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    Ahjoomah's Apron Menu and Delivery in Chicago

    Too far to deliver

    Location and hours

    218 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616
    Every Day
    10:45 AM - 9:00 PM

    Ahjoomah's Apron

    4.8 (200+ ratings) • Korean • $$
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    218 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616
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    Nice choice. Not only is Ahjoomah's Apron one of the hottest places for delivery in Chicago, it's also one of the city's 3 most popular Korean takeout spots on Uber Eats. When in Chicago... Consider ordering from Ahjoomah's Apron, because it's particularly popular among locals. • $$ • Korean • Asian • Alcohol • Family Meals • Group Friendly
    • Appetizers
      • Korean Kimchi Pancake
      • Dumplings Filled with Vegetable 8pcs
      • Dumplings filled with KIMCHI 8 pcs
      • Dumplings filled with BEEF 8 pcs
      • Mul Mandu
      • Kim Malee
      • Deep Fried Battered Dipped Chicken Wings 8pcs
      • Cheese Pancake
      • Cheese and Seafood Pancake
      • Seafood and Kimchi Pancake
      • Korean Seafood Pancake
        Large 12'" pancake served with soy based house sauce on side.
      • Dokkboki
        Korean Rice Cake, Fish Cake and Vegetables: fried in sweet and tangy sauce. Hot and spicy.
      • Dduk Kochi
        Deep fried Korean rice cake served with sweet and spicy house sauce.
    • Soup
      • Kimchi Chigae Soup
      • Yookgae Jang Soup
      • Doenjang Chigae Soup
      • Korean Rice Cake Soup
      • Fresh Cod Fish Soup
      • Hamool Soontofu Chigae
      • Boodae Chigae
        Korean Army spicy stew with kimchi, spam, sausages, bacon, rice cake
      • Seol Long Tang Soup
        Beef bone, thick broth, and beef shank with Korean clear potato noodles.
      • Miso Soup
        12 oz.
      • Tuna Kimchi Soup
        Tuna kimchi stew with vegetables, potatoes, tofu, and onions.
    • Chefs Special
      • Stir Fried Squid
        Hot and Spicy
      • Stir Fried Pork Belly and Kimchi
      • Stir Fried Pork Belly and Kimchi with Tofu
      • Kalbi Tang
      • Ssamgae Tang
      • Bibimbop
      • KIMBOP
        Sushi like rolls filled with rice, veggies and choice of beef, spam or kimchi. Served with pickled yellow radish on the side.
      • Stir Fried Squid and Pork
        Squid and pork stir fried with vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce.
      • La Bokki
        Korean rice cake, fish cake, ramyun noodle, boiled egg, vegetables stir fried in sweet and tangy sauce.
      • Haejangguk
        Kalbi rib meat, Napa, bean sprouts, radish, and ox blood in spicy broth.
      • Pan Broiled Salted Mackerel
      • Ramyun Soon Tofu
        Korean noodles with silken tofu and eggs.
        Hot and Spicy
    • Hot Pot for Two
      • Boodae Jun Gol for Two
      • Pork Bone Potatoes Soup for Two
      • Mushroom Soup for Two
      • Grilled Pork Belly
      • Bo Sam
    • Meat
      • Kalbi
      • Bulgogi
      • Chicken Bulgogi
      • YangNyun Chicken
      • Doeji Bulgogi
        Marinated, tender, sweet and spicy, and pan grilled pork.
      • Deep Fried Breaded Pork
        Pork breaded and deep fried served on a bed of vegetable with house special sauce on side.
      • Deep Fried Tender Chicken Breast
        Tender chicken breast breaded and deep fried served on a bed of vegetable with house special sauce on the side.
      • Pork Belly Meat
        Thin slices of pork belly mixed with vegetables, stir-fried.
    • Noodle Specials
      • Heamul Kalguksu
      • Jjamppong
      • Tempura Udon Noodles
      • Jajangmyun
      • Jopchae
      • Mul Nang Myun
    • Fried rice
      • Kimchi fried rice
      • Veggie fried rice
    • Drinks
        • Korean Juice
        • Soda Pop
        • Fiji Water 500 ml
        • Ginger lemon tea pint cold
          Antiseptic, great thirst quencher
        • Ginger lemon tea quart cold
          Antiseptic, great thirst quencher
        • Ginger lemon tea pint hot
          Antiseptic, great thirst quencher
        • Ginger lemon tea quart hot
          Antiseptic, great thirst quencher
      • Alcohol
        • Sapporo Large Single 600mL bottle (4.90% ABV)
        • Cass Large Single 640mL bottles (4.50% ABV)
        • OB Large, Individual 640mL bottle (5.20% ABV)
        • Large Chum Churum Original Single-750mL (17% ABV)
        • Makgeolli Korean Sweet Rice Wine-750mL (6% ABV)
        • Seoljoongmae Korean Plum Wine-375mL (14% ABV)
        • Seonunsan Bokbunja Korean Raspberry Wine-375mL (16% ABV)
        • La Marca Prosecco, 750mL sparkling wine (11.0% ABV)
        • Woodbridge Carbernet Sauvignon, 750mL red wine (13.5% ABV)
        • Woodbridge Chardonnay, 750mL white wine (13.5% ABV)
        • Woodbridge Merlot, 750mL red wine (13.5% ABV)
        • Woodbridge Pinot Grigio, Whine Wine (13.5% ABV)
        • Woodbridge Pinot Noir, Red Wine (13.5% ABV)
        • Sapporo Large, 6pk-600mL bottles (4.90% ABV)
        • Sapporo Small Single-355mL bottle (4.90% ABV)
        • Sapporo Small, 6pk-355mL bottles (4.90% ABV)
        • Cass Large 6pk-640mL bottles (4.50% ABV)
        • Cass Small Single-330mL bottles (4.50% ABV)
        • Cass Small 6pk-330mL bottles (4.50% ABV)
        • OB Large, 6pk-640mL bottle (5.20% ABV)
        • OB Small Single-330mL bottle (5.20% ABV)
        • OB Small 6pk-330mL bottles (5.20% ABV)
        • Large Chum Churum Original 2-750mL bottles (17% ABV)
        • Small Chum Churum Original-375mL bottle (17% ABV)
        • Soon Hari Yogurt-375mL (12% ABV)
        • Apple Soju-375mL (12% ABV)
        • Peach Soju-375mL (12% ABV)
        • Citron Soju-375mL (12% ABV)
        • Green Grape Soju-375mL (12.50% ABV)
        • Pineapple Soju-375mL (13.50% ABV)
        • Watermelon Soju-375mL (13.50% ABV)
        • Pomegranate Soju-375mL (13.50% ABV)
        • Strawberry Soju-375mL (12.0% ABV)
        • Grapefruit Soju-375mL (13.5% ABV)
        • Blueberry Soju-375mL (13.5% ABV)
      • Desserts
        • Sujunggwa
        • Korean Pumpkin Porridge
      • Extras
        • Kimchi
        • Fried Egg
        • Pint of Side
        • Banchan Combo
          14 oz of 4 random side dishes
        • Rice
        • Hard Boiled Egg
        • Sauces
        • Side of Rice
        • Banchan (Pint)
      5-Star Reviews
      Hear from people who love this spot
      Rajesh T.
      2 months ago
      I love the seafood tofu soup there

      Lavanya V T.
      2 months ago
      Delicious, high quality Korean food every time.

      Anitha N.
      2 months ago
      Love the food, everything is always hot and delicious.

      Anitha N.
      2 months ago
      I came across this place my chance and keep coming back! the food is always hot and delicious when it arrives and the portions are generous! always flavorful and makes me want more. i want to try everything on the menu!

      Luis Jean Pierre M.
      3 months ago

      Anitha N.
      3 months ago
      best quality kimchi

      Swapna K.
      3 months ago
      Food is very tasty and different from other Korean restaurants that I have tried.

      Pallavi T.
      4 months ago
      IT’s consistently good

      Pranaya B.
      4 months ago
      Great menu and fantastic offers! Best Korean food in the area.

      Donna K.
      4 months ago
      Great Korean food, fantastic value

      Tulasi P.
      4 months ago
      food is bomb!

      Brian H.
      5 months ago
      Every thing I've tried from their menu is great! Wholesome, delicious Korean food

      Vanessa M.
      5 months ago
      Amazing flavors

      Shushma M.
      5 months ago
      food is really good!

      Pranitha M.
      5 months ago
      The kalbi tang is so rich and delicious!

      Kavya S.
      5 months ago
      Good Korean food.

      Uma U.
      6 months ago
      Their food is so fresh, and the sides of fermented veggies that they give with every order are always delicious.

      Francesca L.
      6 months ago
      Food was delicious and excellent portions!

      Shushma M.
      6 months ago
      Great food and service!

      Shushma M.
      6 months ago
      their food is amazing!!

      Kiran N.
      6 months ago
      The quality of the ingredients is palpable and the finished dishes are great and definitely delicious

      7 months ago
      Their food is authentic and incredibly delicious. Their service is equally top-notch!

      Pravallika Y.
      7 months ago
      The food is delicious!!!😋

      Tulasi P.
      9 months ago
      Consistently awesome food

      Vanessa N.
      9 months ago
      It was great!

      Subhash Chandra Mahesh K.
      10 months ago
      if you like korean food, its the best! soups are great and flavorful

      Angelica H.
      10 months ago
      Best Korean food Ever! They never let me down with any of my orders ever tho I live far. Please try it out, how knows you may fall in love with this place as I did.

      Sonal M.
      10 months ago
      The kimchi pork belly is amazing !

      Sonal M.
      10 months ago
      Reminds my girlfriend of her home cooked meals!

      Aishwarya Y.
      11 months ago
      food is delish and the always provide good service

      Sonal M.
      10 months ago
      Great food and consistency in quality

      Pola N.
      10 months ago
      I love the kimono and the soup!

      Shushma M.
      10 months ago
      The food is so delicious! The staff has always been so kind too!

      Jennifer M.
      10 months ago
      Delicious food!

      Khushboo P.
      10 months ago
      love korean food and theyre always reliable and good! have a variety of korean food as well

      Karishma K.
      10 months ago
      Love the taste and service

      Nazia S.
      10 months ago
      I love korean food

      Jayasri P.
      11 months ago
      Best Korean food in Chicago!

      Jayasri P.
      11 months ago
      Best food in Chicago, would recommend to anyone!!! They have my business always!

      Srinivas S.
      11 months ago
      Super yummy. My fav dukk gukk

      Tejaswini U.
      11 months ago
      The soup is so delicious! Truly feels like a warm hug in every spoonful. I don’t care how far I am I will always order from here because it’s become such a staple in my life. I have gotten all my friends to eat at Ahjoomahs! They all love it too!

      Shravani G.
      11 months ago
      The hot and spicy fried chicken is a go-to for sure!

      Aishwarya Y.
      11 months ago
      Consistently good food.

      Sonal M.
      11 months ago
      Delicious food, great service.

      Karishma K.
      11 months ago
      Good food, healthy portions.

      Pranaya B.
      12 months ago
      Very delicious Korean food. Hard to find authentic taste that delivers.

      Pranitha M.
      12 months ago
      Delicious food! UMAMI 😋

      Pranitha M.
      12 months ago
      I Really love the food 💕

      Sonal M.
      12 months ago
      I’ve been looking for a great Korean restaurant, and so far, this is the best I’ve had!

      lourdes M.
      12 months ago
      Their jajangmyeon is fire. Big portions!

      Rishika B.
      1 year ago
      Large portion sizes and amazing taste!

      Jing C.
      1 year ago
      Good food, came in warm.

      Aishwarya Y.
      1 year ago
      The food is delicious and authentic!

      Karishma K.
      1 year ago
      I really like their food! It’s really good and it’s made with a lot of love!

      Michael S.
      1 year ago
      Great food

      Frequently asked questions

      Can I order Ahjoomah's Apron delivery in Chicago with Uber Eats?

      Yes. Ahjoomah's Apron delivery is available on Uber Eats in Chicago.

      Is Ahjoomah's Apron delivery available near me?

      Enter your address to see if Ahjoomah's Apron delivery is available to your location in Chicago.

      How do I order Ahjoomah's Apron delivery online in Chicago?

      There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Ahjoomah's Apron menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

      Where can I find Ahjoomah's Apron online menu prices?

      View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Ahjoomah's Apron here on this page.

      How do I get free delivery on my Ahjoomah's Apron order?

      To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

      How do I pay for my Ahjoomah's Apron order?

      Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

      What’s the best thing to order for Ahjoomah's Apron delivery in Chicago?

      If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Ahjoomah's Apron order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.