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2723 N Orange Blossom Trl

Location and hours

8015 Turkey Lake Rd, 400, Orlando, FL 32819
Sunday - Friday
12:00 PM - 8:40 PM
12:00 PM - 9:40 PM

Babbi Babbi Korean Kitchen

4.8 (128 ratings) • Korean • $
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Open until 9:40 PM
  • Free with $40 Purchase (add to cart)

    • Pork Mandu
      Korean Dumpling with pork and vegetables.
      Thumb up
      96% (181)
  • Special Entrée

    • Tteokguk( Rice Cake Soup)
      Korean sliced rice cake, mix veggies, beef, egg in clear broth.
      Thumb up
      100% (10)
    • Gochujang Pork Belly
      Fresh pork b elly stir fry in house spicy sauce with mix vegetables
      Thumb up
      94% (36)
    • Bulgogi
      Thinly shaved beef marinated in sweet and savory sauce.
      Thumb up
      93% (161)
    • Soondubu (Spicy)
      Spicy soft tofu stew with vegetables serve in a clay pot.
      Thumb up
      91% (208)
    • Kimchi Fried Rice
      Pork belly stir-fry with korean fermented cabbage(kimchi), rice, egg
      Thumb up
      92% (178)
    • Pork Belly (entree)
      Thumb up
      92% (52)
    • Jjampong (spicy noodle soup)
      Thumb up
      84% (44)
    • Tonkatsu
      Panko deep fried pork chop or chicken fillet
      Thumb up
      82% (40)
    • Garlbi(Entree)
      Beef short ribs marinated in sweet sauce and savory sauce
      Thumb up
      90% (87)
    • Manduguk(dumpling soup)
      Dumpling in rich beef broth (with beef)
      Thumb up
      90% (74)
    • Marinated Pork
      Thinly sliced pork marinated in sweet and savory sauce.
      Thumb up
      88% (26)
    • Spicy Squid
      Ojingeo bokkeum (오징어 볶음) is a spicy stir-fried squid dish. Ojingeo is squid, and bokkeum refers to the dishes that are stir-fried.
      Thumb up
      88% (26)
    • Spicy Chicken
      Thumb up
      84% (13)
    • BBQ Chicken
      Thumb up
      83% (12)
  • Drink

  • Korean Appetizer

  • The Bibimbap

  • The Kimbap

  • Side Dish(items)

  • Kid's Plate

5-Star Reviews
Hear from people who love this spot
Jason R.
4 days ago
Best korean in Orlando!

Ahrens F.
2 weeks ago
Really great!

Rob I.
3 weeks ago
Service great and food top notch!

Alberto N.
1 month ago
Nice Korean food

Monica W.
1 month ago
Fresh and delicious food

Craig M.
2 months ago
Friendly employees and delicious food!

Cindyarta D.
3 months ago
Love the rice bowl. Very tasty and good portions

E'Monique W.
3 months ago
This restaurant is a staple for my household. Hands-down.

Shemar E.
4 months ago
💁‍♀️You gotta try it hun!!! it's one of the Best Korean foods in town 🍜🍖🎉

Meka G.
4 months ago
The Japchae, jeon, tteokbokki and corn dogs are divine

maria R.
4 months ago
I have been dying to have Korean sushi!!! I am so so happy! Thank you!!!

Joswarth C.
4 months ago

Jayon L.
5 months ago
Awesome foods! Tteok soup, Jjambbong noodle soup and tofu soup were great. Japchae was a bit salty to my taste but kids liked it. Definitely order again when we visit Orlando next time.

Annie K.
5 months ago
Top quality

Kevin L.
6 months ago
food tastes great

Laurel S.
6 months ago
Just amazing

Rachel M.
7 months ago
Excellent food.

Monica W.
7 months ago
all fresh and tasty

Nima L.
8 months ago
Bibimbap is always my go to, and this one from here, is the best bibimbap I’ve had in long time. Thank You Chef & team for such quality service. Fresh, delicious & great package.

Shaun N.
8 months ago
It was good! Really authentic.

fatima M.
8 months ago
mmmm yummers

Brian R.
8 months ago
Outstanding authentic Korean restaurant. Loved their kimchi and will definitely be back.

Rebecca W.
9 months ago
The food was amazing!! the kimbap was so authentic; the mandu was perfectly crunchy and delicious; and the bimbimbap bowl was perfectly portioned! 10/10

Adam A.
12 months ago
Absolutely delicious food, highly recommend

Shanae S.
12 months ago
Great portions. Perfect cheese!!!

Minjoo M.
12 months ago
Visiting from other state for Disney. Ordered galbi, spicy soft tofu soup and k style soy chicken. I can tell as a korean by far the best soontofu soup ever ! Enough portion for each dish! To go packaging is on point! Very neat. I would try this place again if I ever come back to Orlando

Katie M.
1 year ago
We really like this place. We did not dine in but ordered out, it was ready when I got there and smelled so good all the way home. We all had the rice bowls picking different things to be included in the bowl and I am hooked. Not only delicious but healthy for you too.

Stella P.
1 year ago
I was a little reluctant to order Korean Food in Orlando, But this was one of the best Korean food ever!

Maria C.
2 years ago
Super good

Kattyana A.
2 years ago
Authentic taste

Nyajah D.
2 years ago
Amazing! Best Korean food i ever had