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    Capri Bakery & Restaurant Menu and Delivery in West Palm Beach

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    Location and hours

    817 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405
    7:15 AM - 7:45 PMBreakfast
    7:15 AM - 7:45 PMMenú
    Monday - Thursday
    5:45 AM - 7:45 PMBreakfast
    5:45 AM - 7:45 PMMenú
    Friday - Saturday
    5:45 AM - 8:45 PMBreakfast
    5:45 AM - 8:45 PMMenú

    Capri Bakery & Restaurant

    American • $
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    817 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405
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    This is among the 3 most popular places for Cuban takeout in West Palm Beach on Uber Eats. Fun fact: Capri Bakery & Restaurant serves one of the most popular things in West Palm Beach: bol. • $ • American • Breakfast and Brunch • Desserts • Allergy Friendly • Cuban • Latin American • Bakery
    • Picked for you

      • Steak Regular (D'bistec Regular)
      • Cuban Regular (Cubano Regular)
      • Ham Croquette Sub (Croqueta Preparada)
      • Masas de Puerco Fritas(Deep Fried Pork Chunks)
        Slow cooked fresh pork cubes seasoned with our house special spices and then deep fried
      • Grilled Palomilla Steak (1- Bistec de Palomilla Encebollado)
        Witn onions.
    • Quick Bites (Antojitos)

      • El Capricho
        2 ham croquettes, hot tamale, pork, ham and cheese. (2 croquetas, tamal, puerco, jamón y queso).
      • Tamal en Hoja
        Corn tamale serve on a hosk.
      • Alitas de Pollo (Chicken Wings)
      • Chicharron y Yuca Con Mojo
        Deep fried pork skin with baked yucca.
      • Hot Tamale (Tamal en Hoja) Preparado
        Served with sliced pork, ham and cheese. (Preparado con jamón, puerco y queso).
    • Salads (Verduras)

    • Soups (Caldos o Sopas)

    • Kids Menu (Menú Infantil)

      • Baby Palomilla Steak and Fries (1- Palomilla de Niño y Papas Fritas)
      • Chicken Nuggets and Fries (2- Nuditos de Pollo Fritos y Papas Fritas)
      • Ham Croquette 2 and Fries (3- Croquetas de Jamón 2 y Papas Fritas)
      • Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Fries (4- Sandwich Jamón y Queso con Papas Fritas)
    • Capri-Mex

    • Breakfast (Desayunos)

      • Cafe with Milk and Butter Toast (1- Cafe con Leche y Tostada)
      • Fresh Eggs 2 Over Light, Scramble or Omelet (2- Huevos 2 Fritos, Revueltos o Tortilla)
      • Fresh Eggs 2 Over Light, Scramble or Omelet, 1 Meat (3- Huevos Frescos 2 Fritos, Revueltos o Tortilla, 1 Carne)
      • Fresh Eggs 2 Over Light, Scramble or Omelet, 2 Meats (4- Huevos Frescos 2 Fritos, Revueltos o Tortilla, 2 Carnes)
      • Egg Sandwich 2 Over Light, Scramble or Omelet (5- Sándwich de Huevos 2 Fritos, Revueltos, o Tortilla 1 Carne)
      • Combination 2 Over Light, Scramble or Omelet (6- Combinación 2 Fritos, Revueltos, Tortilla, or Meat)
      • Fried Eggs, Salami and Plantain (7- Huevos Fritos, Salami y Maduros)
      • Loaded (8- Burrito)
      • Butter Toast (9- Tostada con Mantequilla)
    • House Special Breakfast

      • Full Loaded Omelette with a Portion of Moros Rice (1- Capri Especial. Tortilla de Huevo con Todo y Congris)
      • Palomilla Steak Topped Egg 2 Over Easy Cooked Onions and Fries (2- Bistec a Caballo, Bistec Encebollado con Huevos Fritos y Papas Fritas)
      • Fried Eggs 2, White Rice and Plantain (3- Huevos Fritos, Arroz Blanco y Maduros)
      • Fresh Eggs , Salami, Ham Bacon, Home Fries, Plantains and Beans (4- Huevos Frescos 2, Salami, Jamón y Tocineta)
      • Pepper and Onions Steak Omelette (5- Tortilla de Huevos)
        With cheese served with house fries and beans. (Con bistec encebollado pimiento y queso servido con papas de la casa y frijoles).
      • Mangu Huevos Fritos (2) y Salami
        Smashed Plantins Eggs and Salami
    • Sandwiches (Emparedados)

      • Capri Cubano Supremo (Capri Cuban Supreme)
        With fries or fried green banana. (Con papas fritas o tostones).
      • Capri Cubano Special (Capri Cuban Especial)
      • Cuban Regular (Cubano Regular)
      • Midnight Sub (D'media Noche)
      • Steak Supreme (D'bistec Supremo)
        With added ham. (Con jamón).
      • Steak Regular (D'bistec Regular)
      • Roast Pork (D'pernil Asado)
      • Chicken Fillet (D'filete de Pollo)
      • D'tuna
        Homemade tuna spread.
      • Fish Fillet (D'filete de Pescado)
      • Ham and Cheese (D'jamon y Queso)
      • Ham Croquette Sub (Croqueta Preparada)
      • Shredded Beef Sub (D'ropa Vieja)
      • Pot Roast Sub (D'boliche)
      • Hamburger (Hamburguesa)
        Served with fries. (Servida con papas fritas).
      • Cuban Mini Burgers 2 (Frita Cubana)
        With fries. (Servida con papas fritas).
      • Tocino, Lechuga y Tomate Blt
      • D'Jamón de Pavo
      • D'Masas de Puerco Fritas (Deep fried pork chunk Sub
        Slow cooked pork cubes with a house special spices and then deep frired
    • Pork (Puerco)

      • Sliced Roast Pork Topped with Home Mojo (2- Pernil Asada y Lasqueado con Mojo Criollo)
      • Pork Ribs Cooked on a Light Red Sauce with Potatoes (3-Costillas de Puerco en Fricasé con Papas)
      • Thin Cut Pork Steak with Cooked Onions (4- Bistec de Puerco Encebollado)
      • Pork Chops (5-Chuletas de Cerdo)
        Regular or smoked, served with cooked onions. (Regular o ahumada con cebollas cocidas).
      • Masas de Puerco Fritas(Deep Fried Pork Chunks)
        Slow cooked fresh pork cubes seasoned with our house special spices and then deep fried
    • From the Sea (Del Mar)

      • Fish Fillet, Grilled or Deep Fried (1- Filete de Pescado a la Brasa o Frito)
      • Snapper Filet, on the Grill or Deep Fried (2- Filete de Pargo a la Brasa o Frito)
      • Shrimp, Creole Style or Garlic (3- Camarones, Enchilados o al Ajillo)
      • 4- Rueda de Serrucho
        King fish steak in the grill or deep fried.
      • Deep Fried Whole Snapper (5- Pargo Entero Frito)
      • Grouper Filet / Filete de Cherna
        grouper filet seasoned house spices and gilled
    • Carnes (Beef)

      • Grilled Palomilla Steak (1- Bistec de Palomilla Encebollado)
        Witn onions.
      • Grilled Churrasco Steak Skirt (2- Corte Churrasco a la Brasa)
      • Pot Roast Than Cooked on a Light Red Sauce (3- Boliche Asado en Salsa)
      • Shredded Beef Cooked on a Seasoned Light Sauce (4-Ropa Vieja / Carne Ripiada)
      • Grilled Garlic Shredded Beef (5- Vaca Frita /Carne Ripiada a la Plancha)
        With onions, and lemon juice. (Con cebolla y limón).
      • Pepper Steak Sauteed with Onions (6- Filetillo de Carne con Cebolla y Pimientos)
      • Beef Cubes Stew Cooked in a Red Sauce with Potatoes (7- Carne Guisada con Papas Cocidas)
        Beef stew Cuban Style with potatoes
      • Oxtail Cuban Style in a Hot Spicy Sauce (8- Rabo de Res Encendido a la Cubana)
      • Beef Liver Cooked to Taste, Steak or Italian Style (9- Hígado Cocinado a su Gusto, Bistec o a la Italiana)
      • Beef Steak, Breaded or Milanese (10- Bistec Empanizado o a la Milanesa)
      • Braised Ground Beef with Potatoes and Olives (11- Picadillo a la Criolla / Carne Molida)
      • Beef, Chicken and Pork (12- trio. Carne, Pollo y Puerco)
    • Chicken (Pollo)

      • Chicken and Yellow Rice with Black Beans (1- Arroz Amarillo con Pollo y Frijoles Negros)
      • Grilled Chicken Fillet with Cooked Onions (2- Filete de Pechuga a la Plancha Encebollada)
      • Chicken Filet Saute with Peppers and Onions (3- Filetillo de Pechuga Salteado con Pimientos y Cebolla)
      • House Seasoned Roasted Chicken (4- Pollo Asado Adobado a la Criolla)
      • Pieces of Chicken Cooked in Fricasse and Potatoes (5- Postas de Pollo en Fricase con Papas Cocidas)
      • Fillet Cut Chicken Breast, Breaded or Milanese (7- Filete de Pechuga Empanizada o a la Milanesa)
    • Drinks (Bebidas)

      • Cuban Espresso (Café Espresso Cubano)
      • Cuban Espresso with Hot Milk (Café con Leche or Latte)
      • Cuban Coffee and Hot Milk 1/2 and 1/2 (Café Cortado 1/2 y 1/2)
      • Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Caliente)
      • Caña de Azúcar Squeeze (Jugo de Caña)
      • Bottled Water (Agua en Botella)
      • Milk Shakes and Smoothies (Batidos de Frutas y Licuados)
      • Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice (Fresco Jugo de Naranja 12 Oz)
    • Side Orders/Ordenes Extras

    • Bakery Catering

      • Cake de Capuchino (50pers.) Especialidad de la Casa
      • Cake de Capuchino (30-40pers.)
        Capri's specialty cake
      • Cake de Capuchino (20-30pers.)
        House Specialty Cake
      • Cake de Capuchino (10-15) Round
    5-Star Reviews
    Hear from people who love this spot
    Shyam S.
    7 months ago
    they're quick and good

    Jessika B.
    9 months ago
    Excellent food. Enjoyed the café con Leche

    Nitesh S.
    10 months ago
    I love the taste of the food and the quality

    Tulasi P.
    1 year ago
    Great consistency with the food. Good flavor and always fast.

    Aishwarya Y.
    1 year ago
    I love the food!! It’s homemade and very fresh.

    Srinivas S.
    1 year ago
    Prices food customer service coffe always on point!!

    Sai Krishna C.
    1 year ago
    The food is amazing!!!!!!

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I order Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery in West Palm Beach with Uber Eats?

    Yes. Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery is available on Uber Eats in West Palm Beach.

    Is Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery available near me?

    Enter your address to see if Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery is available to your location in West Palm Beach.

    How do I order Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery online in West Palm Beach?

    There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Capri Bakery & Restaurant menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

    Where can I find Capri Bakery & Restaurant online menu prices?

    View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Capri Bakery & Restaurant here on this page.

    How do I get free delivery on my Capri Bakery & Restaurant order?

    To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

    How do I pay for my Capri Bakery & Restaurant order?

    Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

    What’s the best thing to order for Capri Bakery & Restaurant delivery in West Palm Beach?

    If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Capri Bakery & Restaurant order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.