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    Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) Menu and Delivery in Woodburn

    Too far to deliver

    Location and hours

    993 Lawson Avenue, Woodburn, OR 97071
    Every Day
    12:00 AM - 07:00 AMExtraMile (All Day) (OR City No Alc)
    10:00 PM - 11:59 PMExtraMile (All Day) (OR City No Alc)
    07:00 AM - 10:00 PMExtraMile (All Day) (OR City)

    Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue)

    Snacks • $
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    993 Lawson Avenue, Woodburn, OR 97071
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    Experience one of the most popular menu items among Uber Eats users at this evening go-to: the Hillshire Italian Salami With Cheese Tray. If you're looking to order a couple things, you may consider this popular combination: the Hillshire Genoa Salami With Cheese Tray and the Hillshire Italian Salami With Cheese Tray. • $ • Snacks • Drinks • Everyday Essentials • Convenience
    • Picked for you
      • Frito Lay Jalapeno Cheddar Dip 9oz
      • Fritos Scoops 10oz
      • Red Bull Energy Drink 20oz
      • Nacho Cheese Doritos Large 9.75oz
      • Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Pint
    • Fresh Food
      • Monster Taquito Beef
      • Monster Taquito Chicken
      • Johnsonville All Beef Hot Dog
      • Johnsonville Smokey Cheddar Brat
      • Big Az Cheeseburger
      • Turkey Cheddar on Wheat Sandwich
      • DA BOMB Spicy Beef and Bean Burrito
      • Volpi Roltini Mozzarella and Pepperoni
      • Volpi Roltini Mozzarella and Prosciutto
      • 5-Meat Pizza Slice
      • Pepperoni Pizza Slice
      • Large 5-Meat Pizza Whole Pie
      • Large Pepperoni Pizza Whole Pie
      • Blueberry Yogurt Parfait - BB
    • Energy Drinks & Electrolytes
      • Bang Blue Razz 16oz
      • Bang Purple Haze 16oz
      • Bang Rainbow Unicorn 16oz
      • Bang Star Blast 16oz
      • Bang Sour Heads 16oz
      • Guayaki Bluephoria 15.5oz
      • Guayaki Enlightenmint 15.5oz
      • Guayaki Revel Berry 15.5oz
      • Monster Energy 16oz
      • Monster Energy Zero Ultra 16oz
      • Red Bull Energy Drink 12oz
      • Red Bull Energy Drink 16oz
      • Red Bull Energy Drink 20oz
      • Red Bull Energy Drink 8.4oz
      • Red Bull Sugar Free Energy 12oz
      • Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink 16oz
      • Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink 20oz
      • Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink 8.4oz
      • Redbull Energy 4 Pack
      • Redbull Energy Watermelon 12oz Can
      • Redbull Energy Yellow Edition 12oz Can
      • Rockstar Punched 16oz
      • Monster Energy 24oz
      • Monster Lo Carb energy 16oz Can
      • Monster Reserve Watermelon 16oz
      • Gatorade Arctic Cherry 28oz
      • Gatorade Cool Blue Raspberry 28oz
      • Gatorade Fierce Grape 28oz
      • Gatorade Fierce Strawberry 28oz
      • Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze 28oz
      • Gatorade Fruit Punch 28oz
      • Gatorade Glacier Cherry 28oz
      • Gatorade Glacier Freeze 28oz
      • Gatorade Lemon Lime 28oz
      • Gatorade Orange 28oz
      • Gatorade Zero Berry 28oz
      • Electrolit Grape 21oz
      • Electrolit Strawberry Kiwi 21oz
      • C4 Frozen Bombsicle 16oz
      • C4 Skittles 16oz
      • C4 Starburst Cherry 16oz
      • C4 Strawberry Watermelon 16oz
      • Bang Candy Apple Crisp 16oz
      • Bang Cotton Candy 16oz
      • Bang Lemon Drop 16oz
      • Bang Peach Mango 16oz
      • Bang Purple Haze Energy Shot 3oz
      • Vitamin Water Energy 20oz
      • Vitamin Water XXX 20oz
      • Reign Melon Mania 16oz
      • Reign Orange Dreamscicle 16oz
      • NOS Energy 16oz Can
      • 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry 1.93oz
      • C4 Starburst Strawberry 16oz
    • Juice and Tea
      • Snapple Mango Madness 32oz
      • Snapple Kiwi Strawberry 32oz
      • Naked Juice Strawberry Banana
      • Naked Juice Green Machine
      • Naked Juice Blue Machine
      • Litpon Pure Leaf Sweet Tea 18oz
      • Lipton Brisk Strawberry Melon 1L
      • Simply Cranberry 11.5oz
    • Soda
      • Fountain Soft Drink with Ice 52oz
      • Fountain Soft Drink with Ice 44oz
      • Fountain Soft Drink with Ice 32oz
      • Coke Zero 20oz
      • Mountain Dew Code Red 20oz
      • Pepsi 20oz
      • Diet Pepsi 20oz
      • Pepsi Zero 20z
      • Sprite 20oz
      • Dr Pepper 20oz
      • 7Up 20oz
      • Coke Classic 2 Liter
      • Diet Coke 12 Pack Cans
      • Diet Coke 2 Liter
      • Pepsi 12 Pack Cans
      • Pepsi 2 Liter
      • Diet Pepsi 2 Liter
      • Sprite 12 Pack Cans
      • Mountain Dew 12 Pack Cans
      • Mountain Dew 20oz
      • Diet Coke 20oz
      • Coke Classic 20oz
    • Water
      • Fiji Water 1 Liter
      • Smart Water 1 Liter
      • Extramile PH Alkaline Water
      • Core Hydration Water 30oz
      • Aquafina Water 1 Liter
      • Essentia 1 Liter
      • ExtraMile Purified Water 24oz Sport Bottle
      • Extragood Water .5L 24 Pack
    • Snacks
      • Chester's Hot Fries 3.625oz
      • Nacho Cheese Doritos Large 9.75oz
      • Bon Appetit French Sweetie Concha
      • Nacho Cheese Doritos 3.1oz
      • Lay's Classic 2.75oz
      • Lay's BBQ 2.6oz
      • Tostitos Scoops 10oz
      • Tostitos Salsa Queso 15oz
      • Tostitos Medium Hot Salsa 15oz
      • Lay's French Onion Dip 15oz
      • Lay's Creamy Ranch Dip 15oz
      • Frito Lay Bean Dip 9oz
      • Bon Appetit Banana Nut Cake 4oz
      • Frito Lay Hot Bean Dip
      • Bon Appetit Berry Cheese Danish 5oz
      • Frito Lay Jalapeno Cheddar Dip 9oz
      • Fritos Chili Cheese 3oz
      • Fritos Scoops 10oz
      • Funyuns 2.12oz
      • Extra Mile Original Beef Jerky 4oz
      • Extra Mile Pepper Beef Jerky 4oz
      • Jack Link's Original 3.25oz
      • Jack Link's Teriyaki 3.25oz
      • Old Trapper Old Fashioned Beef Jerky 10oz
      • Old Trapper Peppered Beef Jerky 10oz
      • Skinny Pop Original 1oz
      • Skinny Pop White Cheddar 1oz
      • Spitz Sunflower Seeds Dill Pickle 6oz
      • Spitz Cracked Pepper Sunflower Seeds 6oz
      • Oreo Minis Bag 3oz
      • Blue Diamond Almonds Smokehouse 4oz
      • Planters Honey Roasted Cashews 3oz
      • Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts 6oz
      • Planters Salted Cashews 3oz
      • Planters Salted Peanuts 6oz
      • Rice Krispie Treat Bar Original 2.2oz
      • Ritz Crackers 3.4oz
      • Ruffles Original 9oz
      • Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar 2.62oz
      • Cool Ranch Doritos 2.75oz
      • Chex Mix Traditional 3.75oz
      • Gardetto's Original Recipe 5.5oz
      • Lenny & Larry's Chocolate Chip Cookie
      • Lenny & Larry's Cookie Double Chocolate Cookie
      • Met-Rx Protein Bar Cookie Crunch Bar
      • One Protein Bar Maple Glazed Donut Flavor 2.12oz
      • Fit CRUNCH Peanut Butter and Jelly
      • Clif Bar Chocolate Chip 2.4oz
      • Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter 2.4oz
    • Candy
      • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers 5oz
      • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Very Berry 5oz
      • Red Vine Tray 5.5oz
      • Twizzlers
      • Hi-Chew Superfruit Bag 3.17oz
      • M&M Milk Chocolate King Size 3.14oz
      • M&M Peanut King Size 3oz
      • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup King Size 3oz
      • Reese's Sticks King Size 3oz
      • Skittles Share Size 4oz
      • Snickers King Size 3.29oz
      • Sweetarts Chewy Fusion 5oz
      • Twix Caramel King Size 3oz
      • Kit Kat King Size 3oz
      • Kit Kat Minis Pouch 7.6oz
      • Extragood Chocolate Peanut Clusters 4oz
      • ExtraGood Gummi Bears 5oz
      • ExtraGood Gummi Worms 5oz
      • ExtraGood Sour Rainbow Belts 4oz
      • ExtraGood Sour Watermelon Wedges 4.25oz
      • ExtraMile Dark Chocolate Mint Candy Bar 2.15oz
      • ExtraMile Dark Chocolate Raspberry Candy Bar 2.15oz
      • ExtraMile Milk Chocolate Sweet Salted Caramel 2.15oz
      • Fastbreak King Size 3.25oz
      • Hershey's Chocolate King Size 2.6oz
      • Hershey's Milk Chocolate With Almonds King Size 3oz
      • Mentos Mint 50 Ct
      • Mentos Spearmint Roll
      • Altoids Wintergreen 1.76oz
      • Rips Bite Sized Pieces Bag 6oz
      • Mentos Rainbow Roll
    • Bakery
      • Nemo's Chocolate Cake
      • Hostess Donettes Chocolate Bag 10.75oz
      • Hostess Donettes Powdered Bag 10.5oz
      • Hostess Twinkies 2.7oz
      • Bon Appetit French Sweetie Concha
      • Hostess Chocolate Ding Dong 2.55oz
      • Hostess Cupcakes Chocolate 3.17oz
      • Hostess Apple Pie 4.5oz
      • 7Days Chocolate Cake Bar
      • 7Days Mixed Berry Cake Bar
      • 7Days Vanilla
      • Hostess Devil's Food Honey Bun
      • Bon Appetit Banana Nut Cake 4oz
      • Bon Appetit Berry Cheese Danish 5oz
      • ExtraMile Cinnamon Sugar Donuts 4oz
      • ExtraMile Crunch Crumb Donuts 4.5oz
      • ExtraMile Frosted Chocolate Donuts 4oz
    • Coffee
      • Large Coffee
      • Medium Coffee
      • Small Coffee
      • Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla 13.7oz
      • Starbucks Tripleshot Mocha 15oz
      • Starbucks Tripleshot Vanilla 15oz
      • Black Rifle Coffee Caramel Vanilla 15oz
      • Black Rifle Coffee Rich Mocha 15oz
      • Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
    • Grocery
      • Cheetos Flamin Hot Mac n Cheese Cup
      • Cup o Noodles Beef 2.25oz
      • Cup o Noodles Chicken 2.25oz
      • Cup o Noodles Shrimp 2.25oz
      • Nong Shim Hot & Spicy Noodle Bowl Soup 3oz
      • Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese 7.25oz
      • Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 16oz
      • Smuckers Strawberry Jam 12oz
      • Heinz Easy Squeeze Ketchup 20oz
      • Kraft Squeezable Mayonnaise 12oz
      • Frenchs Mustard Sqz 8oz
    • Medicine
        • Halls Cherry 9 Pc
        • Nyquil Cold & Flu 4 pc
      • Personal Care
        • Condoms, Trojan ENZ 3 Pack
        • Condoms, Trojan Magnum 3 Pack
        • Condoms, Trojan Magnum Ultra Thin 3 Pack
        • Clear Eyes 0.2oz
        • Crest Toothpaste & Tooth Brush .85oz
        • Gillette Shave Cream & Razor
        • Listerine Cool Mint 8.5oz
      • Household
        • Energizer AA 4 Pack
        • Kingsford Matchlight Briquets 4lb
        • Tide Original Liquid 10oz
        • Dawn Ultra Dish Soap Original 7oz
        • Lysol Disinfectant Spray 7oz
        • Windex Spray Bottle 23oz
      • Frozen
        • 5lb Ice Bag
        • Digiorno Pepperoni Pizza 27.5oz
      • Milk
        • Nesquik Chocolate Milk 14oz
        • Nesquik Strawberry Milk 14oz
        • Shamrock Whole Milk Half Gallon
        • Shamrock 2% Milk Half Gallon
      • Ice Cream
          • Twix Ice Cream Bar 3.1oz
          • Tollhouse Ice Cream Sandwich
          • Snickers Ice Cream Bar 2.8oz
          • Nestle Drumstick Vanilla & Chocolate 7oz
          • Nestle Drumstick Triple Chocolate 7oz
          • Nestle Dibs
          • Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Pint
          • Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almonds 3oz
          • Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Pint
        Frequently asked questions

        Can I order Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery in Woodburn with Uber Eats?

        Yes. Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery is available on Uber Eats in Woodburn.

        Is Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery available near me?

        Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery might not be available everywhere in Woodburn, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

        How do I order Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery online in Woodburn?

        There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

        What’s the best thing to order for Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery in Woodburn?

        What’s best at Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in “Picked for you.”

        How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) in Woodburn?

        The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your Woodburn address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on Chevron ExtraMile (993 Lawson Avenue) delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.