinach, raw kale, coconut oil, and coconut flakes.
          • French Toast Smoothie
            Vanilla whey protein powder, cinnamon, granola, and maple agave nectar.
          • Banana Blueberry Smoothie
            Banana, blueberries, ground flax seed, and agave nectar.
          • Slim Down Smoothie
            Raw vegan vanilla protein, almond butter, agave nectar, cinnamon, and flax.
          • The Hulk Smoothie
            Acai, spinach, kale, banana, hemp, honey, almonds, and chlorophyll.
        • Baked Goodz
          • Baked Vanilla Protein Bar
          • Almond Butter Cookie (GF)
          • Baked Chocolate Protein Bar
          • Banana Bread
          • Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
          • Granola
          • Chocolate Chip Muffin
          • Raw Bar #1
          • Raw Bar #2
          • Raw Bar #3
          • Funfetti Cookie Sandwich
            Cookie Sandwich filled with our Vegan Vanilla Frosting

            Vegan and Gluten Free
          • Gluten Free Chocolate Cake - Slice
            Homemade Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing
          • Cherry Bubly
            Bubly Sparkling Water
          • Lime Bubly
            Lime Sparkling Water
          • Blackberry Bubly
            Blackberry Sparkling Water
        • C'ado Creations (Avocado Toasts)
          • WHEN IN ROMA
            408 Cal.
          • TOULA'S TOAST
            434 Cal.
            645 Cal.
        • Between The Bread (Whole Wheat Hoagies)
          • Turkey Meatball Parm Hoagie
            661 Cal.
          • Grilled Chicken Parm Hoagie
            645 Cal.
          • Slim Chicken Hoagie
            671 Cal.
        5-Star Reviews
        Hear from people who love this spot
        John G.
        3 weeks ago
        Sweet potatoes were outstanding!

        Pratibha B.
        2 months ago
        One of my favorite spots for gluten free food bc I am really sensitive to gluten so thank you very much for that and the chocolate cake is my favorite

        Tejaswini U.
        3 months ago
        Healthy, always hot and delicious

        Shushma M.
        3 months ago
        Healthy delicious food

        Ricardo G D.
        4 months ago
        Food is amazing 🤩

        Aishwarya Y.
        5 months ago
        Great food and healthy

        Pola N.
        6 months ago
        The food is always so fresh. Their dishes/recipes are so healthy and creative. I'll keep experimenting!

        Al M.
        6 months ago
        Yay love

        Subhash Chandra Mahesh K.
        6 months ago
        It is my favorite!!!!!!!

        Aishwarya Y.
        7 months ago
        its healthy and good food

        Jayasri P.
        7 months ago
        I absolutely love Fit Foods. Great meals that fuel me throughout my day. Keep up the great work!

        Subhash Chandra Mahesh K.
        7 months ago
        Great Healthy Clean food Happy I found this place.

        Azharuddin M.
        8 months ago
        Great food made healthier. The owner is second to none and is always on the cutting age of nutrition and good quality and new recipes.

        Sai Krishna C.
        8 months ago
        Awesome & healthy food

        Karishma K.
        8 months ago
        Great healthy food!

        Ibrahim M.
        9 months ago
        tasty healthy and quick!

        Barrie C.
        10 months ago
        Delicious and guilt-free!

        John G.
        10 months ago
        Very healthy and very tasty!