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    Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT Menu and Delivery in Greenwich

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    Location and hours

    68 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830
    11:30 AM - 9:00 PMMenu
    Monday - Thursday
    10:46 AM - 9:00 PMMenu
    11:00 AM - 3:30 PMLunch Specials
    Friday - Saturday
    10:45 AM - 10:00 PMMenu
    11:00 AM - 3:30 PMLunch Specials

    Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT

    4.7 (183 ratings) • Asian • $
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    68 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830
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    This spot is so popular that it's actually one of the 10 most ordered from spots in all of Greenwich. One of the most popular items on the menu among Uber Eats users is the Broccoli With Ginger Sauce and the Fried Rice and the Pork Dumplings are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this evening go-to. • $ • Asian • Asian Fusion • Sushi • Family Friendly • Group Friendly
    • Popular Items
        • Pork Dumplings
          Six pieces. Served with soy ginger sauce.
        • Fried Rice
        • California
          Kani, cucumber, and avocado.
        • Spicy Tuna
        • Sesame Chicken
          Fried chicken chunk in tangy sauce with sesame seeds.
      • Dim Sum and Then Some
          • Lemon Cream Shrimp with Honey Walnut
            Japanese bread crumbs lightly fried and served with honey glazed walnuts.
          • Crispy Spring Roll
            Two pieces. Crisp roll filled with cellophane noodles and veggies.
          • Shrimp Summer Roll
            Delicate rice paper rolled around lettuce and mango. Served chilled with peanut sauce.
          • Scallion Pancake
            Lightly pan fried and served with soy ginger sauce.
          • Chicken with Lettuce Cups
            Minced chicken in honey hoisin.
          • Wasabi Shu Mai
            Spicy. Japanese horseradish with pork.
          • Pork Dumplings
            Six pieces. Served with soy ginger sauce.
          • Chicken Szechuan Dumplings
            Steamed with chicken and shrimp fillings topped with sesame peanut sauce.
          • Edamame
            Steamed young soy beans sprinkled with sea salt.
          • Shrimp and Veggie Tempura
            Two pieces of prawns and assortment of veggies.
          • Mini Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls
            Four pieces. Crispy rolls filled with crabmeat, shrimp, and pork with Fish Sauce.
          • Chicken Satay
            Four pieces. Grilled Skewers Served with hot peanut dipping sauce.
          • Beef Satay
            Four pieces. Grilled Skewers Served with hot peanut dipping sauce.
          • Crispy Five Spiced Calamari
            Spicy. Five spiced marinated calamari served with Thai marinara sauce.
          • Beef with Lettuce Wrap
            Marinated grilled beef served with assortments of condiments.
          • Crab Meat Shu Mai
            Six pieces. Classic Japanese dumplings with crabmeat.
          • Dim Sum Club
            Eight pieces. Assortment of dim sum.
          • Rock Shrimp
            Spicy. Glazed with spicy curry spiked aioli
          • Fall Off The Bone
            Pork ribs marinated in bbq sauce.
          • Steamed Veggie Dumplings
            Eight pieces. Steam and served with soy ginger sauce.
          • Tuna Pizza
            Sliced tuna with guacamole and spicy mayonnaise sprinkled with caviar. Served on a thin tortilla crust.
          • Steamed Shrimp Dumpling
            Four pieces. served with cilantro soy dipping.
          • Agedashi Tofu
            Crispy coated Japanese tofu in savory sauce with dried bonito flakes.
          • Spicy Tuna Taco
            avocado, lettuce, mango topped w. spicy tuna and crunchy
          • Gyoza
            Japanese pork dumplings
          • Yellowtail Jalapeno
            5 pieces w. miso truffle soy
        • Greens
            • Ginger Salad
              Classic Japanese salad with ginger dressing.
            • Seaweed Salad
              Japanese seaweed with mesclun salad in citrus miso vinaigrette.
            • Vietnamese Chicken Salad
              Spicy. Grilled chicken breast, crisp noodle, cilantro, nappa in a Vietnamese sweet peanut dressing.
            • Cold Sesame Noodle
              Chilled egg noodles with peanut pesto dressing.
            • Asiana Spring Salad
              Mesclun salad, jicama, and mango in a tropical vinaigrette dressing.
            • Avocado Salad
              Mesclun spring mix, avocado, cherry tomato, and drizzled with sesame dressing. Garnished with rice crackers.
            • Grilled Shrimp Salad
              Jumbo shrimps with mesclun salad served in a citrus miso dressing.
            • Spicy Kani Salad
              Cucumber, masago, and spicy mayonnaise.
            • Sashimi Salad
              Assorted sashimi, field greens, cucumber with soy mustard dressing
          • Soup
              • Miso Soup
                Wakame seaweed and shiitake mushroom in miso broth with tofu cubes.
              • Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup
                Classic Chinese soup.
              • Tom Yum Gung Soup
                Spicy. Hot and sour lemongrass broth with shrimp.
              • Pork Wonton Soup
                Garnish with baby bok choy and carrots in clear broth.
              • Vegetable Wonton Soup
                Garnish with baby bok choy and carrots in clear broth.
              • Velvet Corn Egg Drop Soup
                Garnish with baby bok choy and carrots in clear broth.
              • Seafood Coconut Curry Soup
                Scallops and shrimp in a light coconut curry broth.
            • Classico
                • Broccoli with Ginger Sauce
                • Mixed Vegetable with Ginger Sauce
                • Eggplant with Garlic Sauce
                • String Bean with Garlic Sauce
                • Fresh Mango Spiced Sauce
                • Spicy Black Bean Sauce
                • Thai Curry Sauce
                • Chili Peppercorn Sauce
              • Contempo
                  • General Tso's Chicken
                    Delicately battered chicken glazed in spicy tangy sauce.
                  • Sesame Chicken
                    Fried chicken chunk in tangy sauce with sesame seeds.
                  • Mandarin Beef
                    In a tangy grand marnier sauce.
                  • Balsamic Teriyaki Chicken
                    Tender grilled chicken with garden veggies.
                  • Miso Glazed Salmon
                    Served over bed of garden vegetable.
                  • Chilean Sea Bass
                    Pan roasted, crispy(fried) or steamed over a mound of mixed vegetables
                  • Lemon Creme Shrimp Entree
                    Crispy jumbo shrimps with lemon creme sauce and honey glazed walnut.
                  • Asiana Seafood Casserole
                    Spicy. Lobster tail, scallops, shrimps, and calamari cooked in a light curry broth.
                  • Asiana Steak
                    Marinated New York strip in BBQ sauce. Served with garden veggies.
                  • Kung Bo Duo
                    Spicy. Jumbo shrimps and tender chicken stir fried with peanut and red pepper.
                  • Szechuan Spicy Beef
                    Spicy. Beef, jicama, and red pepper in bed of fried cellophane noodles.
                  • Peking Duck
                    Peking Duck with Bun
                  • Chinatown Duck
                    roast duck served with stir-fried mix veggies
                • Noodles and Rice
                    • Fried Rice
                    • Lo Mein
                      Egg Noodles.
                    • Chow Fun
                      Flat rice sheet noodles.
                    • Thai Brown Fried Rice
                      Spicy. Shrimp, chicken, and golden ripe pineapple stir fried with spicy sambal.
                    • Pad Thai
                      Fettuccine rice noodles.
                    • Pan Fried Noodles
                      Thin egg noodles.
                    • Asiana Fried Rice
                      Shrimp, chicken, and golden ripe pineapple stir fried with rice.
                    • Ramen Noodles
                    • Moo Shu
                      Serves with pancakes.
                    • Udon Noodle (Japanese Fettucini
                    • Singapore Mai Fun (Rice Vermicelli)
                  • Noodle Soup
                      • Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup
                        Soy based noodle soup served with poached egg, seaweed and scallion.
                      • Ramen Pork Noodle Soup
                        Soy based noodle soup served with poached egg, seaweed and scallion.
                      • Ramen Shrimp Noodle Soup
                        Soy based noodle soup served with poached egg, seaweed and scallion.
                      • Ramen Beef Noodle Soup
                        Soy based noodle soup served with poached egg, seaweed and scallion.
                      • Ramen Vegetables Noodle Soup
                        Soy based noodle soup served with poached egg, seaweed and scallion.
                    • Classic Rolls
                        • Alaska
                          Smoked salmon, cucumber, and avocado.
                        • Black Pepper Tuna Avocado
                        • Boston
                          Shrimp, lettuce, and cucumber.
                        • California
                          Kani, cucumber, and avocado.
                        • Eel Cucumber
                        • Eel Avocado
                        • Philadelphia
                          Smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese.
                        • Shrimp Asparagus
                        • Spider
                          Masago, soft shell crab, cucumber, tobiko, and avocado.
                        • Spicy Tuna
                        • Spicy Salmon
                        • Spicy Shrimp
                        • Spicy Yellowtail
                        • Spicy White Fish
                        • Spicy Scallop
                        • Spicy Kani
                        • Tuna
                        • Tuna Cucumber
                        • Tuna Avocado
                        • YT Asparagus
                        • YT Jalapeno
                        • YT Scallion
                        • King Crab California
                        • Salmon
                        • Salmon Avocado
                        • Salmon Cucumber
                        • Shrimp Avocado
                        • Shrimp Cucumber
                        • Shrimp Tempura
                          Shrimp, cucumber, and avocado.
                        • Salmon Skin
                      • Sushi/ Sashimi
                          • Salmon
                          • Yellowtail
                          • Fluke
                          • Eel
                          • Squid
                          • Sea Scallop
                          • Crab Stick
                          • Sweet Shrimp
                            Botan ebi.
                          • Flying Fish Roe
                          • Smelt Roe
                          • Tuna
                          • Escolar Tuna
                            White ahi tuna.
                          • Smoked Salmon
                            Iburi sake.
                          • Octopus
                          • King Crab
                          • Shrimp
                          • Salmon Roe
                          • Omelet
                        • Veggie Rolls
                            • Asparagus
                            • Avocado
                            • Cucumber
                            • Avocado and Cucumber
                            • Oshinko Roll
                            • Grilled Veggie
                            • Roasted Peanut Avocado
                            • Sweet Potato Tempura
                            • Veggie Tempura
                            • Roasted Walnut Avocado
                            • Futomaki
                              Eight pieces. Tamago, kani, avo, masago, asparagus, and yamagopo.
                          • Contempo Rolls
                              • Tex Mex
                                Spicy tuna top with tempura flakes, scallions, and Mexican seasoning.
                              • Green Dragon
                                Eel and cucumber topped with thin slices of avocado and tobiko.
                              • Three Musketeers
                                Spicy salmon topped with spicy tuna and spicy yellowtail.
                              • Rainbow Roll
                                Kani, avocado, and cucumber in the middle topped with tuna, salmon, and yellowtail.
                              • Sashimi Wrap Riceless
                                Tuna, salmon, white fish, ebi, kani, avocado, mango, cilantro, and lettuce wrapped in rice paper. Served with sweet vinegar sauce.
                              • Mason Roll Special
                                Asparagus tempura, avocado, and lobster salad. Topped with salmon and avocado.
                              • Greenwich Roll Special
                                Sweet potato tempura, topped with lobster salad in soy reduction sauce.
                              • Rock and Roll Special
                                Spicy tuna, grilled scallion, and avocado. Topped with yellowtail and micro cilantro in jalapeno sauce.
                              • Tuna Madness
                                Crunchy spicy tuna, topped with slices of black pepper tuna.
                              • Black Jack
                                Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, smoked salmon, avocado, and caviar with a touch of chili paste.
                              • Red Devil
                                Eel, king crab, and avocado in the middle, topped with pan seared tuna and scallions.
                              • Veggie Lover
                                Cucumber, avocado, and asparagus, topped with grilled shiitake mushrooms.
                              • Naruto Roll Riceless
                                Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, crabmeat and avocado rolled with thinly cucumber.
                              • Shogun Roll Special
                                Shrimp tempura, eel, tuna, avocado, lettuce, and tobiko with unagi sauce.
                              • Crazy Tuna Roll Special
                                Spicy tuna, mango, grilled scallion, and avocado topped with tuna and jalapeno.
                              • Putnam Roll Special
                                Spicy scallop, avocado, and mango topped with fluke and touched with chili paste.
                              • Sunrise Roll Special
                                Shrimp tempura, and avocado, topped with spicy tuna, caviar, and wasabi sauce.
                              • Fashion Roll Special
                                Tuna, salmon, mango, grill asparagus topped with white tuna, caviar, and su miso sauce.
                              • Dynamite Roll
                                golden crisp roll w. tuna, salmon, white fish, tobiko & asparagus
                              • Ichiban
                                king crab & avocado topped w. eel, avocado and fresh salmon
                              • Salmon Mania
                                salmon avocado topped with spicy salmon, cruncy, tobiko and scallion
                              • Pink Lady
                                Shrimp tempura, fresh salmon, shitake , asparagus, squash, avocado wrapped on soy paper with miso butter sauce.
                              • Passion
                                Spicy shrimp, tempura flake, avocado topped with fresh tuna, mango, caviar and served with mango habanero sauce.
                              • Green Lantern
                                Soft shell crab, spicy tuna, avocado, wakame, caviar, jalapeno wrapped on soy paper with jalapeno sauce.
                              • Mount Fuji
                                Spicy salmon and avocado, topped with yellowtail jalapeno and sriracha.
                            • Japanese Entrees
                                • Small Sushi 4 Me
                                  Seven pieces sushi and a California roll.
                                • Large Sushi 4 Me
                                  Ten pieces sushi and a spicy tuna roll.
                                • Susa 4 Me
                                  Fourteen pieces of assorted sashimi and five pieces of sushi.
                                • Small Sashimi 4 Me
                                  Fourteen pieces of assorted sashimi.
                                • Large Sashimi 4 Me
                                  Nineteen pieces of assorted sashimi.
                                • YT Three Ways
                                  Spicy yellowtail roll, three pieces of yellowtail sushi, and four pieces yellowtail sashimi.
                                • Salmon Three Ways
                                  Spicy salmon roll, three pieces of salmon sushi, and four salmon sashimi.
                                • Tuna Three Ways
                                  Spicy tuna roll, three pieces of tuna sushi, and four tuna sashimi.
                                • Tri Color Sashimi Dinner
                                  Assortment of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi.
                                • Tri Color Sushi with Tri Maki
                                  Assortment of three tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sushi with tri maki.
                                • Sake Don
                                  Sushi graded salmon over bed of rice.
                                • Tekka Don
                                  Fresh tuna sashimi over a bed of rice
                                • Unagi Don
                                  Toasted eel over a bed of rice with Japanese pickle.
                                • Poke Bowl
                                  sushi grade tuna & salmon topped over white rice served w. jalapeno, sesame seed, scallion served in soy vinegar sauce
                                • Chirashi
                                  Assorted of 15 sushi graded fish and shellfish over bed of rice.
                              • Beverage
                                  • Bottle Diet Pepsi
                                  • Acqua Panna
                                    Seven hundred and fifty milliliters.
                                  • S. Pellegrino
                                    Sparkling water seven hundred and fifty milliliters.
                                  • Unsweetened Jasmine Ice Tea
                                  • Club Soda
                                  • Sweetened Ice Tea
                                  • Japanese Soda
                                  • Brisk Ice Tea
                                  • Ginger Ale
                                  • Cranberry Juice
                                  • Orange Juice
                                  • Pineapple Juice
                                  • Bottle Pepsi
                                  • Lychee Ice Tea
                                  • Bottled Diet Pepsi
                                  • Bottle Water 16oz
                                  • Thai Iced Tea
                                • Sides
                                    • Broccoli With Ginger Sauce
                                    • Sauteed Mix Veggie
                                    • Sauteed Garlic String Beans
                                    • Steamed White Rice
                                    • Steamed Brown Rice
                                    • Tempura Vegetables
                                    • Hoisin sauce
                                    • Spicy Mayo
                                    • 4 Moo Shu Pancake
                                      4 pieces
                                    • Eel sauce
                                    • Fried Noodle
                                    • Sushi Rice
                                    • Pickled Vegetables

                                  Frequently asked questions

                                  Can I order Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT delivery in Greenwich with Uber Eats?

                                  Yes. Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT delivery is available on Uber Eats in Greenwich.

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                                  View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT here on this page.

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                                  To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

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                                  Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

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                                  If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Asiana Cafe - Greenwich, CT order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.