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    Butter & Cream (Decatur)
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    Butter & Cream (Decatur)

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    12:00 PM - 09:30 PM
    ¢ • Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • Comfort Food • Desserts

    416 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030 • More

    People say...
    Tasty food

    • Ice Cream Flavors

      • B&C Vanilla

        We use our house blend of vanilla that is sweet, creamy, and mellow in flavor to make this classic ice cream.
      • Freckled Chocolate

        Our classic chocolate ice cream with chocolate freckles throughout.
      • Summer Strawberry

        Classic strawberry ice cream done right.
      • Butter Pecan

        Contains nuts. Our twist on a classic. Butter ice cream with bourbon spiced pecans.
        Contains Nuts
      • East Pole Coffee

        Coffee ice cream made with East Pole Coffee Co. Traffic coffee beans. Rich and bold with the perfect amount of cream.
      • Mint Chocolate Chip

        Peppermint ice cream with dark chocolate chips.
      • O.G. Goodness

        Contains gluten. Brown sugar ice cream with pieces of our ooey and gooey St. Louis butter cake.
      • Honeycomb Forest

        Honey ice cream with our honeycomb candy.
      • Butterscotch Brownie

        Contains gluten. Sweet butterscotch ice cream with pieces and our brownies mixed in.
      • Midnight Snacks

        Contains gluten. Sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese ice cream with chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate covered cake pieces, and a dulce de leche swirl. Contains gluten.
      • Tandy Kake

        Contains nuts and gluten. Peanut butter caramel ice cream with Tandy Kake pieces throughout (vanilla cake with peanut butter filling covered in chocolate).
      • Cookies and Cream

        Contains gluten. Vanilla ice cream with our house made chocolate sandwich cookies. (G)
      • Basil with Pine Nut Brittle

        Contains nuts. Basil ice cream with pine nut brittle throughout.
      • Olive Oil and Blood Orange Jam

        Olive oil ice cream with Blood Orange jam.
      • Horchata

        Contains nuts. Sweetened rice ice cream with almonds and cinnamon.
      • Dairy-Free B&C Vanilla

        Dairy-free & Vegan. We use our house blend of vanilla that is sweet, creamy, and mellow in flavor to make this “dairy-free” classic.
      • Blueberry Cobbler

        Contains gluten. Blueberry cobbler ice cream made with house-made blueberry cobbler.
    • Pup Cups

      • Peanut Butter Banana

        Contains nuts. A frozen treat for your four legged friend. Low-fat Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and bananas.
      • Pumpkin Honey

        A frozen treat for your four legged friend. Low-fat Greek yogurt, pumpkin, and honey.
    • Sorbet Flavors

      • Dark Chocolate Sorbet

        Rich and decadent. Great for any dark chocolate lover.
        vegan and dairy free
      • Strawberry Sorbet

        The perfect combination of sweet and tart.
    • Drinks

      • Boxed Water

        Made of paper from sustainable well-managed forests. 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free. 92% plant-based box with a bioplastic cap: the most renewable in the water aisle. 16.9 oz. box
      • Montane Spring Water

        Plain, carbonated spring water. As pure as it gets. Crisp, clean, refreshing effervescence. 12 oz. can. *LOCAL*
      • Red Hare Rootbeer

        Red Hare craft root beer soda makes a great float, mixer, or refreshing drink in its own right! Brewed with pure cane sugar. 12 oz. can *LOCAL*
      • BatBat Coffee Soda

        Flash-brewed iced coffee roasted by B and W Coffee Roasters with organic cane sugar.