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Eggs Your Way

Eggs with Toasted Sourdough
Two free range eggs with two pieces of toasted sourdough. Your choice of preparation.
A$ 11.50

Breakfast Classics

Eggs Benedict
Two soft poached eggs, baby spinach & bacon on sourdough toast with homemade hollandaise.
A$ 18.50
French Toast
Traditional French toast served with bacon & maple syrup.
A$ 17.50
Smashed Avocado
Smashed Avocado, ricotta, rocket & two poached eggs on top of toasted sourdough, drizzled with sticky, sweet, balsamic dressing.
A$ 17.00
Breakfast Burger
All burgers include a fried egg, served on a toasted jalapeno bun, with your choice of tomato or BBQ sauce.
A$ 8.00

Filipino Breakfast

Marinated Pork Loin/ Tocilog
A traditional Filipino breakfast. Grilled cured pork served with garlic fried rice and topped with two fried eggs.
A$ 18.50
Rice Porridge/ Arroz Caldo
Hot chicken rice porridge with a poached egg, fried shallots, and onions.
A$ 15.00
Breakfast Milkfish/ Bangus
Nino's homemade marinated, grilled boneless milkfish grilled with garlic rice, with a side of diced tomato & onions.
A$ 17.00

Kids Breakfast

A Simple Kid's Breakfast
A choice of one fried OR scrambled egg with a slice of sourdough.
A$ 7.00
Kid's French Toast
A kid's serving of traditional French toast with maple syrup.
A$ 7.00
Nutella Toastie
Thickly sliced toasted nutella sandwich.
A$ 6.00

Quick & Easy

Fruit Bread
Your choice of banana OR pear & raspberry toasted served with butter.
A$ 5.50
Plain Toast (2)
Thickly sliced toasted white bread with your choice of strawberry jam, peanut butter, honey OR nutella.
A$ 5.00
Raisin Toast
Toasted raisin toast, served with butter.
A$ 5.90
Fruit & Muesli (GF)
A$ 13.90


Cookies and Cream Crepe Cake
A$ 6.95
Rainbow Cake
A$ 6.95
Matcha Cake
A$ 6.95
Ferrero Rocher Slice
A$ 6.95
Tim Tam Caramel Cheesecake
A$ 6.95
Mocha Slice
A$ 6.95


Short Black
A$ 3.00
Long Black
A$ 3.60
Flat White
A$ 3.60
A$ 3.60
Hot Chocolate
A$ 3.80
A$ 9.00
A$ 7.00
Specialty Shakes
A$ 8.00
A$ 4.90
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