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  • Dumplings

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  • Dessert


Steamed edamame with crisp seaweed and pink salt.
A$ 8.00
Cajun Spiced Maple Syrup Sweet Potato Chips
A$ 6.00
Fennel Pork Belly Slider Buns
Three pieces with pickles and sriracha mayo.
A$ 12.00
Vegetarian Slider Buns
Crispy Mushroom Slider Buns
A$ 12.00
Grilled Pork Skewers
Pork skewers with lime, lemongrass and chilli dipping sauce
A$ 15.00
Tumeric Chicken Skewers
Grilled chicken skewers, red onion & cucumber with peanut chilli dipping sauce
A$ 15.00
Szechuan salt and pepper school prawns
flash fried school prawns with cumin and coriander lime aioli
A$ 9.00
Mushroom and Cheese Panko Crusted Rice Balls
With sour cream sweet chilli dipping sauce.
A$ 14.00
Asian Chilli Spiced Chorizo
Chorizo, Lap Cheong grilled & served with house chilli oil
A$ 9.00
Jellyfish Salad
Jellyfish salad with yuzu dressing
A$ 21.00


Prawn Dumplings
Steamed prawn dumplings 6 per serve
A$ 16.00
Vegetarian Dumplings
Steamed vegetarian dumplings, Gluten Free, 6 per serve
A$ 16.00
Scallop Dumplings
Crisp Scallop dumplings, Dried Chilli Vinegar, 6 per serve
A$ 16.00
XO Pork and Chicken Dumplings
Boiled pork and chicken dumplings, xo sauce 6 per serve
A$ 16.00


1LB Maple and Tamarind Glazed Spicy Chicken Wings
1LB crispy battered chicken wings with sticky tamarind maple sauce.
A$ 17.00
2LB Maple and Tamarind Glazed Spicy Chicken Wings
2LB crispy battered chicken wings with sticky tamarind maple sauce.
A$ 29.00
5 Spice Duck Pancakes
Braised 5 Spice Duck breast, pancakes & red cabbage salad
A$ 28.00
Black Bean Clams
500gm New Zealand Little neck clams with shallot and black bean sauce
A$ 21.00
Sesame Salmon Fillet
Sesame crusted salmon fillet, asian greens, mushrooms
A$ 28.00
Black Pepper Beef
With capsicum and lettuce.
A$ 28.00
Grandma's Hakka Pork Belly
House special 5hr braised pork belly, pickled mustard greens
A$ 32.00
Miso Butter Mushrooms
A$ 12.00
'Typhoon Shelter' Eggplant
Deep fried 5 spice eggplant, wok tossed with chilli and crisp shallots.
A$ 16.00
Fried Rice
A$ 8.00


Dessert Dumplings
Seasonal Flavour, Dipping sauce 3 per serve
A$ 8.00
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