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    Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Saint Louis

    Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Saint Louis

    $ • Spanish • Family Meals

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    Location and hours

    34 N Central Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63105
    Monday - Saturday
    04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    34 N Central Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63105 • More info

    • Family Meals

      • Grilled Chicken Meal for 4

        Grilled Chicken with wild mushroom sauce, Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes, House Salad.
        Sold out
      • Grilled Salmon Meal for 4

        Grilled Salmon with Sherry Aioli, Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes, House Salad.
        Sold out
      • Bistro Tenderloin for 4

        Beef Tenderloin, Blue Cheese crumbles, Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes, House Salad.
        Sold out
      • Wing Package

        2 lbs Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken Wings, House Salad & Garlic Bread
        Sold out
    • Sopas y Ensaladas

      • Sopa de Alubias

        Black bean soup with sherry cream.
        Sold out
      • Ensalada de la casa con pollo

        Mixed greens salad, cucumber, tomato, chicken breast, manchego cheese and croutons
      • Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

        Mixed greens salad, goat cheese mousse, pine nuts, orange-sherry vinaigrette
      • Tuna Nicoise Salad

        Mixed greens, tuna, olives, asparagus, red potato, and hard boiled egg
      • Spinach & Salmon Salad

        Spinach salad with vinaigrette, pine nuts, goat cheese and salmon fillet
      • Ensalada de la Casa

        Topped with shaved manchego cheese.
      • Ensalada de Espinaca

        Spinach, goat cheese crumbles, pine nuts, and raisins.
    • Fritos Fried Bites

      • Calamari Frito

        Crispy calamari with romesco sauce.
        Sold out
      • Alas de Pollo

        Garlic pepper chicken wings with sherry mayonnaise.
      • Bacalao

        Crispy codfish and potato cakes with lemon garlic alioli.
      • Alcachofas Fritas

        Crispy artichokes with romesco sauce and shaved manchego cheese.
    • Pinchos or Tapas on a Stick

      • Pincho de Pollo y Chorizo

        Chicken and chorizo skewer with cumin alioli.
        Sold out
      • Pincho de Solomillo

        Beef skewer with horsey alioli.
    • Mordiscos Little Bites

      • Aceitunas Alinadas

        Spanish olives marinated in olive oil and spices.
        Sold out
      • Tortilla Espanola

        Potato and onion omelet cake with spinach.
        Sold out
    • Tapas Calientes

      • Empanadas de Espinaca y Champiñón

        Spinach and mushroom pastries with cumin garlic alioli.
      • Coliflor al Azafran

        Roasted cauliflower with saffron, raisins, and pine nuts.
      • Mejillones en Salsa Picante

        Mussels in spicy tomato sauce.
        Sold out
      • Salmon con Alcaparras

        Grilled salmon with sherry cream, lemon, and caperberry.
      • Atún con Pimienta

        Pepper encrusted tuna with rioja sauce.
      • Plato de Embutidos

        Assorted grilled spanish sausages.
      • Cordero a la Parilla

        Grilled lamb chops with sherry alioli and rioja reduction.
        Sold out
      • Sauteed Broccolini

        Broccolini, sweet onion, rioja reduction
        Sold out
      • Paella de Verduras

        Saffron rice, peppers, onions, peas, artichokes, asparagus, chickpeas
      • Paella Mariscos

        Saffron rice, mussels, shrimp, squid, clams
      • Grilled Chicken

        Grilled Chicken served with sautéed spinach
        Sold out
      • Paella Valencia

        Serves two. Valencia rice with saffron, peas, roasted soffrito, chicken, chorizo, mussels, and fresh fish.
      • Garlic Bread

        Side of garlic bread
      • Stuffed Dates

        bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese
      • Pescado

        pan-fried white fish fillet, spinach, romesco sauce
      • Brussel Sprouts

        Brussels, pine nuts, sautéed in shallot mustard butter
      • Asparagus

        served with lemon aioli and manchego cheese
      • Sautéed Mushrooms

        Served with a sweet sherry sauce and butter
    • Clasicos

      • Queso de Cabra al Horno

        Baked goat cheese in tomato sauce with garlic bread.
      • Patatas Bravas

        Roasted potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce.
      • Espinacas con Garbanzos

        Chickpeas sauteed with Spinach and manchego.
      • Croquetas de Pollo y Jamon

        Chicken and serrano ham croquettas with cumin alioli.
      • Gambas al Alioli

        Garlic shrimp with chili oil and fresh lemon.
      • Albondigas

        Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce with manchego cheese.
      • Solomillo con Cabrales

        Grilled beef tenderloin with Spanish blue cheese, spinach, and a rioja reduction sauce.
      • Barcelona Burger

        8 oz burger, brioche bun, manchego cheese. Served with french fries
    • Postres

      • Tres Leches

        Spanish three milk cake topped with fresh cream and caramel.
      • Capirote

        Warm bread pudding with caramel sauce.
        Sold out
      • Montserrat chocolat

        Spanish chocolate brownie, fresh whipped cream.
      • Cajeta Churros

        Caramel filled Spanish fried pastry with cinnamon sugar.