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    1. United States
    2. California
    3. San Diego
    4. Hillcrest
    5. Fanboys Cheesesteaks & Cheesecakes
    Fanboys Cheesesteaks & Cheesecakes
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    Fanboys Cheesesteaks & Cheesecakes

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Wondering what's popular here? The captain america is one of the most ordered items among the 32 things on the menu and the deadpool and the michelangelo are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this midday go-to. • ₩₩₩ • BBQ • Chicken • Pasta

    1010 University Ave Suite C101, San Diego, CA 92103 • More

    • West Coast Cheesesteaks

      • Smallville

        Steak, buffalo wing sauce, onion rings, and cream cheese.
      • Michelangelo

        Steak, pepperoni, marinara, and provolone.
      • Hiro's Spirit World Hero

        Steak, Asian wing sauce, and pepper jack.
      • Captain America

        Steak, mushrooms, American, and whiz.
      • The Twilight Zone

        The worlds greatest steak sandwich. Choice of cheese.
      • Diane Nguyen

        Vegan steak, Buffalo wing sauce, onion rings, and cream cheese.
      • The Last Airbender

        Vegan steak, Asian wing sauce, and pepper jack.
      • Casey Jones (or Splinter is Coming)?

        Vegan steak, mushrooms, marinara, and provolone.
      • Deadpool

        Vegan steak, mushrooms, American, and whiz.
      • MST3K

        The worlds greatest veggie steak sandwich. Choice of cheese.
    • Are You a Master of Your Universe

      • Skeletor

        Vegan steak, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, man sauce, and American.
    • Air Fried Chicken Sandos

      • Emma Frost

        Fried chicken, sauce sauce, and American.
      • Shane Lizard

        Vegan fried chicken parm, honey, and provolone.
      • Princess Leia

        Vegan fried chicken, KC and NC BBQ sauces, and American.
      • Scrooge Mc Ducks

        Vegan fried chicken, slaw, creamy Buffalo sauce, and provolone.
      • John Galt

        Vegan fried chicken, wasabi glaze, and pepper jack.
    • Mains

      • Ultimate Steak and Cake Combos

      • EKs Backyard BBQ Orgy and Bourbon Butterscotch Banana Cake

        Steak, kC and NC BBQ sauces, onion rings, American, and whiz.
      • Rick, Morty, and Maple Blueberry Flapjack Cake

        Steak, seasoned fries, mushrooms, sauce, pickles, and pepper Jack.
      • Chaz Titty's Animal Friendly BBQ Smorgasbord and Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake

        Vegan steak, KC and NC BBQ sauces, onion rings, American, and whiz.
      • Harmon Tedesco and Chocolate Covered Banana Cheese Steak

        Vegan steak, seasoned fries, mushrooms, sauce, and pepper jack.
    • Desserts

      • Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake

      • Chocolate Covered Banana Cheesecake

      • Maple Blueberry Flapjack Cake

        Blueberry pancake cake with maple cream cheese frosting.
      • Gluten Free Browned Butter Marshmallow Square

        Gluten Free